Will frequent charging of plug-in hybrid model BYD DMI damage the battery?

Recently, some car owners have received notifications about battery testing, which has made many people worry about whether frequent charging will cause serious decline in battery life. So, will frequent charging affect the service life of the battery? Please listen to three car owners share their car use and charging experiences below.

Car owner 1: Song Plus DMI, mileage 64,000 kilometers

I have driven Song DMI for 64,000 kilometers, of which 13,000 kilometers were in hybrid mode and 51,000 kilometers were in pure electric mode. It stands to reason that the battery has been cycled more than 500 times.

Until now, I haven’t experienced any signs of battery degradation. In ordinary weather when the temperature is above 20 degrees Celsius, I will reserve about 60% of the battery when I go to work every day, turn on the air conditioner, and step on the accelerator as I like. No matter how I turn it on, the battery will not change by more than 2%.

BYD claims that their batteries can be cycled more than 2,000 times (some say 3,000 times). Even if calculated according to the minimum standard of 2,000 times, they can still have a lifespan of 200,000 kilometers.

And even if the attenuation of the battery drops below 70%, it will not have much impact on use, because there is still an engine that can provide cruising range. With a cruising range of 1,200 kilometers, a loss of 30 kilometers of cruising range will not have any impact. Maybe the peak output power will drop a little, but how many times in a month can the peak output power be reached?

Therefore, between 200,000 and 300,000 kilometers, we basically do not need to worry about battery degradation leading to the need to replace the battery, unless the battery itself fails.

Will frequent charging of plug-in hybrid model BYD DMI damage the battery?

Car owner two: 2018 Tang DM, total mileage 85,000 kilometers

My current total mileage is about 85,000 kilometers, of which about 25,000 kilometers are in hybrid mode, and pure electric mode should be used for about 60,000 kilometers.

The pure electric cruising range is 100 kilometers. Sometimes, with rapid acceleration throughout the entire journey, the cruising range may be less than 100 kilometers, which means it has been cycled at least 600 times. The current cruising range in pure electric mode is 80-85 kilometers (it will automatically switch to hybrid mode when the battery reaches 15%). The cruising range is affected by the driving style. If you use a big foot on the accelerator at the start, maintain 20% overspeed throughout the whole process, and drive at a speed of 120 km/h on a highway with a speed limit of 80 km/h, you may have a cruising range of 80 kilometers.

Will frequent charging of plug-in hybrid model BYD DMI damage the battery?

Car owner three: Song Pro 51km version, total mileage 33,000 kilometers

I bought a Song Pro 51km version in September 2021, with a driving range of 32,999 kilometers. The cruising range in pure electric mode can reach more than 40 kilometers, and the speed is kept below 90 kilometers per hour.

Will frequent charging of plug-in hybrid model BYD DMI damage the battery?


onclusionTo sum up, frequent charging will not affect the life of BYD batteries. If you need to recharge, do it. If the battery needs to be replaced, there may be a problem with the battery batch. After all, BYD will proactively detect and replace problematic batteries and provide corresponding subsidies. Different 4S stores may have different policies, so remember to ask for relevant information.

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