When the official photos of YangWang U7 were first released, I felt that its appearance design was very average, not to mention very good-looking. It was a very average design. It didn’t have the shocking feeling of YangWang U8 and YangWang U9 at all, but with its actual car The exposure of spy photos and the appearance of the real car completely changed my opinion, because the real car is more beautiful than the official pictures. Next, let’s take a look at the actual YangWang U7 car with me.

The front face of the new car is flat and adopts a design technique similar to that of a supercar. Combined with the raised ribs on the hood, it creates a strong visual impact and is not easy to mess with at first glance. Its headlights adopt a C-shaped design, with low/high beam lights above and a circle of LED light strips below. The shape is very exaggerated. The front grille adopts a closed design, which is more conducive to diverting air from the front face, thereby reducing energy consumption. The lower grille adopts a through-type design, and the interior is embellished with blackened honeycomb trim, which enhances the sporty feel of the front face. In addition, the roof is also equipped with lidar, which is expected to greatly improve the high-end intelligent driving system.

On the side of the car, thanks to the large size design of the YangWang U7, its body lines are very smooth, and the transition from the roof to the rear of the car is very coordinated. It is a coupe-style design with a “big slipback”, which makes the side of the car look more Sports and fashion. Specifically, its front fenders are designed with air guide grooves, the wheels adopt a five-pointed star shape, the door handles are hidden, and they are also equipped with streaming media exterior rearview mirrors.

In terms of size, the length, width and height of the YangWang U7 are 5265*1998*1517 mm, and the wheelbase is 3160 mm. It should be a large car (D-class car), in the same class as the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, BMW 7 Series, and Audi A8L.

At the rear of the car, the taillights are a through-type design with the YangWang brand LOGO in the middle. The rear surround is also designed with a two-stage diffuser shape, which enhances the sporty feel of the rear of the car.

In terms of power, YangWang U7 is built on the Yi Sifang platform. It is a pure electric car. It is equipped with four electric motors with a maximum power of 326 horsepower. The comprehensive system power can reach 1306 horsepower. The estimated time to break 100 kilometers per hour is 2 seconds, and the top speed is It can reach 270km/h, and is equipped with a lithium iron phosphate “blade battery” provided by Fudi, which supports fast charging mode, but the pure electric cruising range has not yet been announced. The chassis part is expected to be a front double wishbone + a rear double wishbone, and will be equipped with air suspension and Yunnan-P system.

Now BYD’s intelligent driving system has been launched, called “God’s Eye” high-end intelligent driving. It is a fusion solution of lidar + camera, and relies on high-precision maps. With the help of Xuanji AI large model, the current urban NOA and highway NOA has been officially installed on Denza N7. It is expected that YangWang U7 will also be equipped with “Eye of God” high-end intelligent driving after it is launched.

In terms of interior, the central control layout is closer to the YangWang U8. The steering wheel has a three-spoke shape and a two-color design to enhance the texture. The central control screen is larger in size. Referring to the YangWang U8, it is expected to be a 12.8-inch OLED screen. YangWang U8 is also equipped with a 23.6-inch large passenger entertainment screen. I don’t know if YangWang U7 will be equipped with it. It is worth mentioning that the actual car adopts a 2+2 4-seater layout. The front and rear floors are both upper and lower double-layer designs, and the storage capacity is very outstanding. The rear seats are equipped with two entertainment screens and the legroom is very spacious.

Write at the end:

Judging from the specifications and power of the YangWang U7, I believe it is also a million-level luxury model. The three models currently exposed or released by YangWang Automobile may all be priced at more than one million. If the YangWang U8 impacts Mercedes-Benz For luxury off-road vehicles such as the G-Class and Land Rover Defender, the YangWang U7 will impact luxury D-class vehicles such as the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, BMW 7 Series and Audi A8L. Finally, what are your thoughts on YangWang U7?

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