Part 1 Preface

High-end performance sports cars often represent the car-making technology of a brand or even a country. Nowadays, more and more independent brands are rapidly rising and are constantly impacting the high-end, launching their own performance flagship models. Those million-level supercars that were once out of reach have gradually come closer to the public. BYD’s new coupe YangWang U9 is one of them.

As BYD’s high-end new energy brand, YangWang attracts countless attention every time it launches a new car. There is YangWang U8 in the front and YangWang U9 in the back. The attention has always been high. Recently, many consumers have seen the real appearance of YangWang U9 in offline physical stores, which means that the launch date of YangWang U9 is approaching. So, what are the highlights of this new car, and can it be considered to be on the domestic performance ceiling? Let’s take a look together.

Part 2 Appearance:Who doesn’t want to take a second look?

As a supercar, its appearance must be eye-catching, and YangWang U9 has achieved this. The new car adopts the “Gateway of Time and Space” design language. The shape of the headlights is inspired by outer space. The style is sharp and recognizable. The front hood is also designed with multiple raised ribs, full of fighting atmosphere, and the iconic Oracle word “electricity” The LOGO also reflects strong traditional Chinese cultural elements, and the entire front of the car brings a strong visual impact.

Looking down, the grille part of YangWang U9 adopts a three-section design. The size of the air guide grooves on both sides is relatively large. The middle part is equipped with a flat air inlet. The lower part adopts a shovel-shaped design and carbon fiber elements, further Highlights the sporty feel.

On the side of the body, YangWang U9 vividly displays the essence of a supercar. The body adopts a classic body proportion structure, and the low-lying and swooping posture of the body presents a dynamic effect that is eager to take action. In addition, the lines formed by the combination of the fenders and the lower edge of the side windows are elegant and dynamic, and a large number of aerodynamic kits are used. The most eye-catching thing is the opening method of the butterfly door. As soon as the door is opened, the atmosphere is instantly filled.

According to the latest declaration information, the length, width and height of YangWang U9 are 4966/2029/1295 (1338) mm respectively, the wheelbase is 2900mm, the wheel size is 275/35 R21 and 325/30 R21, and it will also be available in a variety of colors of brake calipers.

At the rear of the car, the design of the YangWang U9 is also very radical. In addition to a large electric spoiler, it is also equipped with an exaggerated diffuser design, showing the excellent performance of the new car. Moreover, the through-type blackened taillights further stretch the horizontal visual width of the rear of the car, which is quite eye-catching when lit.

Part 3 Interior: Can the sense of technology be integrated with combat style?

Coming inside the car, the biggest feeling that YangWang U9 gives us is that it perfectly integrates the combat atmosphere with the sense of technology. A large area of the interior is wrapped in suede material, which is in line with the tone of a supercar. Although this interior is very different from the YangWang U8 in terms of details, the design concept is basically the same.

The center console of YangWang U9 adopts a symmetrical layout and provides a three-spoke flat-bottomed multi-function steering wheel, a suspended full LCD instrument panel, a vertically laid out central control screen and a suspended co-pilot entertainment screen. The bottom of the operating table is also hollowed out to expand the storage space.

Judging from the actual car, YangWang U9 adopts a two-seater layout in terms of seats. There are stitching decorations on the seats. It looks good in terms of wrapping and support. However, there is currently no official information on the specific functionality. .

We mentioned earlier that the YangWang U9 will adopt a butterfly door frameless door design. From the inside, some line decorations are also added to the doors, echoing the lines on the seats. In addition, there is some carbon fiber trim on the door sills.

Part 4 Power: Is the electric coupe powerful enough?

For a supercar, the power performance and handling performance of the vehicle itself should be what everyone pays most attention to. As an electric supercar, how does YangWang U9 perform in this regard?

According to the latest application information, YangWang U9 will be equipped with YiSiFang platform technology, providing four wheels and four motors. The maximum power of the four motors is 240kW, and the combined power is 960kW, which is 1306 horsepower. The official 0-100km/h acceleration can It reaches 2 seconds and will be matched with a blade battery. The comprehensive battery life may exceed 1,000km. This kind of power, acceleration, and battery life performance are already very good among models of the same class.

I don’t know if you still remember that as early as the YangWang U9 press conference, this ultra-luxury sports car performed a “dance” live, and then took off on the spot. In fact, this is due to the fact that it is equipped with the more complex YunNian-X intelligent electromagnetic body control system, which is also the flagship product of BYD Yunnan’s technology series. With it, YangWang U9 can not only “dance”, but also achieve “three-wheel normal driving”, as well as the “jumping on the spot” demonstrated at the press conference. Compared with Porsche Active Ride, YunNian-X, which was released earlier, has advanced technology It is more mature and has richer functions.

Part 5 Conclusion

From the current point of view, although the YangWang U9 is an electric supercar, it has absorbed the classic design and essence of a fuel coupe on the one hand, and on the other hand it has not lost its powerful power performance. It is absolutely perfect to drive such a car on the road. 100% return rate. However, with a million-level price, it is destined to be beyond the reach of the general public, and future sales should not be too high. However, the existence of YangWang U9 can enhance YangWang’s brand power and help it stabilize its position in the high-end market. I don’t know what you think of this new car, so let’s have a chat.

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