The Wind Rises in the Tang Dynasty, Victory over Yinshan Mountain | Tang Family Test Drive in Extremely Cold Ice and Snow

The strong wind blows, and the arrow is on the string

Camel bells ring loudly, the sound shakes the battlefield

Professor, School of History and Culture, Shaanxi Normal University

Doctoral supervisor, Sui and Tang history expert, speaker of Baijia Forum, Yu Gengzhe

Passion describes the national spirit of constant self-improvement

But the flying generals of Dragon City are here, and Huma is not taught to cross the Yin Mountains.

Tang Family Quanqing High Value Series

Embark on an ice and snow adventure

Not afraid of extreme cold, attack in the wind

Six major terrains, multiple scenes to run through

Powerful off-road capability and easy handling

In-depth experience of the Tang family’s high value series

Meet at Yinshan Mountain and enjoy driving in the ice and snow

Riding the wind and snow, feeling the spirit of the Tang Dynasty

The wind rises in the Tang Dynasty, burns to control the wind and snow, and wins the decisive victory in Yinshan Mountain

Creating the “Prosperous Age of the Tang Dynasty” for Chinese automobiles

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