China Shanghai Auto Show:BYD will bring a pure electric SUV Song L

During the current Shanghai Auto Show, BYD will bring a pure electric SUV concept car belonging to the dynasty car series, named Song L. Just today, in the car’s warm-up video, its whole car posture is revealed, showing Some details.

It can be seen that this car adopts BYD’s family design scheme. The front face is a huge dragon eye headlight, which is connected by a “dragon beard”-shaped chrome trim. It also uses LED daytime running lights of the same shape to enhance recognition. , There are raised ribs on the front hatch, which looks full of strength.

byd auto song L

It is positioned as a coupe SUV, and it can be seen that the roof has a slip-back shape. However, unlike typical coupe SUVs such as the BMW X6, the Song L concept car’s descent almost starts from the C-pillar, thus ensuring that the second row of the car The passenger’s head space has not lost its practicality, and the front of the car is pressed down, and the whole body posture is in a swooping style, which highlights the sense of movement.

byd auto song L

As for the tail, it can be seen from the previously exposed preview images that it uses a segmented spoiler, dual shark fin antennas, and is equipped with through-type taillights. The light sources on the left and right sides are exquisitely shaped and very eye-catching. , so it is equipped with electronic exterior rearview mirrors, and there is a high probability that it will be changed after mass production. This is of little reference value at present.

byd auto song L

Obviously, Song L was born to attract the attention of more young consumers. The car is expected to be mass-produced and launched in the second half of this year or the first half of next year. It is worth looking forward to.

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