Sharing from car enthusiasts: Revealing the calculation method of Seal EV’s true battery life

Regarding the actual cruising range of the Seal EV, most people will refer to the officially announced CLTC operating range data, which is also the range data usually displayed by officials and the media. However, the vast majority of car owners are unable to achieve the range tested in the laboratory. So, how to calculate the real cruising range of Seal EV? A reference method is shared below.


First of all, we need to understand what the CLTC working condition is. It is a virtual testing method that can only be achieved in a laboratory environment. It is used in national standards to show longer cruising range. Specific details can be found out through search. The NEDC operating condition has been abolished and is no longer used.

In addition, everyone’s driving habits are different, and the battery life performance of others has limited reference value for you. So, what is the real battery life of Seal EV? Is there a standard with reference value?


In fact, the mainstream new energy endurance test conditions around the world include CLTC in China, WLTP commonly used in Europe and other Western countries, and EPA in the United States. So which working condition is closest to the real battery life? There is no doubt that the US EPA operating conditions are closest to real battery life.

So how do we convert the battery life of Seal EV into EPA operating conditions? Unless the car is sent to an EPA duty testing laboratory in North America for testing, we can only make an estimate. We can build a reference model, find an identically powered model with CLTC and EPA working condition labels, and perform conversions by comparing their endurance data.


Take the Tesla Edamame 3 long-range four-wheel drive refreshed version as an example. It is a global model with the same power system. Although the battery suppliers are different, the capacity is the same. By comparing the data, we can get the following results: Under CLTC operating conditions, the cruising range of Maodou 3 is 713 kilometers, while under EPA operating conditions, the cruising range is 333 miles (approximately 535.91 kilometers). Therefore, the EPA operating life of Maodou 3 is equivalent to about 0.75 times (535.91/713) of the CLTC operating life.

Based on this discount, we can derive the actual cruising range of Seal EV under EPA operating conditions:

The standard range Seal EV has an EPA range of 412.5 kilometers.
The long-range Seal EV has an EPA operating range of 525 kilometers.
The four-wheel drive Seal EV has an EPA driving range of 487.5 kilometers.
Please note that this is only a reference value and actual cruising range may be affected by a variety of factors. For accurate cruising range evaluation, it is recommended to refer to the official data and make a comprehensive consideration based on personal driving habits and road conditions.


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