A letter to YunNian players

BYD FCB 5YunNian flagship version has officially started delivery, let us find out what makes YunNian different!

Part 1: Suspension Height Adjustment

1. Manual adjustment

The suspension height of the YunNian-P standard version can be manually adjusted in two ways: you can enter the “YunNian APP” through the “YunNian” icon on the desktop of the central control screen, or adjust it through the adjustment lever below the central control screen. The suspension height can be switched in three gears: standard (N), high (H) and low (L).

2. Adjust with speed

In addition to manual adjustment, the YunNian-P standard version has a height adjustment function with speed. It can set or enter different initial heights in different driving modes. The suspension height will be automatically adjusted according to the speed when the vehicle is driving.
The altitude adjustment strategies with speed are different in driving mode and off-road mode. In some off-road modes, the speed can be reduced to return to the target altitude.
The suspension does not respond to height and speed and manual adjustments in racing mode.

Part 2: Special Function Mode

1.Super high mode

Ultra-high mode is suitable for special scenarios such as vehicle underpinnings that require the suspension to continue to rise. It is an auxiliary driving function and cannot be used as a regular driving mode. Please do not use it unless necessary.
You can manually trigger the ultra-high function in the following way: depress the brake pedal while parking and move the suspension adjustment lever (physical button) switch for 7 seconds. The ultra-high function instruction window will pop up on the central control screen. Please read and confirm whether to enter the ultra-high function. High functionality.

2. Comfort control

The comfort control function can improve riding comfort. This mode is divided into three control modes: “weak”, “moderate” and “strong”. You can manually turn it on or off through the “YunNian APP” on the central control screen or vehicle settings.

3. Maintenance mode

You can open an account through “YunNian APP” on the central control screen or the vehicle settings or turn off the maintenance mode. After turning on the maintenance mode, the suspension will be fixed at the current height. When the vehicle is stationary, if the suspension is in a suspended state or abnormally lifted state , the maintenance mode will automatically turn on.
Be sure to turn on the maintenance mode before the vehicle is lifted or jacked up.

Part 3: Description of functions to be upgraded via OTA

The YunNian-P standard version is an evolvable hydraulic body control system that continuously optimizes the algorithm and improves the driving experience by learning body control strategies under different working conditions.
In the future, innovative functions such as smart welcome, convenient retrieval, ultra-low gear, and camping leveling will be launched for you to realize multi-dimensional cross-space intelligent interaction and provide personalized experience, so stay tuned.

Part 4: Things to note

1. Before adjusting the suspension height, be sure to check under the car and the surrounding environment in advance to ensure that there are no people or obstacles to avoid accidents.
2. During the suspension height adjustment process, there may be sounds and vibrations accompanying the system operation, which is normal.
3. If the suspension height is frequently adjusted, it may enter the protection state. At this time, the suspension will not be able to continue height adjustment and you need to wait before continuing to use it.
4. When using the ultra-high mode, the vehicle tires will appear slightly toe-in due to changes in suspension height, which is normal and does not represent a malfunction.
5. When the vehicle height is in the high/ultra-high gear, the center of gravity of the vehicle will also increase accordingly. Please operate with caution. When placing luggage on the roof rack, do not use the high/ultra-high gear.
6. After the vehicle is parked for a long time, the suspension height may be reduced. Before starting the vehicle, please confirm whether the vehicle body interferes. After the vehicle is started, the suspension will automatically adjust to the original height.
7. Suspension height adjustment will be inhibited in the following situations: door opening, parking on a steep slope, deep braking/acceleration pedal pressing, charging and discharging, etc.
8. The ground clearance and vehicle height values in YunNian APP are values converted based on changes in the height sensor. Under different loads, different slopes, different temperatures and different road surfaces, the super height will be slightly different. This is a normal phenomenon.
9. The YunNian-P standard version of the intelligent hydraulic body control system involves multiple sensor sensing of the entire vehicle. Please do not modify the suspension (such as springs, shock absorbers, accumulators, swing arms, etc.) without permission. If you have any questions, please contact us. Contact your local store or customer service.
10. Please do not perform suspension maintenance operations by yourself. If you encounter any problems, please contact the local store.

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