The official image of YangWang Auto’s third model U7 has been released. The car is positioned as a million-level flagship new energy sedan. After it is launched, it will compete with Tesla Model S, Porsche Taycan, etc.

Recently, the actual car of YangWang U7 has been exposed. Its front face adopts a family-style design language called “Gateway of Time and Space”. The unique C-shaped light group and the through-type air intake below look very recognizable.

At the same time, the car adopts the closed front grille commonly used in new energy vehicles, and the front hatch is designed with multiple raised ribs to embellish it. It has a strong sporty atmosphere, and the wind resistance is only 0.195Cd, making it the lowest mass-produced car in the world.

Based on the previously exposed real car pictures, it can be seen that the YangWang U7 has a body size of 5265mm/1998mm/1517mm, a wheelbase of 3160mm, and is very slender when viewed from the side. It is equipped with hidden door handles, and is supplemented by chrome decorative parts around the windows. The style wheels also further enhance its sense of luxury.

The roof adopts a fastback design, but it is not the style of a GT sedan. Therefore, the tailgate is in a traditional style rather than a hatchback. The overall tail design is relatively rounded, but at the same time it is clearly layered, with through-type taillights in the middle. It is the brand logo of YangWang.

Spy photos of the interior have also leaked out. The overall layout is similar to that of the YangWang U8. The steering wheel adopts a three-spoke design. It also has a very large central control screen and uses mostly leather materials to create a sense of luxury.

There is no specific parameter information about the power, but the official said it is equipped with Yi Sifang technology and has a horsepower of over 1,300 horsepower. It will most likely be equipped with four motors. Therefore, the functions such as in-situ U-turns possessed by the YangWang U8 and U9 are likely to be the same with the U7. Can achieve.

It is worth mentioning that information reported by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology shows that the YangWang U7 is equipped with a 135-degree lithium iron phosphate battery with a cruising range of 720 kilometers and 800 kilometers. The battery weighs 903 kilograms, so the U7’s curb weight exceeds 3 tons.

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