Welcome the Great Cold with Yang Wang U8

After the end of the cold, spring begins to give birth, and auspicious snow welcomes the new journey.

At this time, the world is cold, and the strong wind in the sky calls out the evening mist.

At the end of the year, eagerly anticipating new ideas, riding the wind and welcoming the new journey.

Today is a severe cold. Follow and Yang Wang U8, waiting for the new year.

Let the heart warm, meet the spring under the snow.

Looking up at the sky, admiring the blooming snow.

Large area starry sky rhythmic skylight.

Adopting three-layer laminated glass, more sturdy and quiet.

Enjoying moments of comfort and relaxation.

Seat heating, massage, and ventilation are all available.

Standard configuration for front and rear seats, ready to enjoy when seated.

The hot air is lingering, enjoying the warmth from birth.

Super 4L large capacity and wide temperature range car refrigerator (cooling -6 to 6C, insulation 35 to 50C).

Enjoy care anytime, anywhere.



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