Although it is a new brand that was born just over a year ago, BYD YangWang’s influence and achievements are impressive. The popularity of its first car, YangWang U8, shows that domestically produced cars have taken a step further in the field of luxury cars. After the Spring Festival in 2024, there is new progress in the new cars that YangWang will launch. Among them, the YangWang U9 will be officially launched on February 25, the YangWang U7 has been exposed as a real car, or the first MPV named “YangWang U10” has also been exposed. Rendering.

Part 1: YangWang U9 – Will be available on February 25th

This Chinese supercar has been brewing for a long time, and everyone is quite familiar with and looking forward to it. Energy art aesthetics, water drop cone shape, interstellar headlights, etc., its design highlights the sense of technology and futuristic atmosphere. The YangWang U9 has a two-seater layout and is not small in size. The length reaches 4966mm and the model is 2023mm. The width is slightly smaller than the Lamborghini Revuelto. The height and wheelbase are all superior, with the wheelbase being 2900mm.

Compared with the design, what is more eye-catching is naturally the technology it carries. First of all, it uses an integrated monocoque carbon cabin. The torsional stiffness of the whole vehicle is 54425n`m/°, and the lightweight coefficient of the body is 0.95. Secondly, with Yi Sifang technology installed, the combined power of the four motors can reach 1306 horsepower, and it can accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers in 2 seconds. Class; in addition, U9 can achieve three-wheel driving and four-wheel take-off, relying on Yunnan-X; coupled with the very sophisticated use of aerodynamics, YangWang U9 not only achieves performance, but also takes into account daily use and driving pleasure. This is a breakthrough.

In terms of selling price, there is no doubt that it will be over one million yuan.

Part 2: YangWang U7- Pre-order has started

YangWang U7 is the third car of the YangWang brand. It is positioned as a pure electric large sedan. It has completed the application to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The actual car has also been exposed and pre-orders have been opened. As for the price, it will also be in the million level.

Combining the application pictures and actual car pictures, it can be seen that it has some similarities with the YangWang U9 design. The most typical one is the interstellar headlights, which are also the iconic elements of the YangWang brand sedan. The body design is very smooth, and you can see elements such as large multi-spoke wheels, hidden door handles, through-type taillights, etc. It may be equipped with an electrically adjustable spoiler, a standard panoramic sunroof, and optional streaming rearview mirrors. .

In terms of power, the car will be equipped with the Yi Sifang platform and equipped with four electric motors. Each electric motor has a maximum power of 326 horsepower and a total power of 1306 horsepower. The 0-100km/h acceleration time may be controlled within 3 seconds, and it supports more powerful Power vector control. The new car has a curb weight of 3.095 tons and a top speed of 270km/h.

Part 3: YangWang’s new MPV

Maybe it will be named YangWang U10, renderings exposed

After the emergence of TengShi D9, domestic MPVs entered the top ranks of the domestic MPV market, which also stimulated the competitive ambitions of independent car companies in the MPV market. BYD itself will also launch a high-end MPV model under the YangWang brand, or name it YangWang U10.

In the rendering, the exterior design of the new car combines refinement, dynamics and domineering, and the interior will be relatively spacious. The power generation method of the power system and the vehicle data information are still unknown. Combining YangWang U8, U9, etc., you can also guess its technology And the motivation level will not be weak.

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