Without brake discs, YangWang‘s new car is outrageous!

YangWang then made a complete overhaul: there is no steering column or brake disc, completely subverting the mechanical structure of traditional cars.

Part 1: No steering column, no brake calipers, this is the Yi Sifang concept car

BYD’s booth at the Guangzhou Auto Show focuses on making shopping easy. YangWang, Denza, Fangbao, and BYD are all in one exhibition area, making it easy to check in at one time.

YangWang’s booth is a must-see! YangWang supercar platform and Yi Sifang concept car were released. YangWang U8 luxury version and YangWang U9 were both unveiled on the YangWang main stage.

The Yi Sifang concept car was on display, showing off its technology.

The appearance is very cyberpunk. It is based on YangWang U8, but it has become a “skeleton” version. Its own design concept is also quite interesting.

There is no steering column or brake calipers.

As a disruptive technology ahead of its time, Yi Sifang breaks through the limitations of existing automobile architecture.

Steering and braking are achieved through precise control of four motors.

Through the three-in-one technology of driving, braking and steering, braking and steering are realized without relying on traditional mechanical mechanisms, achieving vehicle-level safety redundancy capabilities.

Braking is accomplished via the motor.

After the vehicle recognizes the braking signal, the electromagnetic torque generated by the reverse drag of the four motors acts on the wheels traveling forward, thereby producing a braking effect.

Four large motors of 220-240kW, through precise motor torque and speed control, combined with power blade batteries, new silicon carbide electronic control and advanced thermal management technology, achieve a maximum braking deceleration of 1g and achieve braking.

It’s even more fun without the steering column. It uses four-wheel independent motors and abandons the traditional mechanical structure to control the vehicle.

Differential steering technology is used to steer. The left and right wheels obtain different torques to deflect the wheels to complete the steering.

The minimum turning diameter is 12 meters; in the 18m serpentine pile winding test, the maximum passing speed is 60km/h.

The Yi Sifang concept car is so outrageous that it can even be called subversive, beyond imagination.

Of course, it’s not for the car not to be equipped with a steering system.

Because this new technology can provide double redundant backup of braking and steering on the basis of existing braking and steering.

Car owners do not have to change their driving habits, nor do they reduce the mobility of their vehicles, but they can improve their driving control and make driving safer.

Safety redundancy, never redundancy.

Yang Dongsheng, vice president of BYD Co., Ltd. and director of the Product Planning and Automotive New Technology Research Institute, said:

Yi Sifang, a disruptive technology platform, can achieve independent driving of four motors. It is the first in the industry to have four vehicle-level redundancy capabilities: drive redundancy, power supply redundancy, braking redundancy and steering redundancy, realizing driving, braking and steering three-in-one.

Currently, brake redundancy and steering redundancy have not been implemented in mass-produced models.

But we might as well imagine boldly.

The reporter assumes that this technology can really be developed maturely and applied on a large scale. Compared with more complex mechanical systems, who will become mainstream? Who will be the backup?

Part 2: YangWang supercar platform, from the wilderness to the track

YangWang is also here to run supercars! The supercar platform based on the YangWang architecture was officially released at the Guangzhou Auto Show. YangWang’s ultimate technology has moved from the wilderness to the track.

YangWang’s supercar platform can be understood as the chassis of the U9, covering six core technologies: Yi Sifang, Yunnan, Blade Battery, Super Body, Smart Cockpit, and Smart Assisted Driving.

The carbon fiber cockpit is both lightweight and has sufficient torsional rigidity. You can look forward to the first YangWang U9 supercar equipped with this platform! Rewrite the supercar experience in all aspects.

The reporter was at the scene and saw a bunch of Japanese engineers gathered around the body of YangWang U9 to study.

YangWang U9 directly displays the “body in white” this time. The middle cabin part is basically made of carbon fiber, front and rear high-strength steel, various energy-absorbing and reinforced structures, and it has a bit of a racing feel.

The tape measure department of the Japanese media started to work on the craftsmanship when measuring the super carbon cabin of YangWang U9.

The YangWang super body integrates three innovative technologies: super carbon cabin, new generation CTB, and super hybrid structure.

The torsional stiffness of the entire vehicle reaches 54425N·m/°, and the lightweight coefficient of the entire vehicle breaks through the industry limits, reaching less than 1 for the first time, with a lightweight coefficient of 0.95.

Some eye-catching data:

In terms of performance: 1,300 horsepower. In the actual test on the track, the maximum instantaneous lateral acceleration of YangWang U9 reached 1.7g, and the understeer linear zone reached 0.72°/g.

In terms of aerodynamics: 12 sets of power kits, such as aerodynamic front shovels, large rear wings, active diffusers, etc. The active rear wing and active diffuser can intelligently adjust wind resistance and downforce according to vehicle speed to adapt to different racing scenarios.

If this exaggerated big rear wing sells for more than 3 million, it is really not an exaggeration at all.

Four-wheel independent torque vectoring control gives YangWang U9 excellent cornering capabilities.

The Yunnan system provides YangWang U9 with an unprecedented driving control experience.

When driving on the track, the center of mass height of the vehicle can be reduced to 393mm; the acceleration pitch gradient is reduced by 33%; the braking pitch gradient is reduced by 20%; the steady-state roll gradient is reduced by 17%, and the body posture is always stable.

When driving in the city, the vehicle’s ground clearance can be increased to a maximum of 145mm, allowing it to easily pass obstacles. When passing through speed bumps and other pulsating roads at low speed, vertical acceleration is reduced by 30%.

YangWang U9 has truly achieved success on both the street and in the competition.

In addition to exceeding global safety collision standards, it has also planned extreme special working conditions such as jamming, bumping, and rolling for supercars.

More than 100 safety test vehicles have been invested and 96 safety working condition tests have been carried out. Currently, YangWang’s testing and verification of the technology is still ongoing.

The interior of YangWang U9 is exposed for the first time. How about it? Does it meet your expectations for a million-dollar sports car?

The sports seats of YangWang U9 introduce an active side adjustment function, and are fully covered with suede and large areas of carbon fiber, showing a racing-level sports atmosphere and luxurious texture.

YangWang Link is equipped with multiple smart screens to make the supercar more intelligent, and combined with the top audio of the Evidence series, it brings users a world-class audio-visual enjoyment.

At a speed of 120 kilometers per hour, the noise is 65dB, which is very well controlled.

I have seen many videos of YangWang’s dazzling skills before, but in the reporter’s opinion, the technical applications of these dazzling skills are often closely integrated with our daily use of cars.

Part 3: Conclusion

On November 17, at the Guangzhou Auto Show, Hu Xiaoqing, general manager of YangWang, said that China’s independent brands have always faced an issue, that is, how to define high-end.

As a latecomer in the million-dollar luxury car market, YangWang is also facing competitive pressure.

Hu Xiaoqing said: “We respect and envy many traditional luxury car brands because in the past they were the absolute dominant voice in this field.”

However, she also mentioned that in the market at this price point, the penetration rate of new energy vehicles can be said to be very low, far less than that of the general market. What lies ahead is actually a huge opportunity.

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