Speeding on the track is by no means the only imagination for YangWang U9. With the unprecedented Yunnan-X, it brings a new definition of pure electric supercar.
Instantaneous lift, realizing the pure electric performance supercar jumps upward, allowing the development of China’s chassis technology to leap into new life. With the integrated control of horizontal, vertical and vertical directions as the core, Yunnan-X gives YangWang U9 an elevated space that can be played, streeted and competed.

Part 1: Yunnan-X Intelligent Fully Active Body Control System:

1. Peak single-axis lifting rate is as high as 500mm/s
2. Average single-axis lifting speed 375mm/s
3. YangWang U9 can quickly rise 50mm
4. High voltage platform 800V
5. System power can reach up to 36kW
6. The maximum adjustment stroke is 75mm

Thanks to the high-voltage platform and highly integrated main power source, the adjustment speed is industry-leading and the main power is super large. In addition, the four suspension control motors are decoupled from each other. Even if one suspension motor fails, it will not affect the driving of the entire vehicle, providing high stability system capabilities. It can achieve fully active output for optimal control, reversely offset road bumps, and give supercars unprecedented driving comfort.

Part 2: Ultimate comfort – an unprecedented anti-gravity and anti-centrifugal force experience

1. Lateral stability: No drifting during sharp turns, and the roll “disappears”
2. Longitudinal stability: Don’t look up when starting, don’t nod when braking.
3. Vertical stability: No sensation of bumps, just like walking on flat ground

Through multiple sets of sensing hardware, Yunnan Intelligent Computing Center outputs the best control strategy. The high-voltage suspension motor outputs instantaneous high active power to the shock absorber, quickly and actively adjusts the damping and stroke, and outputs control force to offset vibration, thereby achieving unprecedented response. Gravity and anti-centrifugal force experience.

Part 3: Ultimate Control – Bringing the most enjoyable track driving experience in the electrification era

The motor electronically controlled power source is highly integrated, and the innovative shock absorber can instantly output more than 1 ton of main power. During rapid acceleration, deceleration, cornering, and bumpy road shoulders on the track, it can increase the grip and achieve the ultimate control experience:
1. When passing through bumpy roads such as road shoulders at high speed, the average height adjustment speed is as fast as 375mm/s, ensuring four-wheel grip and improving control.
2. By automatically adjusting the support of the left and right suspensions, the inner suspension is appropriately extended to ensure the grip of the inner wheels, and the rigidity of the outer suspension is increased to reduce body roll, making the vehicle more controllable in high-speed corners, thus improving handling. Cornering speed.
3. Derived from the ultimate technical support of Yunnan-X, the anti-pitch capability has been significantly improved. Give supercar performance a better presentation on the track. Do not raise your head when accelerating rapidly, and do not nod when decelerating rapidly.

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