The Song L model is priced at 189,800. Is this cutting leeks?

BYD’s latest SUV model, the Song L, is now on sale on

The Song L model is priced at 189,800. Is this cutting leeks?

Song L’s initial pre-sale price started at 220,000, but competitors’ prices were too competitive. Zhiji and Xiaopeng directly lowered the price to less than 200,000. In addition, netizens expressed dissatisfaction with the price of 220,000 yuan, and their initial eagerness to look forward to it turned into a wait-and-see.

Under the dual pressure from netizens and car manufacturers, Song L had to lower its price to 189,800, which made its price-performance ratio skyrocket!

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In addition, as the e-platform 3.0 model of, Song L is of great significance. Because currently has launched relatively few models on e-platform 3.0. In addition to the Song L, another known e-platform 3.0 model is the entry-level pure electric SUV Yuan UP just declared by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. is the main sales channel for e-platform 3.0. The popular models Dolphin, Leek Leopard and Leek Leopard PLUS all belong to the 3.0 platform. However, the sales performance of the Leek Leopard is not consistent with the status of the e-platform within BYD. Since the sales of are not good, why not share the platform and let sales become a weapon for to promote E Platform 3.0?

Everyone is already very familiar with the advantages of e-platform 3.0, such as the double-wishbone front suspension, CTB battery architecture, body battery integration technology, and Yunnan C intelligent damping body control system for high-end models. These were all introduced before Unable to enjoy the latest achievements.

It is impossible to say that is not envious of this.

The Song L model is priced at 189,800. Is this cutting leeks?The Song L model is priced at 189,800. Is this cutting leeks?

Song L is a charming coupe SUV with beautiful side proportions, and the relative ratio of wheels to body is close to 1:2.

The Song L model is priced at 189,800. Is this cutting leeks?

Compared with Song L, we would also like to mention Denza N7.

Denza N7 is the first model in BYD’s coupe strategy, and it is also the second best-selling model that Denza hopes to launch (in addition to Denza D9). However, actual sales fell short of BYD’s internal expectations.

I personally think that Denza N7 has some problems with the relative proportions of its wheels and body. As a luxury SUV, there should be a large enough visual effect between the wheels and the body to show the overall domineering feel. Whether it’s Porsche, BMW or Ji Krypton 001, they all focus on this proportion. However, the wheels of Denza N7 appear a bit small, especially the relative distance from the rear wheels to the roof is almost the same as the height of the three wheels. Such a height cannot fully demonstrate the advantages of a hunting SUV. Consumers will not feel that it looks like an SUV or a sports car. This is also a factor in its failure to achieve much success in the market. Although this is not a particularly core reason, I think it is also quite important.

Because of this, one of the important advantages of Jikrypton 001’s good sales is that its side curves are designed just right.

The Song L model is priced at 189,800. Is this cutting leeks?

In addition, Song L can also bring a sense of freshness to people in actual use. Whether it is the use of the front trunk, frameless doors or hatchback rear, it can give users an experience very similar to Model Y, and the appearance of Song L is indeed more beautiful than Model Y.

The Song L model is priced at 189,800. Is this cutting leeks?

As an SUV, the Song L is more radical in its height setting. The vehicle height is only 1560mm, which is about 10 centimeters lower than coupe SUVs such as the Xpeng G6 and Zhiji LS6, and is almost the same as the Jikrypton 001. Therefore, the overall appearance of Song L is more sports sedan style, especially equipped with an electric rear wing. Compared with Zhiji, whose selling point is the top speed 305, Song L’s appearance looks more sporty.

The Song L model is priced at 189,800. Is this cutting leeks? The Song L model is priced at 189,800. Is this cutting leeks?

If Song L can further promote the dual-motor four-wheel drive version, because Tesla has made a 3-second class vehicle into a mass performance car within 300,000 yuan. As a pioneer in launching performance machines such as the 542 and DM models in the early years, BYD is in More efforts should be made in this regard.

In addition, some people may think that BYD does not adopt an 800V architecture. Although there are not many charging piles that support 800V, in fact, when I experienced the Equation Leopard 5, the Leopard 5 only used a smaller battery to achieve a charging voltage of 650V. Therefore, BYD may not be as visible in the high-voltage platform, but it has still achieved some results.

The Song L model is priced at 189,800. Is this cutting leeks?

Regarding sales forecast, the sales volume of pure electric models is expected to be relatively stable at around 5,000 units. If it is more radical, it can reach 10,000 units, and with the addition of the DM-i version, monthly sales are expected to reach 20,000 units. This is a relatively conservative prediction, but taking small steps quickly is always a safer strategy.

Now let’s analyze Song L’s success in detail, divided into three aspects: positioning, marketing strategy and competitors.

1. Positioning of Song L

The BYD brand currently has four pure electric SUV models on sale, namely Yuan plus, Song plus EV, Tang EV and Yuan Pro.

Yuan Plus is the sales champion, with monthly sales basically stable at around 30,000 units after its launch, making it the most competitive pure electric SUV in the range of 130,000-160,000 units. Song plusEV is an important model in the range of 160,000-200,000 units, with monthly sales stable at around 10,000 units, and is very cost-effective. The sales performance of these two cars is very good.

The Song L model is priced at 189,800. Is this cutting leeks?

Originally, Tang EV should cover the market of more than 200,000 yuan, but the current sales volume of Tang EV is not good, and the starting price is 239,800 yuan, which leads to a price gap between 200,000 and 230,000 yuan, and Song L fills this gap. Vacancy, positioned between Song plusEV and Tang EV.

2. Song L’s marketing strategy

When BYD Song L’s pre-sale price was announced, the starting price of 220,000 was considered high, and everyone generally expected the official price to be below 200,000. However, the official price dropped directly to 189,800 yuan. The price reduction exceeded expectations and the price/performance ratio instantly improved. Obviously, BYD hopes to make the Song L a best-selling model and stabilize its position in the pure electric SUV market of around 200,000 yuan, which is also the most fiercely competitive segment of the current market.

The Song L model is priced at 189,800. Is this cutting leeks?

BYD has shown clear advantages in the low-end and mid-range pure electric vehicle market this year, with outstanding sales of Seagull, Dolphin and Yuan Plus. However, in the market of around 200,000 yuan, Seal and Denza N7 did not perform well due to fierce competition. Song L bears the important task of stabilizing its market position of 200,000 yuan. The starting price of 189,800 yuan shows that BYD is indeed very sincere in pricing this time.

3. Song L’s competitors

The pure electric SUV market with a price tag of around 200,000 yuan is currently one of the most competitive markets, and many brands have entered the market. Song L’s pricing is in place in one step and is very stable and ruthless. It will bring huge pressure to competitors, such as Model Y, Xpeng G6, Zhiji LS6, etc. Even Song plusEV will face competitive pressure, and BYD will not show mercy even with its own products. .

The Song L model is priced at 189,800. Is this cutting leeks?

At present, the momentum of Zhiji LS6 is very strong, Xpeng G6 has shown its decline, and Model Y is still competitive. Although the product strength is insufficient, many Chinese consumers have a unique recognition of the Tesla brand, and even I would rather spend tens of thousands more to buy it. This is truly incredible.

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