BYD YangWang U8: Using 4 rigorous reliability tests to empower users with quality cars

Recently, the luxury version of Yangwang U8, a million-level new energy hardcore off-road vehicle owned by Yangwang Automobile, has been delivered in an orderly manner across the country. Off-road videos of users picking up their cars in different regions and environments quickly aroused widespread discussion on social media.

The off-road units are extremely rich and the off-road environment is diverse and complex. In order to ensure the user experience and escort users to conquer various off-road scenes, Yangwang actively starts from the user’s perspective and is responsible for U8’s durability performance, off-road reliability, environmental adaptability & odor VOC and EMC reliability. In terms of performance, all-round in-depth testing and verification were conducted. Upholding the ultimate pursuit of product reliability, Yangwang has formulated a number of stringent verification standards and systems that lead the industry. It has conducted vehicle performance verification for Yangwang U8 for more than 500 days. Whether it is outdoors in the wilderness or traveling in the city, it can Ensure the reliable performance of the vehicle and maintain the comfort and health inside the vehicle.

Rigorous actual testing of off-road performance and vehicle durability

Guaranteeing users the ultimate off-road experience

As a new energy hard-core off-road vehicle, looking up to the U8 to conquer hard-core off-road conditions is inseparable from the two top technologies of Yi Sifang and Yunnan-P intelligent hydraulic body control system. Its climbing performance is still reliable on slopes with a slope close to 45 degrees, and it can stably and easily pass the cross-axis test with a depth of 400mm; in the pulley block test, even if the front or rear wheels lose adhesion, it can still It can get out of trouble quickly and proves its strong cross-country passability.

In order to try to ensure that every off-road working condition that users may encounter has been tested and verified in advance, U8 has begun vehicle performance road testing in June 2022. As of now, it has lasted for more than 500 days, test engineers The team’s footprints are also spread across 28 provinces and autonomous regions across the country. Through a cumulative investment of more than 500 trial-production vehicles for vehicle-level road testing and verification, U8 has completed terrain tests covering 6 major terrains and 13 subdivision types, gradually improving off-road reliability verification in rich terrain road tests. Among them, Yangwang U8 has been tested for a long time and in a wide range of conditions in the low temperature environment of minus 43 degrees Celsius in Yakeshi and in the high temperature field of Turpan, spanning a temperature difference of nearly 90 degrees Celsius. In particular, the test mileage in high temperature environments has exceeded 80,000 kilometers.

It is worth mentioning that after completing the regular Golmud Plateau test, the U8 took into account the users’ hard-core off-road needs and went deep into the Alibaba uninhabited area to conduct plateau test verification in order to verify the vehicle’s ultimate off-road reliability. Yangwang has specially developed a customized test road to increase the altitude of the plateau test from 2,700 meters to 4,500 meters, and the plateau environment test mileage is more than 7,000 kilometers.

At the same time, look up to the world’s first 24-channel active suspension road simulation test technology to fully simulate various road conditions such as off-road and urban scenarios to verify the durability and reliability of U8. In the road spectrum collection stage, in addition to collecting various road condition data in the test track with the vehicle, the collection work of various off-road road conditions such as sand, mud, and snow is also added. On this basis, the road spectrum load is reproduced The accuracy increased from 95% to 99%. After three rounds of road simulation tests and continuous optimization, U8 has reached the goal of 1 million kilometers of equivalent user mileage without any structural damage to the vehicle. In addition, Yangwang has also conducted a total of 4 rounds of enhanced bad road tests on the U8, involving as many as 21 types of test conditions. In terms of test rounds and types of work, it has exceeded the general testing level in the industry. Finally, after 4 rounds of road tests and 3 rounds of bench verification, the U8 has accumulated more than 5 million kilometers of equivalent user mileage, fully verifying its durability and reliability.

High and low temperature, VOC, EMC depth testing

Protect users’ car use in multiple scenarios

For new energy off-road vehicles, in off-road scenarios such as hill climbing and desert cleaning, the engine and motor are working under high temperature and heavy load for a long time, and are prone to overheating; or in low temperature environments, the vehicle’s various performance, electronic systems, The intelligent network connection system may fail and degrade its performance, affecting the user’s normal use of the car. In order to verify the reliability of various functions and performance of Yangwang U8 in various ambient temperatures, Yangwang conducted a comprehensive high and low temperature environmental adaptability test on it.

In the high-temperature environment warehouse test, Yangwang U8 withstood the test of ambient temperatures up to 45 degrees Celsius, and the surface temperature of some parts even exceeded 100 degrees Celsius. A total of 80,000 kilometers of tests were conducted to ensure its driving performance, cooling performance, Air conditioning performance will not degrade or fail in high temperature environments. In the low-temperature test of minus 40 degrees Celsius, the U8 was still able to unlock and start normally after being left standing for more than 12 hours. The doors, door sills, suspension lift, LINK and other functions were still functioning normally, and the defrosting and heating functions were normal. Its low-temperature performance has been fully verified in more than 6,000 hours of testing.

In addition to high and low temperatures, the Yangwang testing team has also developed a complete standard system for odor testing of materials, components, and complete vehicles to ensure that Yangwang U8 will not produce disturbing odors in both normal and high temperature environments. At the same time, in order to ensure the health of the air in the cabin, U8 follows extremely stringent standards, leaving the vehicle in a high-temperature exposure environment for more than 4 hours to test and verify the VOC (volatile organic compounds) in the vehicle, and It has passed more than 50 rounds of tests to ensure that users are not affected by VOCs in the car and improve air health.

In addition, Yangwang has also conducted professional design and strict verification specifically for vehicle EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) to ensure the EMC reliability of U8 in various travel scenarios such as outdoors and cities. At the technical level, Yangwang has conducted special tests on Yi Sifang’s electromagnetic radiation, Yunnan-P system, ADAS intelligent driving assistance system and even the vehicle’s anti-electromagnetic interference. Among them, Yi Sifang is fully designed in terms of system architecture, electromagnetic shielding, grounding and multiple filtering, and meets regulatory requirements. When performing a U-turn in place, the electromagnetic radiation it releases is only 0.2μT, which is lower than that of a mobile phone or home. The amount of radiation emitted by a hair dryer is also far below the electromagnetic radiation safety limits stipulated by the state. The Yunnan-P system has passed multiple rounds of electromagnetic anti-interference experiments to ensure that it can still accurately perceive and make decisions in a strong electromagnetic interference environment, and control and adjust the vehicle body stably and flexibly; the ADAS intelligent driving assistance system has also been verified by EMC darkroom simulation , ensuring stable and smooth operation even in strong electromagnetic environments.

As the benchmark for luxury off-road quality, U8 has been proven through extremely reliable testing to protect users’ vehicle reliability. During the vehicle performance verification that lasted for more than 500 days, the R&D and testing teams adhered to ingenuity, dedication to quality, and the ultimate pursuit of product reliability to ensure user experience. Driven by user trust, Yangwang will continue to improve product quality, allowing users to enjoy the high-end and luxury of the new energy era.

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