YangWangU7 weighing 3.1 tons is coming! 5.2-meter oversized, priced at 500000 rolls of dead BBA

The Tengshi N8 pure electric version has only sold two units in the second week of 2024, and it is predicted that the total sales in January will not exceed 100 units. This replacement BYD Tang EV has been unsold due to its expensive pricing. Such a doll replacement car naturally won’t have much sales, and as a scaled down version of YangWangu9, this latest YangWangu7 has arrived.

The people need a pure electric luxury sedan that can crush BBA, so BYD has arranged it. The YangWangU7 can surpass BBA’s mainstream 500000 yuan luxury sedan, with excellent cost-effectiveness.

The YangWangu7 is currently undergoing factory testing, and the actual car is a hundred times more handsome than the photo. Currently, car companies like BYD have the most enterprising spirit and dare to innovate boldly. Both in appearance and technology, they dare to innovate, bringing vitality to the stagnant global automotive market.

The curb weight of the vehicle has reached an astonishing 3.1 tons, just over 300 kilograms lighter than the full-size rugged off-road vehicle YangWangu8 with a large beam. So, what is the appropriate price range for this YangWangu7 large sedan? I won’t go on the tragic path of unsold Tencent N8.

As a large luxury pure electric executive sedan, the body size of the YangWangu7 is basically equivalent to that of a Mercedes Benz S400. The length, width, and height of the car reach 5265/1998/1517mm respectively, with a wheelbase of 3160mm. However, if the high price is solely based on the body size, it will inevitably be a failure to meet his expectations. After all, the efficient power of electric cars has become a common thing, with a power output of over 100 in two to three seconds, For consumers at this level, it’s not the most important. What’s important is the product’s unique and luxurious design, as well as its flaunting attributes.
The YangWangu7 is indeed not as explosive in terms of body design as the U9. If the U7 is priced at 1 million yuan, it will definitely not be sold, and it will also cause serious internal friction with its own U9.

According to BYD’s consistent low profile pricing strategy in Equation Leopard 5 and Song L, this car is highly likely to give Chinese people a big surprise, which is priced at around 500000 yuan, directly crushing BBA’s high profit models! The main focus is to compete directly with the all-new Mercedes Benz E, the upgraded BMW 5 Series, and Audi A6. In that case, this YangWangu7 will definitely become popular overnight, after all, it is a pure electric vehicle with four motors and over 1100 horsepower. This car represents the technological ceiling of the global new energy administrative luxury car.

In order for YangWangu7 to completely occupy the mainstream C-class luxury sedan market of 400000-500000 yuan in China and seize the traditional fuel luxury mid to large sedan market of BMW 5 Series Audi A6 and Mercedes Benz E-Class, the first thing to do is to enter the market at a low price. The YangWangu8 is already very cheap for 1.098 million yuan, and its sales in December surpassed those of Mercedes Benz GLS and BMW X7, making it the second largest luxury SUV in China in terms of sales. Its monthly sales in December were second only to those of Porsche Cayenne, And surpassing the Porsche Cayenne is just one step away, selling an additional 200 units is enough.

It can be seen that the low-profile pricing strategy of YangWangu8 is very successful. As a four motor supercar with extreme materials, YangWangu9 is predicted to sell well for around 1.6 million yuan. As the third mass-produced car of YangWang brand, YangWangu7 must be much cheaper than YangWangu9 to sell, especially when it directly faces Mercedes Benz and BMW, whose brand value can crush it, So U7 must be sold for only about 500000 yuan to win market recognition!

Occupy the 400000-500000 yuan sedan market and seize the profit of Mercedes Benz, BMW, and Audi. Cow model: 56e’s market share! If the price is too high, the YangWangu7 will inevitably become an extremely niche car, unable to sell a few units. If this 5.2-meter level YangWangU7 is directly positioned at one million, it can be equipped with Yisifang technology and is equipped with four motors, each with a maximum power of 240 kW and a top speed of up to 270km/h.

Even so, it’s definitely not going to sell much! It’s impossible to measure at all, because YangWangu9 is unlikely to exceed 1.6 million yuan. How could YangWangu7 be more expensive than u8?
It must be priced below 1 million yuan to have a market. Referring to the equation of Leopard 5 with a starting price of over 280000 yuan and Song L with a starting price of over 180000 yuan, it is very clear that BYD is becoming more conservative and cheaper in pricing new cars.

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