Sharing of BYD Feng Leopard 5 owners’ selection strategies

After confirming the purchase of Leopard 5, I plan to make a decision and share some personal views on the options:

1. Standard R18 road tires
If you mainly commute in the city or make small trips within a 200-kilometer radius of your residence, only drive long distances once or twice a year, do not engage in intense off-roading, and drive on non-paved roads for a long time, then there is no need to replace the tires.

You should know that all tests before the Leopard 5 was launched basically used R18 tires, which shows from the side that this specification is most in line with the design concept. If you like off-roading, then R18 tires are more suitable for modification.

Compared with R18, the diameter of R20 is increased by two inches, which is equivalent to an increase in radius of 2.54cm. In theory, it will increase the corresponding height, and will also lead to a corresponding increase in energy consumption and noise. If you are interested in 6-piston calipers, ventilated brake discs and a fully enclosed spare tire package, you can choose to voluntarily choose them. Don’t complain about the high price, after all, these options are clearly priced.

2. It is recommended to choose a trailer hook
Don’t listen to some people who say that you will spend two or three hundred to modify it later. Can you mark it on your driving license after modification? Can it be protected by the rules? Can I safely and legally tow a car under 2.5 tons around without worrying about police inspection? To put it bluntly,

When you sell a second-hand car, you can also loudly advertise that “it comes with a tow hook, and you get it when you buy the car”, right?

3. Chassis armor
I squatted down and felt the original chassis in the physical store, and it seemed that there was no 3mm armor thickness.

However, as long as you don’t go to extreme wild areas, there should be no problem on ordinary non-paved roads. If you are worried, you can choose optional chassis armor.

In addition, since the armor is segmented, you can directly purchase the battery pack separately to thicken it later, which should save some money.

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