Introducing: My wintering companion BYD FCB 5

When the temperature drops below freezing, there is no need to hibernate at home. Make an appointment with your wintering partner BYD FCB 5 to travel safely together and enjoy the winter.

The cold wind is howling, and you are worried about shivering in the cold when you get in the car? The warm-hearted partner BYD FCB 5 is online. You can remotely turn on the air conditioning, heating, seat heating and steering wheel heating with your mobile phone. You can enjoy the warmth of the spring breeze as soon as you sit down.

Are you still worried about the failure of the electric pedals in the “quick freezing” weather? The ice-breaking partner BYD FCB 5 is online. When resistance is detected, the electric pedals will break the ice three times to ensure convenient and stable getting on and off the vehicle in the cold winter!

The cold wave is coming, and the intestines and stomach are also “frozen and crying”? The health partner BYD FCB 5 is online, equipped with a 4.5L capacity compressor cooling and heating refrigerator, which can remotely turn on 35~50 degrees Celsius heating, and also supports power-off memory and delayed power-off functions. Dispel the cold with healthy hot drinks anytime, anywhere.

Self-driving skiing, worried about nowhere to store your equipment? BYD FCB 5, your snow play partner, is here to help. The seats are folded down, and the trunk volume can be expanded to 1069L. You can easily load snowboards and vacation luggage, and you can have a good time in the wind and snow.

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