BYD’s latest model plan exposed: a new pickup truck every month surpasses the Raptor

Throughout the year, a total of 3.0244 million new cars were sold. After setting a new high in brand sales history, BYD embarked on a journey for 2024 with a brand new mission and goals. What heavyweight new cars will BYD launch in the new year? What surprises can it bring us?

According to known information, BYD will launch new products every month in 2024. Firstly, on Dynasty Net, BYD will have multiple heavyweight products arriving one after another. Taking the Song L, which was launched at the end of last year, as an example, BYD will abandon the naming convention of the championship version and add a dynasty+letter L arrangement to a series of new generation sedans.

It is reported that the two popular sedans under BYD Dynasty Network, Qin L and Han L, will be upgraded and launched within the year. At present, multiple road test images of two cars have been circulating online, which once again confirms the rumors that the two cars are about to be replaced.

In addition to sedans, new SUVs from Dynasty Net have also been launched. After years of competing in the Yuan PLUS market, the Yuan series will also be updated this year. The new Yuan series will be named in a dynasty+letter UP arrangement.

In terms of Ocean Net, BYD is about to welcome a new car with a seal exterior style, thus forming a dual car matrix with Dynasty Net’s Qin L, dedicated to the A+sedan market.

Finally, there is the pickup truck market. Currently, it can be confirmed that BYD pickup trucks will offer both pure electric and plug-in hybrid power forms, and will have outstanding off-road performance. In terms of interior layout, the BYD pickup truck is very similar to the previously launched Equation Leopard 5, combined with a large area of leather coverage, giving the entire car a high-end induction design.

The glory of 2023 has become history, and with the successive registration of a series of new generation models in the future, BYD is highly expected to reach a higher level of sales. Coupled with the accelerated expansion of its brand’s overseas business, do you still believe that BYD can continue to move forward in 2024?

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