01   Ultimate performance

The most powerful supercar in the pure electric era, surpassing the power performance of a V12 engine. The YiSiFang technology platform is equipped with four high-performance motors. It adopts the world’s original dual-motor and dual-electronic control deeply integrated design, combined with carbon ceramic brake discs, to bring the ultimate A thousand horsepower to drive.

Maximum horsepower of the vehicle: 1300Ps
Tested maximum speed: 309.19km/h
Global high voltage platform: 800v

Blade battery: up to 500kW charging power

Standard 410mm diameter carbon ceramic brake disc

02   Ultimate comfort and ultimate control coexist

Equipped with the YunNian-X intelligent fully active body control system, it uses a high-power suspension control motor. The motor, electronic control, and main power source are highly integrated. The innovative shock absorber can instantly output more than 1 ton of main power, giving the super sports car unprecedented driving ability. It provides a comfortable ride and at the same time brings the most enjoyable track driving experience in the electrification era.

Lateral stability: No drifting in sharp turns, and the roll “disappears”

Longitudinal stability: Don’t look up when starting, don’t nod when braking.

Vertical stability: no feeling of bumps, just like walking on flat ground

Maximum system power: 36kW
Maximum adjustment stroke: 75mm
Maximum active force exceeds: 1t
Peak single-axis lifting rate up to: 500mm/s

03   Innovative interaction, fun and exciting

YiSiFang distributed drive, YunNian-X intelligent fully active body control system combined with parametric design completely open up the multi-dimensional freedom of a super sports car, allowing the YangWang U9 to have a touching experience no matter when and where.

Dance mode: Equipped with 4 songs, you can dance to the beat

Warm-up mode: activate the conquest gene with one click

Display as you wish: display your eye-catching posture with just one click

In the future, we will continue to work with artists from all walks of life to create more interesting limited edition “optional” features. Programming permissions for YunNian-X, movable parts, and acoustic and optical functions will also be opened to create a private and exclusive “sense of ritual” with users.

04   Aerodynamics: practice muscles, bones and skin externally, practice one breath internally

It uses 12 sets of aerodynamic kits and a “space-time tunnel” air duct layout to comprehensively improve heat dissipation performance and downforce. The space shuttle-type body layout creates a dive attitude while cleverly reducing wind resistance.

6 sets of multi-functional body air ducts, 12 sets of multi-functional active and passive aerodynamic kits

New crater wind block design

4-speed adjustable electric rear wing

active diffuser

Optional carbon fiber swan neck rear wing

05   super body

Super carbon cabin, YangWang is genuine. YangWang U9 is equipped with a new generation of CTB technology, using a large amount of aerospace-grade carbon fiber and using a carbon steel and aluminum super-hybrid structure. It not only breaks the industry limit in terms of lightweight coefficient, but also achieves five-star safety standards.

Lightweight coefficient: 0.95
The carbon cabin accounts for nearly 80% of the body volume
High performance aerospace grade carbon fiber material: T700 grade 12K
Can withstand roof static pressure up to: 11t
Torsional stiffness reaches 54425N·m/deg

06   Intelligent Security

Safety is the greatest luxury. Based on a super body, YangWang U9 has excellent safety qualities and two core disruptive technologies to broaden the boundaries of intelligent safety.

YunNian-X Intelligent Safety: One-sided lifting in the moment of side impact

YiSiFang Intelligent Safety: A high-speed tire blowout can still control the car safely

07   The smartest supercar cockpit and the first supercar intelligent driving platform

It uses a 4nm 5G chip custom-developed by BYD and Qualcomm, equipped with 4 millimeter wave radars, 8 cameras and 12 ultrasonic radars. It is the industry’s first self-developed racing assistant and becomes your personal track coach.

Racing Assistant: Covering nearly 30 professional tracks across the country, it intelligently learns the lap speeds of top drivers and has a timing accuracy of 0.01 seconds. It can realize event-level data playback and accurately review competition data, and provide professional improvement suggestions.

YiSiFang Parking: Worry-free side parking in narrow spaces

Remote parking: convenient for parking and entry into small parking spaces

Automatic parking: Automatically identify parking spaces and park by yourself

Preview: Sense in advance and adjust proactively

08   Exterior and interior: the most avant-garde aesthetics of the times

YangWang U9 displays the art of pure energy with its swooping lines, wide wheel eyebrows and tail wing design. The cockpit adopts a double-surround design to create a friendly and immersive driving space, allowing you to experience the fun of a supercar whether on the track or on city streets.

Intelligent butterfly wing door

Multifunctional integrated sports seat

Interstellar headlight

Surrounding 127-color ambient light

Various car colors: from mineral treasures and universe time and space

Argyle purple

Chixia Danzhu

moonlight silver

Nebula Purple

Chi Yaohong

prominence orange

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