Seal DMi owner shares the installation process of BYD’s official fender

As a Seal DMi owner, I would like to share with you the installation process of BYD’s official fender.

When I went to the 4S store to install the battery guard, I found that the Seal DMi model already has a plastic battery guard, but we can add an additional aluminum alloy guard, which is equivalent to the original plastic guard. A layer of aluminum alloy guard plate is added to form a double-layer guard plate structure. The relevant pictures are attached below. This design can prevent the battery from being scratched and bumped by road bumps while driving.

Since I bought the car early and it had just been launched at that time, it seems that the vehicle’s battery guard and motor guard have not yet been mass-produced. The fenders I added were removed from the Song Plus DMi because the fenders on both models are exactly the same size. So they installed the battery guard on me first. Although adding battery guards and motor guards will increase the weight and fuel consumption of the vehicle, this small increase in fuel consumption is insignificant compared with safety protection.

This is a real photo of the black model on the show car.

Here is a picture of my car ready for the fenders to be added.

Nearby is the motor, and in the distance is the battery.

Five-link rear wheel.

Looks pretty solid.

An aluminum alloy guard plate is added to the original plastic guard plate to form a double-layer guard plate structure. After the installation is completed, the installation master will tell you the installation location of the guard plate and daily precautions. Simply put, try to avoid driving on hard curbs or hitting pebbles, because even if a guard is installed, there is still a risk of being penetrated by pebbles.

In general, the installation of BYD’s official guard plate provides additional protection. Although it is not an absolute protective measure, it can reduce the risk of damage to the battery during driving. This is a safety modification worth considering for car owners.

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