Since its establishment, BYD Forklift has rapidly grown by focusing on intelligence, new energy, and unmanned technologies. At the same time, its customer-centric approach and one-stop pre-sales and after-sales services have gradually elevated its reputation among customers.

“I’m just buying a few forklifts, not large machinery like excavators or cranes. How much better can the service be?” This was the initial doubt of a manager at a food processing plant in Guangdong before encountering BYD Forklift and its service team.

BYD Forklift in operation
BYD Forklift in operation

In 2018, this entrepreneur from the post-80s generation was seeking suitable material handling equipment for the company. “We mainly produce yogurt, ice cream, and other products, with a large daily output. Forklifts are mainly used for material handling in warehouses at room temperature, low temperature, and cold chain. The traditional electric forklifts we used before had many problems, such as frequent recharging, short battery life, high failure rates, and serious deficiencies in some functional designs.”

In the forklift market, there are many criteria to judge the quality of a forklift, but ultimately, it comes down to product quality and after-sales service. As a leader in the field of new energy forklifts, BYD Forklift has not only won favor in the high-end market with its excellent manufacturing craftsmanship but also gained acclaim for its customer-centric service philosophy, always prioritizing the needs of its customers.

BYD Forklift
BYD Forklift

Personalized pre-sales custom services ensure customers a worry-free experience.

BYD Forklift, built on professionalism, ensures the stable operation of equipment through caring and attentive services. Based on the customer’s industry and specific forklift usage scenarios, fine-tailored custom services are provided to meet unique customer needs. Customized services and solutions are tailored according to the customer’s actual situation.

Facing the challenges of long-distance transportation, narrow spaces, high stacking, and frequent transitions between ambient temperature and cold storage in a Guangdong food processing plant, as well as the pain points of maintenance and high energy consumption associated with internal combustion forklifts, BYD Forklift customized a 1.6-ton three-point lithium battery counterbalanced forklift with stability. Modifications were made to the gantry and loading chains according to spatial and high-rack storage requirements. Additional services include extended battery options, comprehensive vehicle warranty, dedicated maintenance, and training arrangements.

BYD Forklift Steering Wheel
BYD Forklift Steering Wheel

True horsepower is revealed on the long road, and only time can provide the most impartial answer regarding trustworthiness. After a year of on-site usage, customers highly praised the customized handling solution provided by BYD Forklift, stating, “With zero emissions, zero pollution, low energy consumption, excellent stability, and maneuverability, BYD Forklift has undoubtedly become our capable assistant in daily work, helping us solve many challenging problems.”

Meticulous and comprehensive after-sales support for a relaxed and comfortable customer experience.

In terms of after-sales service, BYD Forklift has always maintained a high level of professionalism, continuously improving its service network to ensure synchronization with customers in terms of geographical coverage and response time, becoming their solid support. With headquarters in Shenzhen and close cooperation with six regional service centers in Shaoguan, Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Chengdu, and Changsha, BYD Forklift has established 31 provincial-level service outlets and over 200 city, county/district, and town-level service stations. This guarantees that BYD Forklift can respond rapidly within 1 hour, arrive at the customer’s location within 12 hours, resolve equipment issues within 24 hours, and completely solve problems within 72 hours.

BYD Forklift Dashboard
BYD Forklift Dashboard

Moreover, hundreds of BYD new energy service vehicles have been deployed to nationwide forklift after-sales service institutions, bringing the service network closer to customers and giving technical engineers a competitive advantage. Service has become another significant business card for BYD Forklift’s continuous expansion. At the 2023 LogiMAT, BYD Forklift announced a new warranty policy, with some products having an extended warranty period of up to eight years or 10,000 hours. Following the five-year/12,000-hour warranty for BYD E-Series batteries and the launch of BYD S-Series lithium battery counterbalanced forklifts, this new policy sets a new industry record: an eight-year comprehensive vehicle warranty. Undoubtedly, this project demonstrates that BYD is continuously evolving, while the only constant remains the consistent quality of its products.

Forklifts have become quite mature in the Chinese market, with the procurement costs gradually decreasing and becoming more transparent. On the other hand, labor costs are increasing, leading to higher maintenance expenses. Maintenance services have become a crucial part of the forklift aftermarket, and major manufacturers have shifted their main profit focus from selling new vehicles to after-sales services. However, at this time, BYD has introduced a policy of “up to eight years warranty for certain products.” What is the intention behind this?

BYD Forklift Driver's Seat
BYD Forklift Driver’s Seat

Naturally, BYD aims to provide users with safer and higher-quality lithium-powered forklifts. High quality implies high standards and investment. On one hand, BYD will redefine the industry standards for lithium-powered forklifts, breaking the traditional practice of offering one or three years of warranty for the entire vehicle. On the other hand, BYD’s customers do not need to pay additional fees to obtain products and services that are more worry-free, reliable, and have lower total ownership costs. Furthermore, BYD takes on added responsibility and commitment in promoting the use of lithium-powered forklifts.

After more than a decade of accumulation and improvement, BYD Forklift has expanded from mere technical prowess to a comprehensive service experience, and from simply providing forklift equipment to deeply caring for its users. In the future, BYD Forklift will continue to forge ahead, leveraging its technological advantages and igniting sparks of innovation to meticulously create more efficient, environmentally friendly, and user-centric logistics handling solutions.


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