BYD Yangwang u8 detailed configuration parameters

The Yangwang U8 (Chinese: 仰望U8) is a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) full-size luxury SUV manufactured by BYD Auto under the Yangwang brand. The U8 is Yangwang’s first vehicle, and was introduced on Auto Guangzhou in January 2023.
BYD Yangwang U8
BYD Yangwang U8

The U8 features BYD’s proprietary “e4” (易四方) individual wheel drive (IWD) technology, It is the world’s first exclusive intelligent hydraulic body control system for new energy off-road vehicles. with four separate electric motors each propelling a single wheel. This technology allows the traction control system to redistribute torque and maintain stability of the vehicle in the case of a tyre puncture at speed. It also allows the U8 to use differential steering and perform a 180-degree “tank turn” in tight spots by having the left and right wheels spinning in opposite directions. During the media release event in early 2023, BYD CEO Wang Chuanfu even personally drove a Mecanum-wheeled demo vehicle sideways onto the stage. According to the developers, the new electronically controlled all-wheel drive system is 100 times faster than a conventional all-wheel drive system.

The basic U8 has Disus-P (云辇-P) active suspension with the capacity to increase the ground clearance by 15 cm (5.9 in). The OffRoad package is optionally available.

Being an off-road vehicle, the U8 has limited ability to sail on water, although BYD discourages buyers to do so as it is only meant as an emergency escape feature for disaster situations like flash floods.

Byd Yangwang U8 Product Description

Basic parameters

Manufacturer’s guide price: Pre-sale 1.098 million 1.098 million
Local quote: 1.098 millionAsk for lowest price
Manufacturer: BYD BYD
level: full size SUV full size SUV
engine: 880kW
(electric motor)
(electric motor)
Power type: Extended range Extended range
Comprehensive maximum power (kW): 880
Comprehensive maximum torque (Nm): 1280
Gearbox: 1st gear fixed gear ratio 1st gear fixed gear ratio
Length×width×height (mm): 5259×2095×2034 5319×2050×1930
Body structure: 5-door, 5-seater SUV 5-door, 5-seater SUV
Year of listing: 2023
Maximum speed (km/h): 200
Official 0-100km/h acceleration time (s): 3.6
Official 0-50km/h acceleration time (s):
NEDC comprehensive fuel consumption (L/100km): No fuel consumption data No fuel consumption data
WLTC comprehensive fuel consumption (L/100km): 1.69
Minimum state of charge fuel consumption (L/100km):
Vehicle warranty policy: 6 years or 150,000 kilometers
First owner warranty policy:

Body parameters

Vehicle length (mm): 5259 5319
Vehicle width (mm): 2095 2050
Vehicle height (mm): 2034 1930
Wheelbase (mm): 3050 3050
Curb weight (kg): 3460
Total mass of quasi-trailer (kg): 2500
Minimum ground clearance (mm): 285
Front wheelbase (mm): 1740
Rear wheelbase (mm): 1731
Approach angle (°): 36.5
Passage angle (°): 25.5
Departure angle (°): 35.4
Body structure: SUV SUV
Number of doors: 5 5
number of seats: 5 5
Fuel tank volume (L): 75 (fuel generator) 75 (fuel generator)
Minimum volume of luggage compartment (L): 1031
Maximum luggage compartment volume (L): 2050

electric motor

Motor type: Permanent magnet/synchronous Permanent magnet/synchronous
Maximum power of motor (kW): 880 880
Motor maximum torque (Nm): 1280 1280
Maximum power of front electric motor (kW): 440 440
Maximum torque of front electric motor (Nm): 640 640
Maximum power of rear motor (kW): 440 440
Maximum torque of rear electric motor (Nm): 640 640


NEDC pure electric cruising range (km):
WLTC pure electric cruising range (km):
CLTC pure electric cruising range (km): 180
NEDC comprehensive range (km):
WLTC comprehensive range (km):
CLTC comprehensive range (km): 1000
Battery energy (kWh): 49.05kWh 49.05kWh
Electricity consumption per 100 kilometers (kWh/100km):
Battery pack warranty:
First owner battery pack warranty:
Battery Type: Lithium iron phosphate battery Lithium iron phosphate battery


Normal full charging time: 8h
Fast full charging time:
Fast charging time to 80% battery: 0.3h 0.3h


Charging fuel engine displacement (mL): 1999 1997
Air intake form: turbocharging turbocharging
Cylinder arrangement: Straight (L type) Straight (L type)
Number of cylinders (number): 4 4
Maximum power (kW/rpm): 200/-
Maximum torque (Nm/rpm):
fuel: gasoline gasoline
Fuel label: No. 92 No. 92
Oil supply method: direct injection direct injection
Environmental standards: Country VI Country VI


Number of gears: 1 1
Gearbox type: fixed gear ratio fixed gear ratio
Gearbox name: Electric vehicle single speed gearbox Electric vehicle single speed gearbox

chassis steering

Drive mode: Front four-wheel drive Four-motor four-wheel drive
Four-wheel drive form: Electric four-wheel drive
Body structure: Non-load-bearing Non-load-bearing
Assist type: electric assist electric assist
Front suspension type: Double wishbone independent suspension Double wishbone independent suspension
Rear suspension type: Double wishbone independent suspension Double wishbone independent suspension
Front axle limited slip differential/differential lock:
Center differential locking function:
Rear axle limited slip differential/differential lock:

wheel brake

Front brake type: ventilated disc ventilated disc
Rear brake type: ventilated disc ventilated disc
Parking brake type: Electronic parking Electronic parking
Front tire specifications: 275/50 R22
Rear tire specifications: 275/50 R22
Spare tire: Full Size Full Size

Security configuration

Main/passenger seat airbags: Main● / Sub● Main● / Sub●
Head airbag (air curtain): Front●/Back● Front●/Back●
Side airbags: Front●/Back● Front●/Back●
Knee airbag:
Front middle airbag:
Rear seat belt airbag:
Passive pedestrian protection:
Child seat interface:
Tire pressure monitoring device:
Continue driving with zero tire pressure:
Tips for not wearing a seat belt:
Central locking in the car:
remote key:
Tips for tired driving:
Night vision system:

Control configuration

ABS anti-lock braking:
Braking force distribution (EBD/CBC, etc.):
Brake assist (EBA/BAS/BA, etc.):
Traction control (ASR/TCS, etc.):
Body stability control (ESP/ESC, etc.):
Hill assist:
Steep descent:
Automatic parking:
Parallel assistance:
Lane departure warning system:
Variable suspension: Soft and hard + height adjustment Soft and hard + height adjustment
Variable steering ratio:
Active braking:

External configuration

Electric sunroof:
Panoramic skylight:
Sports version surround:
Aluminum alloy wheels:
Electric suction door:
luggage rack:
Remote start:
Electric trunk:
Induction trunk:

Internal configuration

Leather steering wheel:
Steering wheel adjustment: Up and down●/far and near● Up and down●/far and near●
Multifunction steering wheel:
Electric steering wheel adjustment:
Steering wheel memory:
Steering wheel heating:
Paddle shifters:
Parking radar: Front●/Back● Front●/Back●
Reversing video:
Panoramic camera:
Transparent chassis/540-degree image:
Automatic parking:
Cruise control:
Adaptive cruise:
Keyless entry:
Keyless start:
Trip computer display:
Full LCD instrument panel:
LCD instrument size: 23.6 inches 23.6 inches
HUD head-up digital display:
220V/230V power supply:
Built-in driving recorder:
Mobile phone wireless charging function:
ETC device:

Seat configuration

Seat material: Genuine Leather Genuine Leather
Sports style seats:
Seat height adjustment:
Main/passenger seat electric adjustment: Main● / Sub● Main● / Sub●
Electric rear seat adjustment:
Passenger seat rear adjustment:
Lumbar Support Adjustment:
Shoulder Support Adjustment:
Leg support adjustment:
Main/secondary seat memory: Main● / Sub● Main● / Sub●
Rear seat memory:
Seat heating: Front●/Back● Front●/Back●
Seat ventilation: Front●/Back● Front●/Back●
Seat Massage: Front●/Back● Front●/Back●
Second row back angle adjustment:
Second row of independent seats:
Second row seat movement:
How to fold down the rear seats: Inverted proportions Inverted proportions
Center armrest: Front●/Back● Front●/Back●
Rear cup holders:

Multimedia configuration

Wi-Fi hotspot:
Car navigation system:
Bluetooth/car phone:
Central control color screen:
Central control screen size: 12.8 inches 12.8 inches
Passenger screen size: 23.6 inches 23.6 inches
Rear LCD screen:
Voice control system:
Roadside Assistance Call:
Mobile phone interconnection/mapping:
Audio brand: Dynaudio Dynaudio
External audio source interface (AUX/USB, etc.):
Number of speakers: 18 speakers 22 speakers

Lighting configuration

Low beam lights: led led
High beam: led led
Front fog lights:
Daytime running lights:
Headlight height adjustable:
Automatic headlights:
Corner auxiliary lighting:
Adaptive turn headlights:
Automatic switching between high and low beams:
Headlight cleaning device:
Interior ambient lighting:
Color-changing ambient light:

glass/rear view mirror

Electric windows: Front●/Back● Front●/Back●
One-click lifting and lowering windows: Main-Front row-Complete vehicle● Main-Front row-Complete vehicle●
Window anti-pinch function:
Multilayer soundproof glass:
Rear privacy glass:
Electric rearview mirror:
Heated rearview mirror:
Electric folding rearview mirror:
Rearview mirror auto-dimming: Inside ● / Outside – Inside ● / Outside –
Rearview mirror memory:
Streaming car interior rearview mirror:
Rear side sunshades:
Rear windshield sunshade:
Visor vanity mirror:
Rain-sensing wipers:
Rear wiper:

Air conditioner/refrigerator

Air conditioning control method: Automatic ● Automatic ●
Heat pump air conditioner:
Independent air conditioning in the rear:
Rear air outlet:
Temperature zone control: Four districts Four districts
In-car PM2.5 filtering device:
Car air purifier:
Car refrigerator:

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