Under the trend of new energy in commercial vehicles, light trucks have become the explosive point of growth in the new energy logistics market. Various routes such as pure electricity and hybrid are advancing together, accelerating the rapid development of the light truck market towards multi application scenario segmentation. In this context, BYD commercial vehicles have recently released their all-new generation of light trucks – the T5 series.

As the opening masterpiece of BYD’s commercial vehicles, BYD’s new T5 series light trucks can be said to be highly competitive in terms of appearance, strength, and price.

01 Appearance: The front face is clearly layered, and the power of the large car is fully displayed

The T5 series currently offers two options: blue and white, with a deep and stable blue color and a clean and clean white color.

From the front face design, the appearance of the BYD T5 series is very attractive.

The new car continues the design language of the previous BYD light truck, adopting a black background and large mirror design, forming a whole with the front windshield, and also forming a dual tone design in color, full of technological sense. This design, combined with the upper air deflector, greatly reduces wind resistance and extends endurance.

Looking below the front face of the vehicle, one can see that the BYD T5 series has some layered design – compared to the upper part of the front face, the headlights and the lower lip of the front face will protrude more. These well-defined lines make the front face of the new car more three-dimensional and outline the sense of power to the fullest.

In addition to the overall appearance, the details of the new car’s front face are also handled very cleverly. The interior of its headlights adopts a matrix design of passenger cars, integrating high and low beams and turn signals. It uses halogen light sources, which have stronger penetration in rainy and foggy weather and safer driving. The hybrid T5DM technology version uses LED light sources.

02 Hard power: Triple electric hard core, super long quality assurance with guarantee

As a new energy commercial vehicle, the core three electrical components (battery, motor, and electronic control) are crucial. Backed by BYD’s powerful three electric technology system, the T5 series of BYD’s three electric systems, including hybrid systems, use core technologies that share the same origin as BYD passenger cars, which are very attractive.

The pure electric BYD T5EV model is equipped with a 94.3kWh BYD blade battery. As the same type of battery used in BYD passenger cars, the blade battery is unquestionable in terms of safety and endurance. The official working condition range exceeds 275km, which can be considered as an above average level for pure electric models.

In terms of electric motor, this car is equipped with BYD’s self-developed flat wire motor, with a peak power of 150kW and a maximum torque of 340Nm. In the current light truck market, new energy light trucks with a peak power of 150kW are very rare based on data alone, and the maximum efficiency of this flat wire motor can reach 97%, which actually reflects a higher level of power. With high power and torque, this car can help you better cope with heavy load conditions and improve delivery efficiency. It is also a great help for car enthusiasts in mountainous or southwestern areas with many ramp sections.

In terms of warranty, the T5EV provides an 8-year or 500000 kilometer battery (cell) warranty, a 5-year/250000 kilometer motor and electronic control warranty, and a 3-year/100000 kilometer vehicle warranty, providing more assurance for use.

The hybrid T5DM model is equipped with a blade battery with a battery capacity of 18.3kWh, with a pure electric range of 50km. It is equipped with a 1.5T high-efficiency hybrid special engine and adopts Miller cycle design, with a thermal efficiency of up to 41%. The comprehensive fuel consumption is 9.2L/100km, and the comprehensive range of full fuel and full electric is over 1000km. In terms of electric motor, BYD T5DM is equipped with BYD’s self-developed flat wire motor, with a peak power of 150kW and a maximum torque of 340Nm, which is the same as pure electric models and also superior to mainstream hybrid light trucks.

In terms of after-sales service, BYD T5DM provides a 6-year/300000 km battery warranty, a 5-year/250000 km motor and electronic control warranty, and a 3-year/100000 km vehicle warranty.

BYD passenger cars sold over 3 million new energy vehicles in 2023, and the technological maturity and reliability of its core three electric system and hybrid system have been verified in the market. The adoption of core technologies that share the same origin as passenger cars, as well as reliable and mature three electric and hybrid systems, undoubtedly gives BYD T5 series light trucks a powerful gene and a very high starting point.

03 Hard power: Solid chassis workmanship, worry free heavy-duty cargo handling

As a top player in new energy passenger vehicles, BYD’s craftsmanship in vehicle manufacturing is beyond doubt. Therefore, it is also evident from the solid workmanship of BYD’s products on the chassis of commercial vehicles. The BYD T5 series light trucks adopt BYD’s newly built hybrid and pure electric platforms for light trucks. While ensuring the strength of the body, a lot of lightweight designs have been made, especially the hybrid model T5DM. The official claims that it can pull an additional 300-400 kilograms compared to hybrid models in the same class, greatly improving operational efficiency and profitability.

In terms of chassis.

The BYD T5 EV (pure electric) adopts a design of front 4 and rear 5+6 steel plate springs, with a tire size of 7.00R16LT.

The BYD T5 DM adopts a design of front 3 and rear 5+6 steel plate springs, with a tire size of 7.00R16.

Both pure electric and hybrid vehicles are in line with the standards of commercial vehicle cargo transportation in terms of chassis data, and all data is solid enough.

Therefore, both of these cars can handle the loading of large and heavy objects very well.

04 Hard core strength: sedan like interior with rich practicality and configuration

In terms of interior design, the two new cars in the T5 series have the same overall style, both adopting a sedan like design that is simple, practical, and can provide a comfortable driving experience.

The shift mechanism of the T5 series adopts a knob type shift, with a large knob for more convenient blind operation. It adopts an electronic handbrake and is equipped with AutoHold, making driving easier.

The steering wheel also adopts an easy-to-use multifunctional steering wheel, with a good grip and EPS electric power steering.

LCD instrument panel, displaying rich information.

The glove box can be opened up and down to store debris.

The T5 DM (hybrid) comes standard with a 10.1-inch Di link full touch multimedia screen that integrates energy management, reverse imaging, and more.

In terms of specific configurations, new cars come standard with practical comfort and safety features such as one key start, automatic parking AVH, reverse radar, automatic headlights, cruise control, and remote OTA upgrades.

The interior of the T5 series has a thoughtful small detail, which is that the middle seat backrest can be folded down. After the backrest is folded down, it can be used to hold water cups and some receipts, and it is also convenient for everyone to eat in the car during rest. It can also provide users with a right hand support movement, which is used for hand relaxation after long-distance travel, and the overall practicality is very high.

05 Highly competitive prices open the curtain of 2024 light truck internal competition

In terms of the price that everyone is most concerned about, the price range of BYD T5 series light trucks across the entire range is 139800 to 169800 yuan. The T5DM Wealth Edition starts at 139800 yuan, the T5DM Technology Edition starts at 147800 yuan, and the T5EV 94 degree electric version starts at 169800 yuan.

At the press conference, the announcement of this price immediately sparked cheers from the on-site dealers. Just like the launch of the championship version by BYD in 2023, which kicked off a wave of price reductions in the passenger car market, in the beginning of 2024, it seems that BYD T5 series light trucks are also about to open up an internal competition in the field of new energy light trucks.

06 Summary:Good price, good product.

If you are running freight, BYD T5 series products must not be missed.

At present, tram resources have conducted full load testing on the BYD T5DM. Regarding the driving quality and energy consumption level of this car under full load, please pay attention to tram resources. We will soon release a test report. We also look forward to conducting full load testing on the all-new BYD T5EV.

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