Recently, YangWang Automobile announced that its million-level pure electric performance supercar YangWang U9 will be officially launched on February 25. At the same time, more technical details will also be announced in the near future. YangWang U9 relies on the two core technologies of YiSiFang and YunNian-X, combined with the industry’s top-level lightweight super body, excellent aerodynamic design, leading intelligent driving assistance system in the supercar industry, and unprecedented new ways of human-vehicle interaction, etc. Empowering YangWang U9 to have an elevated space that can be played on the street, competed in, and played. YangWang U9 will use the ultimate technology to innovate vehicle performance, safety and experience in all aspects, create an unprecedented million-level pure electric performance supercar, and bring users a new understanding and experience of supercars.

01 YiSiFang: powerful power and precise control

YiSiFang, with four-motor independent drive as its core, empowers YangWang U9’s four-motor peak power up to 960kW, peak torque 1680N·m, and peak speed 21,000rpm. The maximum horsepower of the vehicle exceeds 1,300Ps, the power performance is powerful, and the acceleration from zero to 0-100 seconds reaches 2 seconds, achieving a driving experience like flying close to the ground.

Track challenges require powerful and precise performance control. YiSiFang can independently allocate the optimal torque to each wheel, and can complete the wheel end adjustment at the moment of cornering, maximizing the use of ground adhesion and increasing the extreme cornering speed on the track. In the actual test on the track, the maximum instantaneous lateral acceleration of YangWang U9 reached 1.7g.

YangWang U9 adopts the world’s original YiSiFang U-shaped motor design, which is more compact in size and has a lower center of gravity. The recognition accuracy and response speed are much higher than traditional supercars, and the vehicle control is more sensitive. With the world’s original dual-motor and dual-electronic control deeply integrated design, it is more suitable for sports car aerodynamics and lightweight design needs. The size is more compact and the center of gravity is lower, which establishes YangWang U9’s extremely impactful diving attitude and low-lying appearance. , and more suitable for extreme driving on the track.

The YangWang U9 motor uses ultra-thin low-iron loss silicon steel sheets and high-temperature-resistant permanent magnets to improve motor efficiency, reduce heat loss, and improve the motor’s temperature resistance. To ensure the safety and performance requirements of the electric drive system, YangWang U9 has optimized the motor’s magnetic circuit and selected permanent magnets with higher temperature resistance and stronger resistance to demagnetization. The permanent magnets can withstand high temperatures of up to 200°C. In terms of electronic control, YangWang U9 uses a more efficient silicon carbide electronic control, with a maximum transmission efficiency of 99.8%.

Supercars require efficient thermal management systems to keep their motors at optimal operating temperatures. YangWang U9 pioneered the design of three thermal management systems of large, medium and small cycles to ensure cooling performance requirements in different scenarios. The dual motors on the front and rear axles are equipped with dual electronic oil pumps. Each oil pump independently controls the oil cooling of one motor, achieving intelligent control of the cooling oil volume of each motor. At the same time, it ensures cooling performance requirements in different scenarios. The vehicle’s 12 aerodynamic kits and “space-time tunnel” air duct layout cleverly balance downforce and wind resistance while comprehensively improving heat dissipation performance.

02 YunNian-X: Ultimate comfort and ultimate control coexist

Supercars are the perfect interpretation of speed. In the extreme competition of speed, the endless pursuit and breakthrough of performance have resulted in the million-level pure electric performance supercar YangWang U9. And racing on the track is not the only imagination for YangWang U9. YangWang U9 brings a new definition of pure electric supercar with the unprecedented YunNian-X.

The YunNian-X intelligent fully active body control system is based on the integrated control of horizontal, vertical and vertical directions. It can realize horizontal sharp bends without drifting and roll “disappear”; longitudinally without raising the head when starting, without nodding when braking; and without feeling vertical bumps, such as Walking on flat ground, it meets the posture stability in the three directions of horizontal, vertical and vertical directions, taking into account the ultimate comfort and ultimate control.

YunNian-X is equipped with highly integrated motors, electronic controls, and main power sources, and the four suspension control motors are decoupled from each other. Through YunNian Sensing’s multiple sets of sensing hardware, YunNian’s intelligent computing center outputs the best control strategy. The high-voltage suspension motor outputs instant high active force to the shock absorber, quickly and actively adjusts the damping and stroke, and the output control force counteracts road bumps. Thus achieving an unprecedented anti-gravity and anti-centrifugal force experience. It can achieve the ultimate comfortable experience when dealing with braking, starting pitch, turning roll, and road impact.

The YangWang U9 has a maximum adjustment stroke of 75mm, can quickly lift by 50mm, and has an average single-axis lifting speed of up to 375mm/s. It can also ensure four-wheel grip and improve control when passing bumpy roads such as road shoulders at high speeds. By automatically adjusting the support of the left and right suspensions, the inner suspension is appropriately stretched to ensure the grip of the inner wheels, and the rigidity of the outer suspension is increased to reduce body roll, making the vehicle more controllable in high-speed corners, thereby increasing the cornering speed. . Straight-line acceleration or braking can systematically improve the anti-pitch ability, and the ejection starts without raising the head.

Thanks to the 800V high-voltage platform and highly integrated main power source, the YunNian-X system has a maximum power of 36kW, an industry-leading adjustment speed, super large main power, a peak single-axis lifting rate of up to 500mm/s, and an instantaneous output of more than 1 ton. The lift enables pure electric performance supercars to jump upward, giving the development of China’s chassis technology a new lease of life. During rapid acceleration, deceleration, cornering, and bumpy road shoulders on the track, it can increase the grip and achieve the ultimate control experience.

03 A new experience of supercar driving in the era of electrification

YangWang U9 is the first model based on the supercar platform under the YangWang architecture. The supercar platform brings four new changes: performance innovation, aerodynamic innovation, safety innovation and cockpit innovation, providing a safer, more luxurious and smarter driving experience. Providing strong support will rewrite the supercar driving experience in all aspects.

The super body of YangWang U9 combines three innovative technologies: super carbon cabin, new generation CTB, and super hybrid structure. It is also the first time in China that carbon fiber is used as a real structural part. The lightweight coefficient of the super body breaks through the industry limits, achieving 1 for the first time. Within 0.95, the torsional stiffness of the vehicle reaches 54425N·m/°.

At the same time, YangWang U9 is equipped with the leading intelligent driving assistance system in the supercar industry, which realizes a variety of intelligent driving functions such as adaptive cruise, automatic parking, and remote control parking, making highway driving more friendly and easier. Coupled with the industry’s top-level lightweight super body, the safety of super sports cars is raised to a new level.

With YunNian-X as the underlying technical support and the vehicle’s intelligent auxiliary functions, YangWang U9 will open up a new perception of human-vehicle interaction in the era of pure electric supercars, create multi-scenario and multi-mode anthropomorphic interactive expressions, and refresh the new concept of supercars. Bringing more playability and entertainment, YangWang U9 is not only a million-level pure electric performance supercar, but also a partner that can create surprises for you.

Since the inception of the YangWang brand, it has always been adhering to the brand spirit of transcending the extreme and unprecedented, and moving forward all the way. On the road to pursuing the ultimate and transcending the extreme, we constantly break through the ceiling of technology and make the impossible possible. Following the delivery of YangWang’s first model, YangWang U8, the million-level pure electric performance supercar YangWang U9 will be launched on February 25. YangWang will continue to use its ultimate technology to bring users a disruptive experience in the new energy era.

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