Part 1: New driving pleasure on the track beyond fuel-powered supercars:

1. The world’s original Yi Sifang U-shaped motor has a more compact size and a lower center of gravity.
2. Equipped with a resolver sensor, the recognition accuracy and response speed are much higher than those of traditional super sports cars.
3. The vehicle control is more sensitive and the power performance is powerful:
Peak torque of four motors: 1680N.m
Peak speed of four motors: 21000rpm
Maximum horsepower of the vehicle: more than 1300ps
4. 12 sets of multi-functional active and passive aerodynamic kits cleverly balance downforce and wind and sun.
5. Excellent thermal management system to meet the performance needs of different tracks.

Part 2: New Supercar Driving Experience in the Electrified Era

Through the leading intelligent driving assistance system in the supercar industry, it realizes various intelligent driving functions such as road preview, easy parking, remote control parking, etc. Yunnan-X can accurately control the body and achieve postures in three directions: horizontal, vertical and vertical. Stable while taking into account control and comfort. Coupled with the industry’s top-level lightweight super body, the safety of super sports cars is raised to a new level.

Part 3: Unprecedented new way of human-vehicle interaction

The good-looking appearance is the same, but the interesting soul is unique. YangWang U9. Opens the era of pure electric supercars. The new perception of human-vehicle interaction is supported by Yunnan-X as the underlying technology, and combined with the vehicle’s intelligent auxiliary functions, it creates multi-scenario and multi-mode anthropomorphic interactive expressions, refreshing the new supercar. Cognition brings more playability and entertainment. YangWang U9 is not only a million-level pure electric supercar, but also a partner that can create surprises for you.

In February 25th in Shanghai, China, YangWang U9 made its debut.

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