1 Power Response: As the first SUV product on BYD’s e3.0 platform, the Yuan PLUS is equipped with BYD’s latest eight-in-one electric powertrain, providing smoother and more responsive power delivery.

2 Spacious Interior: As a compact SUV, the Yuan PLUS offers excellent interior space, ensuring a comfortable riding experience for both front and rear passengers.

3 Driving Experience: With front MacPherson independent suspension and rear four-link independent suspension, the Yuan PLUS exhibits excellent handling and stability on uneven road surfaces.

4 Heat Pump Air Conditioning: By consuming minimal electric energy, the heat pump air conditioning system efficiently utilizes low-grade thermal energy from the air and converts it into high-grade thermal energy. This environmentally friendly and efficient energy supply method has a significant competitive advantage in low-grade energy utilization.

5 Intelligent Features and Interior Design: The Yuan PLUS is equipped with various intelligent driving assistance systems and the latest DiLink smart connectivity system, offering a wealth of intelligent features. The exterior and interior design are impressive, with a distinctive “dragon face” exterior and a stylish “gymnasium” interior.

 BYD Yuan PLUS (atto 3)
BYD Yuan PLUS (atto 3)


1 Average Noise Control: Wind and tire noise are more noticeable during high-speed driving, affecting the overall quietness of the driving experience.

2 Average High-Speed Range: The Yuan PLUS performs well in terms of range on city roads, but the range decreases significantly during high-speed driving, approximately 60% of the city range.

3 Seats: The seats lack heating and ventilation functions.

4 Pedals: The brake pedal calibration is not very comfortable.

5 Steering Wheel: There is a slight rightward bias in the steering wheel, a problem that many car owners have encountered.

Overall, the BYD Yuan PLUS is a great choice for urban commuting, offering good value for money.

 BYD Yuan PLUS (atto 3)
BYD Yuan PLUS (atto 3)


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