01 official guide price

02 Eye-catching colors

Unlock multiple trendy looks, add 2 new appearance colors, and have a total of 8 personalized choices.

03 Exquisite and stylish

“BYD DOLPHIN” eye LED headlights, geometric fold-line through-type LED taillights, new 16-inch five-hole flower fin wheels, and a smart waistline that leaps into the world.

04 Hard core strength

It is equipped with e-platform 3.0 technology, high-safety and long-life blade batteries, the world’s first eight-in-one electric powertrain, the industry’s first battery pack refrigerant direct cooling and direct heating technology and a wide temperature range high-efficiency heat pump system.

05 Easy driving control

The entire series comes standard with rear four-link independent suspension and DiPilot intelligent driving assistance system. The driving modes are divided into energy saving, comfort, sport and snow.

06 Wisdom goes with you

DiLink intelligent network connection system, front Type A+C charging port, 50W mobile phone wireless charging, VTOL mobile power station.

07 Variety of spaces, sensory comfort

2700mm long wheelbase, wide and comfortable space, 4-way adjustable steering wheel, ventilated and heated front seats. The rear seats fold down in a 4:6 ratio, rear privacy glass, and a layered trunk cover.

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