The actual vehicle test of Song plus EV in Harbin: challenging the cold winter of minus 18 degrees to minus 25 degrees.

Today, I drove the Song plus EV from home to the company for a total of about 15 kilometers. After going home for lunch at noon, I went back to the company for about 18 kilometers. I went to my wife’s work in the evening, then went shopping at Yuanda, and finally returned home. It is about 18 kilometers. The total driving distance for the whole day is about 50 kilometers.

The actual vehicle test of Song plus EV in Harbin

When I went out in the morning, the battery showed 314 kilometers left (I forgot to charge it last night). When I got home in the evening, the battery showed 140 kilometers left. I turned on the seat heating function, and within five minutes, the temperature inside the car reached 26 degrees.

314-141=173 kilometers

Actual distance traveled 50 kilometers

50÷173=28% (today’s driving rate)

The actual vehicle test of Song plus EV in Harbin

After being fully charged this time, it traveled a total of 147.8 kilometers, taking into account the fact that the temperature was not very low in the previous two days and today’s data.

520-141=379 (displayed mileage)

Actual distance traveled 147.8 kilometers

147.8÷379=38.9% (comprehensive driving rate)

The actual vehicle test of Song plus EV in Harbin

After actual testing, the driving rate is a bit low! I will fully charge it tonight and reset the odometer tomorrow to test again.

Without a charging station at home, this cold night would be uncomfortable, but luckily I have a parking space.

This is not to show off, but to be honest, I did not expect that in such cold weather, if I drive 80 kilometers a day, I will have to charge it when I get home at night.

80÷28%=285.71 kilometers

520-285.71=234.29 kilometers (mileage displayed)

From charging every five days in summer, to charging every three days in autumn, to this cold winter, it seems like we really have to charge every day. It’s really exciting. The electricity bill per kilometer has changed from 4 cents to 6.4 cents. At present, less than 1% of people consume more electricity per 100 kilometers than me. They may be in Jiamusi, Hegang, Yichun and There are activities in the Daxinganling area, hahahaha.

The actual vehicle test of Song plus EV in Harbin

Therefore, the comprehensive driving rate of Song plus EV is not very high. Of course, this is the result of the test conducted in Harbin. If other friends have test results, please share them in the comment area to provide more reference for riders.

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