How to tell if your BYD battery needs replacing?

The following experience and steps are provided to help you determine whether the BYD battery needs to be replaced.

Pay attention to the battery jump: when your BYD vehicle has traveled about 30,000 kilometers, if a battery jump occurs during high-speed fast charging, that is, the battery power increases sharply in a short period of time (for example, from 80% to 100% in one minute) ), this may mean the battery is faulty. As we all know, when the battery is close to full, the charging efficiency becomes very low.

Conduct professional testing: If you encounter a power outage, it is recommended to go to a BYD authorized service center for battery testing. They examine each cell of the battery and record the voltage difference between cells. If the voltage difference of a cell exceeds 0.1V, you have the right to replace the battery according to the warranty policy. Here, I would like to remind everyone to cherish the vehicle warranty and the three-electricity lifetime warranty.

Extended warranty period: If you purchase extended warranty service, your Sanden lifetime warranty will be extended. It should be noted that the warranty period for the entire vehicle, especially the tablet, is only 3 years. If your extended warranty period is 2 years, your vehicle warranty will be extended to 5 years. This way, when something goes wrong with the tablet, you don’t have to spend money on repairs, but can just replace it for free.

I hope the above information will be helpful to you in order to determine whether the BYD battery needs to be replaced.

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