BYD Qin L is about to be released, or it may adopt DM5.0 technology. What can Qin Plus owners expect?

Do you still remember BYD’s plan at the beginning of the year? If you forgot, I can review it for you:

At the end of the year, let’s take a look at this unofficial planning material.

Aspects that have been implemented include:

1. Launched various championship version matryoshka models.

2. Improved the cruising range of each model.

3. The Song L model was successfully launched.

What is being implemented is: Spy photos of the Qin L model have been released.

Not yet implemented include:

1. Release of DM 5.0 technology.

2. All electric vehicles of have entered the 3.0 platform.

According to BYD’s current release pace, DM 5.0 technology is expected to be released in the first half of next year, and Qin L may become the first batch of models equipped with DM 5.0 technology.

As for’s electric vehicles entering the 3.0 platform, they are currently being gradually replaced. Song L and Yuan UP are expected to be the first models to adopt the 3.0 platform, which also means that BYD will no longer transform fuel vehicles into electric vehicles.

Next, we will publish the appearance and interior spy photos of the protagonist of this article: Qin L.

According to the spy photos, we can see the “High Voltage Electric Vehicle” logo on the body, which indicates that the car may use new technologies, including the new hybrid chassis P5, fifth-generation DM technology and CTB battery body integration technology. According to rumors, the car may be priced at 149,800 yuan.

Some netizens asked: Isn’t this the interior of Seal DM-i?

As an irresponsible blogger, I would like to ask this netizen, how many times has BYD stabbed the car owner in the back?

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