Is the BYD YangWang U9 blessed with black technology an excellent super sports car?

When many people evaluate super sports cars, they attach great importance to its power and control. Just two days ago, the YangWang U9, which is positioned as a super sports car, was finally launched. With a maximum power of 960kW and an acceleration of 0 to 0-60 seconds in 2.36 seconds, it directly exploded the power. .

BYD YangWang U9

The power is up to standard, but what about the control? At the press conference, YangWang U9 also announced a set of lap times from the previous race, 2 minutes, 17 seconds and 65 seconds. However, it was this lap time that made many fans who were looking forward to U9 unable to sit still.

In the same race lap time, the Ferrari 488 Pista can do 2 minutes and 07 seconds, the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT R can do 2 minutes and 10 seconds, and the Porsche 911 Turbo S can do 2 minutes and 11 seconds.

BYD YangWang U9

In terms of power performance, the book parameters of these high-performance oil vehicles are only about half of the YangWang U9, but in terms of track lap speed that reflects the handling performance, all of them seem to be better than the U9. What exactly is going on?

Although for a super sports car, the lap speed of YangWang U9 is not bad, but compared with its ridiculously strong power parameters, the gap left to everyone is still too obvious.

BYD YangWang U9 Chinese netizen comments BYD YangWang U9 Chinese netizen comments BYD YangWang U9 Chinese netizen comments

So much so that in many video comments about YangWangU9, there is no shortage of doubts and denials about YangWangU9. Some people even concluded that YangWangU9 cannot reach the level of super sports car.

Why does the powerful YangWangU9 lose to the less powerful high-performance oil car in terms of track lap time? Is the YangWang U9 an excellent supercar?

01 Why does YangWangU9 have average lap times?

First, let’s get straight to the point and talk about why YangWangU9’s lap speed is average. My personal guess is that there are roughly two possibilities.

1. The power of a single motor may not be enough

The first is that the power of a single motor may not be high enough. The reason why we say this is because in a curve, due to the wheel speed difference between the inner and outer wheels, the outer wheel will bear the main power output.

Racing cars crossing corners

Although the comprehensive maximum power of YangWang U9 is close to 1000kW, this is the cumulative maximum power of four motors. The maximum power of a single motor is only 240kW.

In addition, the motor of a tram cannot actually output maximum power continuously for a long time like a gasoline vehicle, because heat dissipation is not allowed, and most of the time it actually outputs a lower rated power.

Audi RS 7 Sportback

In other words, although the power of a petrol vehicle is lower, it can achieve doubling of torque and free transmission between axles and wheels through structures such as gearboxes, differential locks, and drive shafts.

Although the YangWang U9 has stronger power parameters, it can only rely on a motor that independently drives the outer wheels and a fixed-gear reducer to drive in corners. Especially when the vehicle is too heavy, the cornering speed will be affected.

2. Torque control may not be perfect

During the frequent switching between straight lines and curves on the track, YangWang U9 needs to frequently adjust the real-time torque of the four wheels in order to maintain tire grip while outputting maximum power and improving track lap speed.

BYD YangWang U9

But it is not easy to do this, just like a skilled waiter in a restaurant, who can order and pass dishes to multiple customers, accurately remember the temporary needs of each customer, and control Good mood and always service with a smile. This is a great test of the experience accumulated by car companies in the development of high-performance vehicles.

02 Is the YangWang U9 an excellent supercar?

If we follow the stereotype of power and control, then the YangWang U9 is indeed not good enough. Its interpretation of the role of a supercar mostly stays at the power level, but is not hard-core enough at the control level.

1.Excellence is reflected in the technical level

However, this alone cannot deny YangWang U9, because its interpretation of super sports cars is mainly reflected in the technical level, and these technologies are not only hard-core, but also represent the development direction of future super sports cars.


For example, YiSiFang’s four-wheel independent electric drive layout not only allows the YangWang U9’s power parameters to skyrocket, but also breaks through the shortcomings of traditional super sports cars that are subject to mechanical structures and gains the ability to achieve precise torque vector control.

For example, YunNian-X, the essence of this active suspension technology is to actively control the body posture to keep the tires close to the ground to maintain maximum grip, thereby improving handling performance.


However, the most core capability is that YangWang has the ability to develop and produce any of the above technologies by itself, which is something that most super sports car brands do not have.

2. There is indeed a lack of experience

Of course, the shortcomings of YangWang U9 do exist objectively. The regret on the track lap time shows that BYD has not fully utilized its advantages at the hardware level.

This mainly involves the research and development experience of high-performance cars, such as torque vectoring. Old European and American car companies like Porsche, although not as intelligent as YangWang, have rich experience in the driving characteristics and dynamic performance of high-performance cars. The accumulation of experience can guide them on how to make a high-performance car.


Not only did independent brands start late and have little accumulation, but the special domestic consumer demands and competitive pressure also forced car companies to focus entirely on grocery shopping carts instead of high-performance cars that pursue speed and passion.

3. Power and handling are not everything about supercars

But having said that, although super sports cars often have super power and control, they are not all super sports cars; as cutting-edge products in the automobile industry, super sports cars serve more as business cards for car companies and car owners.

Take the Lexus LFA, for example. This supercar itself does not pursue ultimate performance. Its purpose of existence is more to reflect Lexus’ pursuit of exquisite craftsmanship and elegant lifestyle.

Lexus LFA

Lexus has poured a lot of F1 racing technology and experience into the LFA. Not only does the whole car have no common parts, but it also uses a lot of expensive carbon fiber and titanium materials. In addition, the unique engine air intake cavity designed by Yamaha makes it even more unique. An unforgettable and unique sound came, which has also become the classic image of LFA.

Therefore, even if the performance of LFA is not top-notch, Clarkson, who is as demanding as “Jay Sledgehammer”, is full of praise for LFA, “I have driven countless super sports cars, and this one is not the fastest, but this one is the best.” of”.


Take Ferrari for example. Although Ferrari has performed very well in the fields of power and control in the past 10 years, Ferrari still prohibits anyone from testing and disclosing lap times. Perhaps in their view, being obsessed with lap times will lose the original intention of driving.

Back to YangWang U9, its value lies in its high performance, vertical integration of a large number of self-developed technologies, embodying YangWang’s technology-driven brand character, and thereby attracting car owners who pursue hard-core technology.

BYD YangWang U9

So it seems that, as a supercar, the YangWang U9 itself is still considered excellent, but its pursuit of technical attributes has formed a certain deviation from the public’s stereotyped perception of supercars.

BYD Seal and Dolphin are finalists for the 2024 World Car Awards

On February 26, 2024, the World Car Awards announced the top three finalists for 2024 at the Geneva Motor Show. In this selection, BYD Seal and Dolphin stood out among many models and were shortlisted for the top three titles of “World Car of the Year” and “World Urban Car” respectively, and entered the finals. It is worth mentioning that BYD is also the first and only Chinese car company to be shortlisted for the top three “World Car of the Year” in the history of the World Auto Awards.

BYD Seal and Dolphin are finalists for the 2024 World Car Awards BYD Seal and Dolphin are finalists for the 2024 World Car Awards

The “World Car Awards”, “European Car of the Year Award” and “North American Car of the Year Award” are collectively known as the world’s three major automotive awards. Among them, the “World Car Awards” selects models from around the world and is known as the “Oscars of the car industry”. It is one of the high-profile events in the international automotive industry. BYD’s outstanding performance in this award is proof that its product technology strength and brand comprehensive strength have been widely recognized internationally, further highlighting its global influence and competitiveness.

In this selection, BYD Seal and Dolphin won the favor of more than 100 professional automotive media from 29 countries due to their unique design, innovative technology and safety performance. As BYD’s star models, Seal and Dolphin both won five-star safety ratings from the European New Car Safety Assessment Association (Euro NCAP) and the Australian New Car Safety Assessment Association (ANCAP) in 2023. In addition, Seal has also been shortlisted for the top seven European Cars of the Year 2024 list.

As a leader in new energy vehicles, BYD’s annual sales of new energy vehicles will exceed 3 million units in 2023, retaining the title of global new energy vehicle sales champion, and entering the top ten global automobile brand sales, becoming the first Chinese company to enter the top ten of the list. car brand. At present, BYD’s new energy footprint has spread to more than 70 countries and regions on six continents, covering more than 400 cities. In 2023, in many overseas markets such as Thailand, Singapore, Colombia and Brazil, BYD’s new energy vehicle sales will also remain at the forefront and are favored by consumers.

Highly consistent with the World Car Awards’ goal of encouraging continuous innovation in the automotive industry, BYD aims to build a full range of zero-emission new energy solutions through technological innovation, provide consumers with a better travel experience, lead the development of the new energy vehicle industry, and Actively promote the change and progress of the automobile industry. In the future, BYD will firmly implement its vision of “cooling the earth’s temperature by 1°C” and continue to promote green and low-carbon industrial transformation and global green and sustainable development.

BYD debuts at 2024 Geneva Motor Show to promote green travel

On February 26, BYD debuted at the Geneva Motor Show with eight new energy models to further expand its global presence and promote green travel.

BYD makes its debut at the 2024 Geneva Motor Show
BYD debuts at 2024 Geneva Motor Show

At the press conference, BYD demonstrated its self-developed DM-i super hybrid technology to European consumers for the first time, and unveiled a model equipped with this technology – Song PLUS DM-i (the overseas version is named SEAL U DM-i). This model will be launched in Europe in the second quarter of 2024, aiming to meet the diversified travel needs of European users and provide an efficient and energy-saving driving experience.

Shu Youxing, general manager of BYD’s European Auto Sales Division, said: “16 years ago, we brought the first-generation DM technology to the Geneva Motor Show. After several rounds of technology iterations, today, we bring the innovative DM-i super hybrid technology , European consumers will experience the many advantages of this power technology. BYD believes that this technology can become a key force in promoting the transformation of green travel and allow more consumers to accept electric vehicles.”

BYD makes its debut at the 2024 Geneva Motor Show
Shu Youxing, general manager of BYD’s European Auto Sales Division, released Song PLUS DM-i

At this auto show, BYD’s million-level high-end new energy vehicle brand Yangwang made its debut in Europe. Its first flagship model Yangwang U8 became the focus of the audience at the Geneva Motor Show with its disruptive technology and excellent performance.

Wolfgang Egger, BYD’s design director, gave an in-depth interpretation of the design concept of U8 at the press conference, explaining BYD’s unique insights and artistic aesthetic pursuit of future travel methods. He said: “The design aesthetics of Looking Up evokes people’s emotions, and the new energy technology it uses makes life more comfortable. Looking Up is the embodiment of sustainable luxury.”

BYD makes its debut at the 2024 Geneva Motor Show
BYD design director Wolfgang Egger elaborates on looking up to U8 design aesthetics

Following its debut at the Munich Auto Show in Germany in September last year, BYD’s Denza brand has continued to gain popularity. Its first luxury MPV D9 attracted many exhibitors to experience it. In addition, this time, the Denza brand also exhibited its smart luxury hunting SUV N7 to European users for the first time.

As the official partner of the 2024 European Cup®, BYD’s new energy vehicles will serve as official vehicles and provide green travel services for the event. On the day of the press conference, UEFA representatives were invited to visit the booth to gain an in-depth understanding of BYD’s leading new energy technologies and products.

BYD makes its debut at the 2024 Geneva Motor Show
First from left: Peng Yingying, director of marketing and public relations of BYD’s European Auto Sales Division

Second from left: Shu Youxing, general manager of BYD’s European Auto Sales Division

Third from left: BYD Design Director Wolfgang Egger

Fourth from left: Yang Yong, Assistant General Manager of BYD’s European Auto Sales Division

In 2023, BYD’s annual sales of new energy vehicles will exceed 3 million units, retaining the title of global new energy vehicle sales champion, and steadily advancing its globalization strategy. Since announcing its entry into the European passenger car market in September 2022, BYD has joined hands with local partners to quickly promote a variety of new energy vehicles to 19 European countries including Germany, the United Kingdom, France, and Norway, and has opened a total of more than 250 stores in Europe. Provide local consumers with high-quality localized services and diversified product choices. In the future, BYD will continue to use technological innovation and high-quality new energy products to meet the green travel needs of European and global users and help “cool the earth by 1°C.”

BYD Han Tang family’s new 2024 Chinese representative color car makes stunning debut

Han Tang car owners are both responsible and motivated, and they advocate traditional culture, love China, and pursue quality of life. This time, BYD Han Tang family joined hands with Pantone to combine 2024 annual fashion trends and traditional Chinese art inspiration to reinterpret traditional culture from a modern perspective and jointly release the “2024 Chinese Representative Color” to inject new vitality into Chinese aesthetics.

01 BYD Twilight Violet

The representative color of BYD Hantang family in China

BYD Twilight Violet’s color inspiration comes from “Preface to Prince Teng’s Pavilion” written by the writer Wang Bo: “When the water is gone, the cold pond is clear, and the smoke condenses and the mountains are purple at dusk.” It depicts that in the twilight haze where the clouds and smoke condense, the mountain peaks change due to changes in the celestial phenomena. Shows a peaceful purple color. BYD’s Han Tang family and PPG, a leading international paint company, jointly created BYD Twilight Violet, a new car color. While ensuring the hazy color, the texture and contrast are presented three-dimensionally, creating the most perfect purple for users. The purple rhyme is long and far-reaching at a glance.

The representative color of BYD Hantang family in China The representative color of BYD Hantang family in China The representative color of BYD Hantang family in China The representative color of BYD Hantang family in China The representative color of BYD Hantang family in China The representative color of BYD Hantang family in China The representative color of BYD Hantang family in China The representative color of BYD Hantang family in China

02 BYD Porcelain White

The representative color of BYD Hantang family in China

BYD Porcelain White color is inspired by Xing Kiln white porcelain, one of the official kilns in the Tang Dynasty. Among them, the transparent white porcelain is the most sophisticated in craftsmanship. It is like snow and silver, soft and restrained, creating the purest color and bringing the purest visual experience to users.

The representative color of BYD Hantang family in China The representative color of BYD Hantang family in China The representative color of BYD Hantang family in China The representative color of BYD Hantang family in China The representative color of BYD Hantang family in China The representative color of BYD Hantang family in China The representative color of BYD Hantang family in China The representative color of BYD Hantang family in China

03 BYD Elegant Gray

The representative color of BYD Hantang family in China

The BYD Elegant Gray color is inspired by the traditional national color – lotus root in autumn. It is warm, calm and refreshing. “Out of the mud but not stained” is people’s first association, which means clarity and nobility. Lotus and lotus root are the symbols of Chinese paintings. One of the common creative themes, it has been sought after for thousands of years not only because of the beauty of the national charm shown by the interaction with water, but also because of the quality it represents.

The representative color of BYD Hantang family in China The representative color of BYD Hantang family in China The representative color of BYD Hantang family in China The representative color of BYD Hantang family in China The representative color of BYD Hantang family in China The representative color of BYD Hantang family in China The representative color of BYD Hantang family in China The representative color of BYD Hantang family in China

The Han Tang family adheres to the “New China” design concept and shines in the wave of globalization. As a leading company in the field of new energy vehicles, BYD is actively moving towards the international stage. This time, the Han Tang family and Pantone, the global color authority, jointly released the 2024 Chinese representative colors. Inspired by traditional Chinese art, it shows a new look of Chinese aesthetics. It is a perfect fusion of tradition and modernity, East and West, and injects Chinese aesthetics into new vitality.

Everything you want to know about the BYD Destroyer 05 Honor Edition

01 55KM luxury type and distinguished type

Price: RMB 79,800

Deluxe configuration:

◆ 0-100km/h acceleration in 7.9 seconds
◆ 3.8L fuel consumption at power loss (NEDC working condition)
◆Keyless entry and one-button start system
◆ TPMS direct tire pressure monitoring system (digital display)
◆ Comprehensive battery life of up to 1245KM (NEDC working condition)
◆ Electrically adjustable and heated exterior rearview mirrors
◆ DiLink intelligent network connection system
◆ Automatic air conditioning
◆ 12.8-inch 8-core adaptive rotating suspension Pad
◆ OTA remote upgrade + cloud service
◆ Rear air outlet
◆ Intelligent voice continuous calls
◆Full scene digital key
◆ Intelligent power on and off
◆ LED daytime running lights

Premium extras:

◆ Electric anti-pinch sunroof
◆ 6-way electric adjustment of the driver’s seat
◆ One-touch lifting and lowering of four-door windows + anti-pinch
◆ Intelligent remote control driving
◆ Rear center armrest + cup holder
◆ Electric folding exterior rearview mirror

02 120KM luxury type, distinguished type, honorable type

Price: RMB 99,800

Deluxe configuration:

◆ 7.3 seconds to accelerate to 100 kilometers
◆ DiLink intelligent network connection system
◆Support intelligent voice interaction function
◆ Car karaoke entertainment system
◆ Online entertainment video
◆ Vehicle OTA remote upgrade + intelligent cloud service
◆ -Key start
◆ Automatic air conditioning
◆ Electric adjustment of exterior rearview mirror + electric heating defrost
◆ Electric heating defrost for rear window
◆ 17kW DC charging port
◆ VTOL mobile power station
◆ Intelligent voice continuous calls
◆ Intelligent power on and off

Premium extras:

◆ 120KM pure electric range (NEDC working condition)
◆ 17-inch halberd wheels
◆ 17kW DC charging port
◆ VTOL mobile power station

Honor type additional equipment:

◆ Electric anti-pinch sunroof
◆ 360° high-definition transparent panoramic imaging system
◆ 8 speakers
◆ Automatic dual-temperature zone air conditioning
◆ 4-way electric adjustment of the passenger seat
◆ VTOL power supply discharge strip
◆ Wireless charging for mobile phones

Flagship model extras:

◆ Yanbo rainbow ambient light
◆ The front penetrating light of the Sea Bow Sword
◆ Heated front seats
◆ Intelligent driving recorder
◆ 8.8-inch full LCD instrument
◆ ACC adaptive cruise

YangWang U9 technical details announced: comprehensive innovation in performance, security and experience

Recently, YangWang Automobile announced that its million-level pure electric performance supercar YangWang U9 will be officially launched on February 25. At the same time, more technical details will also be announced in the near future. YangWang U9 relies on the two core technologies of YiSiFang and YunNian-X, combined with the industry’s top-level lightweight super body, excellent aerodynamic design, leading intelligent driving assistance system in the supercar industry, and unprecedented new ways of human-vehicle interaction, etc. Empowering YangWang U9 to have an elevated space that can be played on the street, competed in, and played. YangWang U9 will use the ultimate technology to innovate vehicle performance, safety and experience in all aspects, create an unprecedented million-level pure electric performance supercar, and bring users a new understanding and experience of supercars.

01 YiSiFang: powerful power and precise control

YiSiFang, with four-motor independent drive as its core, empowers YangWang U9’s four-motor peak power up to 960kW, peak torque 1680N·m, and peak speed 21,000rpm. The maximum horsepower of the vehicle exceeds 1,300Ps, the power performance is powerful, and the acceleration from zero to 0-100 seconds reaches 2 seconds, achieving a driving experience like flying close to the ground.

Track challenges require powerful and precise performance control. YiSiFang can independently allocate the optimal torque to each wheel, and can complete the wheel end adjustment at the moment of cornering, maximizing the use of ground adhesion and increasing the extreme cornering speed on the track. In the actual test on the track, the maximum instantaneous lateral acceleration of YangWang U9 reached 1.7g.

YangWang U9 adopts the world’s original YiSiFang U-shaped motor design, which is more compact in size and has a lower center of gravity. The recognition accuracy and response speed are much higher than traditional supercars, and the vehicle control is more sensitive. With the world’s original dual-motor and dual-electronic control deeply integrated design, it is more suitable for sports car aerodynamics and lightweight design needs. The size is more compact and the center of gravity is lower, which establishes YangWang U9’s extremely impactful diving attitude and low-lying appearance. , and more suitable for extreme driving on the track.

The YangWang U9 motor uses ultra-thin low-iron loss silicon steel sheets and high-temperature-resistant permanent magnets to improve motor efficiency, reduce heat loss, and improve the motor’s temperature resistance. To ensure the safety and performance requirements of the electric drive system, YangWang U9 has optimized the motor’s magnetic circuit and selected permanent magnets with higher temperature resistance and stronger resistance to demagnetization. The permanent magnets can withstand high temperatures of up to 200°C. In terms of electronic control, YangWang U9 uses a more efficient silicon carbide electronic control, with a maximum transmission efficiency of 99.8%.

Supercars require efficient thermal management systems to keep their motors at optimal operating temperatures. YangWang U9 pioneered the design of three thermal management systems of large, medium and small cycles to ensure cooling performance requirements in different scenarios. The dual motors on the front and rear axles are equipped with dual electronic oil pumps. Each oil pump independently controls the oil cooling of one motor, achieving intelligent control of the cooling oil volume of each motor. At the same time, it ensures cooling performance requirements in different scenarios. The vehicle’s 12 aerodynamic kits and “space-time tunnel” air duct layout cleverly balance downforce and wind resistance while comprehensively improving heat dissipation performance.

02 YunNian-X: Ultimate comfort and ultimate control coexist

Supercars are the perfect interpretation of speed. In the extreme competition of speed, the endless pursuit and breakthrough of performance have resulted in the million-level pure electric performance supercar YangWang U9. And racing on the track is not the only imagination for YangWang U9. YangWang U9 brings a new definition of pure electric supercar with the unprecedented YunNian-X.

The YunNian-X intelligent fully active body control system is based on the integrated control of horizontal, vertical and vertical directions. It can realize horizontal sharp bends without drifting and roll “disappear”; longitudinally without raising the head when starting, without nodding when braking; and without feeling vertical bumps, such as Walking on flat ground, it meets the posture stability in the three directions of horizontal, vertical and vertical directions, taking into account the ultimate comfort and ultimate control.

YunNian-X is equipped with highly integrated motors, electronic controls, and main power sources, and the four suspension control motors are decoupled from each other. Through YunNian Sensing’s multiple sets of sensing hardware, YunNian’s intelligent computing center outputs the best control strategy. The high-voltage suspension motor outputs instant high active force to the shock absorber, quickly and actively adjusts the damping and stroke, and the output control force counteracts road bumps. Thus achieving an unprecedented anti-gravity and anti-centrifugal force experience. It can achieve the ultimate comfortable experience when dealing with braking, starting pitch, turning roll, and road impact.

The YangWang U9 has a maximum adjustment stroke of 75mm, can quickly lift by 50mm, and has an average single-axis lifting speed of up to 375mm/s. It can also ensure four-wheel grip and improve control when passing bumpy roads such as road shoulders at high speeds. By automatically adjusting the support of the left and right suspensions, the inner suspension is appropriately stretched to ensure the grip of the inner wheels, and the rigidity of the outer suspension is increased to reduce body roll, making the vehicle more controllable in high-speed corners, thereby increasing the cornering speed. . Straight-line acceleration or braking can systematically improve the anti-pitch ability, and the ejection starts without raising the head.

Thanks to the 800V high-voltage platform and highly integrated main power source, the YunNian-X system has a maximum power of 36kW, an industry-leading adjustment speed, super large main power, a peak single-axis lifting rate of up to 500mm/s, and an instantaneous output of more than 1 ton. The lift enables pure electric performance supercars to jump upward, giving the development of China’s chassis technology a new lease of life. During rapid acceleration, deceleration, cornering, and bumpy road shoulders on the track, it can increase the grip and achieve the ultimate control experience.

03 A new experience of supercar driving in the era of electrification

YangWang U9 is the first model based on the supercar platform under the YangWang architecture. The supercar platform brings four new changes: performance innovation, aerodynamic innovation, safety innovation and cockpit innovation, providing a safer, more luxurious and smarter driving experience. Providing strong support will rewrite the supercar driving experience in all aspects.

The super body of YangWang U9 combines three innovative technologies: super carbon cabin, new generation CTB, and super hybrid structure. It is also the first time in China that carbon fiber is used as a real structural part. The lightweight coefficient of the super body breaks through the industry limits, achieving 1 for the first time. Within 0.95, the torsional stiffness of the vehicle reaches 54425N·m/°.

At the same time, YangWang U9 is equipped with the leading intelligent driving assistance system in the supercar industry, which realizes a variety of intelligent driving functions such as adaptive cruise, automatic parking, and remote control parking, making highway driving more friendly and easier. Coupled with the industry’s top-level lightweight super body, the safety of super sports cars is raised to a new level.

With YunNian-X as the underlying technical support and the vehicle’s intelligent auxiliary functions, YangWang U9 will open up a new perception of human-vehicle interaction in the era of pure electric supercars, create multi-scenario and multi-mode anthropomorphic interactive expressions, and refresh the new concept of supercars. Bringing more playability and entertainment, YangWang U9 is not only a million-level pure electric performance supercar, but also a partner that can create surprises for you.

Since the inception of the YangWang brand, it has always been adhering to the brand spirit of transcending the extreme and unprecedented, and moving forward all the way. On the road to pursuing the ultimate and transcending the extreme, we constantly break through the ceiling of technology and make the impossible possible. Following the delivery of YangWang’s first model, YangWang U8, the million-level pure electric performance supercar YangWang U9 will be launched on February 25. YangWang will continue to use its ultimate technology to bring users a disruptive experience in the new energy era.

BYD debuts four models at the 2024 Indonesia International Auto Show

Recently, BYD made its debut at the 2024 Indonesia International Auto Show with four models, and announced the prices of BYD DOLPHIN (domestic name: Dolphin), BYD SEAL (domestic name: Seal) and BYD ATTO 3 (domestic name: Yuan PLUS). . This is another milestone event after BYD officially entered the Indonesian passenger car market on January 18.

BYD’s booth covers an area of 1,505 square meters and combines futuristic minimalist and environmentally friendly design elements. In addition to the three models previously unveiled, the new energy luxury MPVT Eng Shi D9 was also exhibited. Indonesian President Joko Widodo spoke highly of BYD’s technological innovation after personally experiencing the Teng Shi D9 and BYD DOLPHIN models.

Liu Xueliang, General Manager of BYD Asia Pacific Auto Sales Division, introduced TengShiD9 to Indonesian President Joko Widodo

“BYD is committed to providing new energy vehicles at competitive prices to support the trend of Indonesian consumers switching to new energy vehicles,” said Liu Xueliang, general manager of BYD’s Pacific Auto Sales Division.

Liu Xueliang, general manager of BYD Asia Pacific Automobile Sales Division, delivered a speech

According to the prices announced at the press conference, in the Indonesian market, the BYD DOLPHIN long-life version is priced at 425 million Indonesian rupiah (approximately RMB 196,000); the BYD ATTO 3 long-life version is priced at 515 million Indonesian rupiah (approximately RMB 237,000). yuan); the BYD SEAL long-life version and performance version are respectively 629 million Indonesian rupiah (approximately RMB 289,000) and 719 million Indonesian rupiah (approximately RMB 331,000).

During the auto show, BYD Indonesia signed a memorandum of understanding with Bank Mandiri. The two parties will work together to promote the popularity of new energy vehicles and provide people with more convenient electric vehicle purchase solutions. Zhao Yue, general manager of BYD Indonesia Branch, said that Bank Mandiri’s vision of green transportation and green finance coincides with BYD’s vision of building a zero-emission ecosystem through electric vehicles. Both parties will work together to promote sustainable development and a green transportation system. Contribution to construction.

Zhao Yue, General Manager of BYD Indonesia Branch, delivered a speech

In 2023, BYD’s global sales of new energy vehicles will exceed 3 million units, and it will continue to retain the top sales of new energy vehicles in the world. At the same time, the annual export sales exceeded 242,000 vehicles. At present, BYD’s new energy passenger vehicles have entered 62 countries and regions around the world, and its overseas layout continues to deepen. In the future, BYD will continue to delve into the Indonesian market, bring efficient green travel solutions to the local area, and help realize the vision of “cooling the earth’s temperature by 1°C”.

Born to be outstanding丨BYD DOLPHIN Honor Edition is launched, starting from 99,800 yuan

01 official guide price

02 Eye-catching colors

Unlock multiple trendy looks, add 2 new appearance colors, and have a total of 8 personalized choices.

03 Exquisite and stylish

“BYD DOLPHIN” eye LED headlights, geometric fold-line through-type LED taillights, new 16-inch five-hole flower fin wheels, and a smart waistline that leaps into the world.

04 Hard core strength

It is equipped with e-platform 3.0 technology, high-safety and long-life blade batteries, the world’s first eight-in-one electric powertrain, the industry’s first battery pack refrigerant direct cooling and direct heating technology and a wide temperature range high-efficiency heat pump system.

05 Easy driving control

The entire series comes standard with rear four-link independent suspension and DiPilot intelligent driving assistance system. The driving modes are divided into energy saving, comfort, sport and snow.

06 Wisdom goes with you

DiLink intelligent network connection system, front Type A+C charging port, 50W mobile phone wireless charging, VTOL mobile power station.

07 Variety of spaces, sensory comfort

2700mm long wheelbase, wide and comfortable space, 4-way adjustable steering wheel, ventilated and heated front seats. The rear seats fold down in a 4:6 ratio, rear privacy glass, and a layered trunk cover.

What did the YangWang U9 launch conference tell us?

01   Ultimate performance

The most powerful supercar in the pure electric era, surpassing the power performance of a V12 engine. The YiSiFang technology platform is equipped with four high-performance motors. It adopts the world’s original dual-motor and dual-electronic control deeply integrated design, combined with carbon ceramic brake discs, to bring the ultimate A thousand horsepower to drive.

Maximum horsepower of the vehicle: 1300Ps
Tested maximum speed: 309.19km/h
Global high voltage platform: 800v

Blade battery: up to 500kW charging power

Standard 410mm diameter carbon ceramic brake disc

02   Ultimate comfort and ultimate control coexist

Equipped with the YunNian-X intelligent fully active body control system, it uses a high-power suspension control motor. The motor, electronic control, and main power source are highly integrated. The innovative shock absorber can instantly output more than 1 ton of main power, giving the super sports car unprecedented driving ability. It provides a comfortable ride and at the same time brings the most enjoyable track driving experience in the electrification era.

Lateral stability: No drifting in sharp turns, and the roll “disappears”

Longitudinal stability: Don’t look up when starting, don’t nod when braking.

Vertical stability: no feeling of bumps, just like walking on flat ground

Maximum system power: 36kW
Maximum adjustment stroke: 75mm
Maximum active force exceeds: 1t
Peak single-axis lifting rate up to: 500mm/s

03   Innovative interaction, fun and exciting

YiSiFang distributed drive, YunNian-X intelligent fully active body control system combined with parametric design completely open up the multi-dimensional freedom of a super sports car, allowing the YangWang U9 to have a touching experience no matter when and where.

Dance mode: Equipped with 4 songs, you can dance to the beat

Warm-up mode: activate the conquest gene with one click

Display as you wish: display your eye-catching posture with just one click

In the future, we will continue to work with artists from all walks of life to create more interesting limited edition “optional” features. Programming permissions for YunNian-X, movable parts, and acoustic and optical functions will also be opened to create a private and exclusive “sense of ritual” with users.

04   Aerodynamics: practice muscles, bones and skin externally, practice one breath internally

It uses 12 sets of aerodynamic kits and a “space-time tunnel” air duct layout to comprehensively improve heat dissipation performance and downforce. The space shuttle-type body layout creates a dive attitude while cleverly reducing wind resistance.

6 sets of multi-functional body air ducts, 12 sets of multi-functional active and passive aerodynamic kits

New crater wind block design

4-speed adjustable electric rear wing

active diffuser

Optional carbon fiber swan neck rear wing

05   super body

Super carbon cabin, YangWang is genuine. YangWang U9 is equipped with a new generation of CTB technology, using a large amount of aerospace-grade carbon fiber and using a carbon steel and aluminum super-hybrid structure. It not only breaks the industry limit in terms of lightweight coefficient, but also achieves five-star safety standards.

Lightweight coefficient: 0.95
The carbon cabin accounts for nearly 80% of the body volume
High performance aerospace grade carbon fiber material: T700 grade 12K
Can withstand roof static pressure up to: 11t
Torsional stiffness reaches 54425N·m/deg

06   Intelligent Security

Safety is the greatest luxury. Based on a super body, YangWang U9 has excellent safety qualities and two core disruptive technologies to broaden the boundaries of intelligent safety.

YunNian-X Intelligent Safety: One-sided lifting in the moment of side impact

YiSiFang Intelligent Safety: A high-speed tire blowout can still control the car safely

07   The smartest supercar cockpit and the first supercar intelligent driving platform

It uses a 4nm 5G chip custom-developed by BYD and Qualcomm, equipped with 4 millimeter wave radars, 8 cameras and 12 ultrasonic radars. It is the industry’s first self-developed racing assistant and becomes your personal track coach.

Racing Assistant: Covering nearly 30 professional tracks across the country, it intelligently learns the lap speeds of top drivers and has a timing accuracy of 0.01 seconds. It can realize event-level data playback and accurately review competition data, and provide professional improvement suggestions.

YiSiFang Parking: Worry-free side parking in narrow spaces

Remote parking: convenient for parking and entry into small parking spaces

Automatic parking: Automatically identify parking spaces and park by yourself

Preview: Sense in advance and adjust proactively

08   Exterior and interior: the most avant-garde aesthetics of the times

YangWang U9 displays the art of pure energy with its swooping lines, wide wheel eyebrows and tail wing design. The cockpit adopts a double-surround design to create a friendly and immersive driving space, allowing you to experience the fun of a supercar whether on the track or on city streets.

Intelligent butterfly wing door

Multifunctional integrated sports seat

Interstellar headlight

Surrounding 127-color ambient light

Various car colors: from mineral treasures and universe time and space

Argyle purple

Chixia Danzhu

moonlight silver

Nebula Purple

Chi Yaohong

prominence orange

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