byd t5db
byd t5db

BYD T5DB cargo space

The BYD T5DB is a second-generation logistics vehicle produced by BYD. It’s a truck designed for efficient transportation and delivery purposes. The T5DB features the sleek and stylish BYD CP18 cab, which offers a comfortable and car-like interior for the driver and passengers. Inside the cab, you’ll find modern amenities such as cruise control, a full LCD instrument cluster, an integrated control panel, and heated shock-absorbing seats, providing a luxurious and enjoyable driving experience.

The truck is equipped with advanced technologies, including LED headlights for better visibility and driving safety. It is powered by a reliable and safe lithium iron phosphate battery, ensuring long-lasting performance. The power control is managed by the BYD Multi-Integrated Controller, which optimizes efficiency and power delivery.

The BYD T5DB is available in different drive configurations to suit the needs of various customer groups. It is known for its cost-effectiveness, offering a great balance between price and features.

In terms of specifications, the cargo compartment of the BYD T5DB has the following dimensions:

– length: 4.03 meters
– width: 2.05 meters
– height: 2.1 meters

Basic parameters unit



mm 5995



total mass kg 4495
Vehicle power kWh 85
Vehicle voltage platform V 386.4
maximum speed km/h 100
Approach / departure angle ° 17/13
Driving mileage

(working condition method)

km 200
Wheelbase mm 3360
Curb weight kg 3050
Motor maximum power kW 85
Cargo compartment size mm 4030



Maximum grade / 20%
Minimum turning radius m 6.58
Charging time h DC/1.2
byd t5db
byd t5db

BYD t5 brief introduction

The overall dimensions of the truck are as follows:

– Length: 5995 millimeters
– Width: 2130/2240 millimeters (depending on the configuration)
– Height: 3150 millimeters

The truck has a total mass of 4495 kilograms and a wheelbase of 3360 millimeters. It has a maximum speed of 100 kilometers per hour and offers a driving mileage of 200 kilometers under working conditions. The BYD T5DB has a curb weight of 3050 kilograms and a motor maximum power of 85 kilowatts.

Other performance features include an approach angle of 17 degrees and a departure angle of 13 degrees. The truck has a maximum grade capability of 20% and a minimum turning radius of 6.58 meters. The charging time for the battery is approximately 1.2 hours using a DC charger.

Overall, the BYD T5DB is a versatile and efficient logistics truck that combines advanced technology, cost-effectiveness, and a comfortable driving experience.

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