BYD “opens the table”, 219900 drops to 138800!

Although domestic cars have been gradually introduced into the market and have a place in the market, there are many people who list domestic cars with cheap and low-end labels, including consumers’ perception of BYD, all of them are low-end cars. However, with the continuous development of the brand and the deepening cultivation and reform of technology, several medium-sized cars launched by it have also been unanimously praised by consumers in the market, So is this BYD-Song PLUS.

First of all, this car can be praised by consumers, partly because it is positioned as a mid-range car and has a certain price advantage over imported models. At present, the model with the highest configuration in the market only needs 219900 yuan, and the price of low configuration is about 150000 yuan. In terms of price, it is really more cost effective than imported models. We all know that domestic vehicles generally do not have too much preferential price, After all, the price of domestic cars is not high, generally around 150000 yuan. However, Song PLUS still gives consumers 16000 yuan in some big cities. For domestic cars, the preferential price has been very large, so the price of 138800 yuan can start the version.

Song PLUS has 18 models available for consumers, including pure electric and plug-in hybrid models, which can completely meet the needs of various consumers. The pure electric model has a long endurance mileage of 605km and supports fast charging of 27-28 minutes. There is no need to worry about endurance when travelling. The oil-electric hybrid model is a dual motor with electric four-wheel drive. The maximum power of the motor is 360Ps, and the 1.5T engine is equipped with 139 horsepower, The maximum endurance mileage can reach 1200km, which is very high. If you use electricity in the urban area, there is basically no cost. Even if you go out to play with it, the fuel consumption performance is also very advantageous. The main driver of the mixer is to save money. Compared with the same price, the power consumption and fuel consumption are also very low, which will not have a great impact on the quality of life.

Many consumers also buy it because of its appearance. It is a model with a sports style. The design and modeling of the appearance are also very mechanical, and make you feel simple and generous but not lose the sense of fashion. The most important design is the headlamp of the head. The width and size are basically the same, slightly raised and sharp. It exudes a unique sense and is recognizable, which will make people remember deeply, The sense of body line obviously shows that the whole car is relatively stable and the waist line is also relatively rigid. The through-type tail lamp also increases the luxury of the car. The overall body contour is relatively full. It can not create a sense of freshness or a sense of fashion and high technology. However, its classic and durable shape will definitely make you feel safe. The classic is the royal path forever.

Compared with some SUVs of the same model, it is obviously bigger than others. Although it is a compact SUV, it is spacious in the same class. The body size is 4785mm, the wheelbase is 2765mm, the layout of the car is very reasonable, and the space for passengers is still sufficient. The seat of the driver is adjusted to a comfortable position, the vision is good, and there is no blind area. There is a certain distance between the leg space and the head space, The rear row is more spacious. There is no problem for three adults. The leg space of the rear row is about two fist. There is no sense of congestion and depression in the car. The boot space is also very large. It is enough for daily household use. There is no problem to fit two or three suitcases.

When driving, pay attention to all kinds of obstacles around, because the workmanship of its car paint is thin, and it is easy to cause the car body to be damaged due to some small bumps. Therefore, the novice should pay more attention to the obstacles beside the driving, and protect his car. Of course, it is not a big problem for some old drivers. Do you have a feeling of heart for BYD Song PLUS? Your comments and opinions are welcome in the comments area.

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