In the increasingly fierce competition in the automobile market, high-end new energy vehicles have gradually become the focus of industry growth with their innovative technologies and excellent performance.

Among them, YangWang U8, as a new energy vehicle that combines luxury and intelligence, not only leads a new trend in automotive technology, but also reaches unprecedented heights in intelligent driving and user experience.

Part 1: The ultimate and forward-looking YangWang architecture

Before discussing the core competitiveness of YangWang U8, it must be mentioned that the powerful driving force behind it is the YangWang architecture.

This is a top-level technical architecture built by BYD Group with great effort, integrating the group’s most extreme technological applications, most forward-looking technological ideas, and the deepest vertical integration. The YangWang architecture mainly covers six core technologies: Yi Sifang, Yun Nian, blade battery, super body, smart cockpit and smart driving assistance. The combination of these technologies puts YangWang U8 in the first echelon of the industry in terms of intelligence and luxury.

First of all, the smart cockpit is a highlight of YangWang U8. This system will provide users with a five-sense interactive experience. Not only will human-vehicle interaction be more intelligent and efficient, but it will also make the vehicle-machine system more “smart” through open ecological ideas.

In terms of intelligent voice, the YangWang architecture supports a variety of functions, such as speaking when visible, continuous dialogue in all scenes, independent interaction in multiple sound zones, etc., which greatly improves the convenience of driving and riding.
In addition, its visual, auditory, tactile and olfactory technologies are equally outstanding, such as a 70-inch AR-HUD, curved OLED waterfall screen, Hi-End sound system, intelligent follow-up seats and natural scent fragrance. Together, they create an unprecedented immersive driving and riding environment for users.

In terms of intelligent driving assistance, YangWang U8 also performs well.

It is equipped with the world’s leading intelligent sensing hardware and has 38 vehicle intelligent sensing components, providing a solid hardware foundation for future upgrades of intelligent driving. In addition, YangWang U8 fully empowers each generation of intelligent driving algorithms through massive road scene data, creating an extremely safe intelligent driving assistance experience for users.

It is particularly worth mentioning that the smart parking functions such as Easy Sifang Parking and Dead End Parking displayed by YangWang U8 at the Dream Day event are further based on actual user scenarios, bringing users an unprecedented smart driving assistance experience.

As one of the core innovative technologies of YangWang Automobile, Yi Sifang technology breaks the traditional centralized drive system model with its core feature of four-motor independent drive, and brings a series of innovative functions such as in-situ U-turn and flexible steering. .

Specifically, when the width of the vertical parking space is limited, Easy Sifang Parking can automatically turn the vehicle around the center point and then automatically drive into the parking space.

In the scene of a side parking space, the system can allow the vehicle to rotate around the front or rear wheels close to the parking space, thereby completing parking efficiently. With future mass production, Easy Sifang Parking is expected to solve the parking challenges caused by limited parking space for more car owners, further demonstrating the practical value of turning around in place.

Part 2: Powertrain and Blade Battery

The power system is an important indicator to measure a car, and YangWang U8 also shows a very high level in this aspect.

As a cutting-edge technology that truly realizes independent driving of four motors, Yi Sifang technology gives YangWang U8 super strong body posture adjustment capabilities. On the other hand, Yunnan technology is BYD’s self-developed new energy exclusive intelligent vertical body control system, which brings the height, stiffness, damping and independent adjustment capabilities to YangWang U8, greatly improving the driving experience.

The blade battery is another core technology of YangWang U8. It has made further breakthroughs based on the previous generation of blade batteries and improved the performance of the battery cells to meet the ultra-high charge and discharge rate requirements of the Yi Sifang system.

In addition, super body technology is also a highlight of YangWang U8. It combines the advantages of non-load-bearing and load-bearing bodies, and combined with CTB technology, enables YangWang U8 to have excellent performance on smooth roads or rough road conditions.

Part 3: Full-scenario intelligent voice and intelligent vehicle-mounted drones

In terms of intelligent interaction, YangWang U8 is equipped with the YangWang Link intelligent human-computer interaction system, which has an industry-leading large language model and can accurately recognize and understand complex voice commands. This system not only provides the ability to have continuous conversations in all scenes, but also supports advanced functions such as full-time wake-up-free, four-tone zone independent interaction, and cross-screen control, which greatly improves the convenience and comfort of drivers and passengers.

At the same time, the YangWang U8 Off-Road Player Edition is equipped with an intelligent vehicle-mounted drone system for the first time, which brings a new use experience to the car.

This system includes a complete set of drone applications, from automatic battery replacement and precise clamping to intelligent temperature control and waterproof and dustproof. Every link reflects the integration and innovation of high technology. The drone’s functions such as one-click takeoff, intelligent follow-up, and one-click blockbuster movies not only provide users with a rich entertainment experience, but also demonstrate its practical value in activities such as exploration and travel.

In addition, safety has always been the core pursuit of YangWang U8. Through the continuous innovation and iteration of Yi Sifang’s technology, YangWang U8 has continuously broadened the safety boundaries of the entire vehicle and pushed vehicle safety to a new level.

Especially in the applications of extreme anti-skid control, four-motor torque vector control, tire puncture stability control, etc., YangWang U8 provides users with the ultimate safety guarantee. In the future, with the further development and improvement of Yi Sifang’s technology, YangWang U8 will be pushed through OTA to continue to bring more safe and convenient driving experience to users.


Part 4: The Real “Hexagon Warrior”

YangWang U8 is not only in the first echelon of the automotive industry in terms of luxury and intelligence, but also has become a true “hexagon warrior” with its revolutionary technology and innovative thinking.

From the power system of Yi Sifang to the five-sense interaction of the smart cockpit, from the efficient energy of the blade battery to the convenient interaction of all-scenario intelligent voice, YangWang U8 demonstrates its outstanding technological strength and the possibility of future automobiles in every detail.

With the continuous advancement and innovation of technology, YangWang U8 not only represents the top achievements of BYD Group, but also heralds the development of the entire automobile industry in a more intelligent, environmentally friendly and safe direction.

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