How bad is BYD’s chassis?

When it comes to the shortcomings of BYD’s new energy vehicles, most netizens will mention BYD’s chassis and suspension system. So, as car owners, what is their actual experience with BYD’s chassis after driving for a period of time?

Here are the real opinions of two car owners:

How bad is BYD's chassis?

Here are two car owners to share their true opinions:

Car Owner 1: Double owner of Tesla Model Y and BYD Han

This car owner happens to own two electric cars, one is the highly praised Tesla Model Y, and the other is the once highly praised but now low-rated BYD Han.

How bad is BYD's chassis?

The Tesla Model Y has traveled more than 30,000 kilometers, while the BYD Han has traveled more than 50,000 kilometers. The owner’s driving style is relatively aggressive.

If you only read online reviews, you might think that Tesla Model Y completely overwhelms BYD Han in terms of handling. In actual driving, Model Y is indeed more controllable, with less shaking and rolling. The BYD Han has a larger roll when changing lanes quickly, giving it a feeling of sailing.

How bad is BYD's chassis?

However, do you think I would say that the Tesla Model Y drives better than the BYD Han? On the contrary, I usually prefer to drive BYD Han. Apart from the map differences, the Model Y’s ride is bumpy and the seats are hard. When passing through speed bumps and potholes, vibrations are directly transmitted to the seats. I heard that the suspension system of my Model Y has been adjusted to be softer. It was harder before, which is unimaginable. For someone like me who commutes for an hour, comfortable seats are far more important than the ability to turn quickly and change lanes continuously.

How bad is BYD's chassis?

In addition, in fact, the control difference between the two is not as big as people think on the keyboard. BYD Han’s suspension does not make people faint at every corner. The Internet always likes to exaggerate, exaggerate and describe problems to extremes. In fact, this slight roll does not affect normal driving, and people with my driving style can accept it, not to mention most people who drive smoothly, they will not feel much difference at all. To be honest, the single-pedal mode has a much greater impact on driving.

Don’t just look at the Tesla Model Y’s good handling. Its maximum speed on the ramp is not as good as that of the BYD Han. The Han’s limit is about 86 km/h, while the Model Y is 80 km/h (after eliminating the speedometer error) .

How bad is BYD's chassis?

When buying a car, it’s best to watch and test drive it in person. This is the right way to go. No matter how much other people know about cars, or car reviewers yell at the track every day, the most important thing is to understand your true needs. Don’t spend your own money on a model that others recommend.


Car owner two: Song pro dmi top version with mileage of 23,000 kilometers

I have been driving my Song Pro DMI top model for a year and have traveled 23,000 kilometers. Let me share my feelings.

At first, I felt that the suspension system was very hard, and even my wife sitting in the back seat could feel it. Small bumps could be transmitted to the interior of the car, and the overall road feel was very strong.

How bad is BYD's chassis?

Later I found out that this was because the tire pressure was too high, all four tires exceeded 280kPa! This is a measure taken to prevent tire damage when parked for a long time. New cars will do this. You only need to lower the tire pressure to 250kPa.

After adjusting the tire pressure, the car’s filtering effect when dealing with bumps is actually pretty good. The front half of the suspension is relatively soft, and the rear half is relatively tough. Personally, I feel that the roll control is okay.

How bad is BYD's chassis?

Therefore, when driving at medium and low speeds, the main noise comes from the road noise. It may also be because there is no engine noise and the road noise is particularly obvious. However, I personally think it is still acceptable and much better than Japanese cars of the same level.

To sum up, as a daily family car, this car has good suspension performance and a good balance between comfort and support. Even if it is occasionally driven more intensely, there will be no problem, but it is not recommended for drag racing.

How bad is BYD's chassis?

As for the battery, the three-electric system enjoys a lifetime warranty within limits. In fact, 8 years and 150,000 kilometers is already higher than the average, so there is not a big problem in this regard.

I’m not too worried about the problem of battery decay. Lithium-iron batteries can be charged and discharged 3,000 times and maintain 80% of the battery capacity under normal use. They will only decay rapidly when the battery capacity falls below 80%. Based on this cycle and an average 90% charge, 110 times 0.9 times 3000 equals 297,000 kilometers. And this is calculated based on the pure electric mileage. The actual total mileage should be more than 400,000 kilometers. For a normal family car, there is no problem in driving it until it is scrapped, so there is no need to worry, as long as you use slow charging every one to two weeks. Just charge it once to protect the battery.

Summary: BYD Song Pro DMI’s chassis has two completely different voices online and offline. Netizens think it is a chopstick suspension, while car owners think it is passable and sometimes performs well. Which of these two sounds do you prefer?

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