China’s BYD pre-sold 1.098 million Yangwang U8, and orders exceeded 13,000 units in two days

Not surprisingly, with the turbulent arrival of the electrification era, at this year’s Shanghai Auto Show, new energy vehicles have indeed become the most “eye-catching” existence on the booth. So, since the new energy models have already sung the main theme, how can BYD, which is gradually consolidating its “domestic new energy leading brand” at this time, be missing? Among the many new new energy models unveiled by BYD at the auto show, the product that attracts the most attention is probably the first luxury hardcore off-road SUV U8 that its new high-end brand looks up to!

byd Yangwang U8

After all, even though it has been known for a long time that the price range of Looking Up U8 (picture) will be in the millions, but when it officially opened the pre-sale and gave a pre-sale price of 1.098 million, it still brought a strong shock Effect. You know, in the past, when a domestic car sold for a price of over 400,000, it was often accompanied by a lot of criticism! After looking up to the U8 and directly giving a pre-sale price of over one million; for a while, “BYD is gone”, “No one spends millions to buy a domestic car” and other pessimistic emotions emerge in endlessly. Of course, “slaps in the face” often come so fast! Just when most people looked up to the pre-sale of U8 just to watch the excitement, it only took two days to harvest more than 13,000 orders; it even made the total order amount exceed 100 100 million! Even for the German traditional powerful Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi, which have long established the main tone in my country’s luxury car circle, it is basically impossible to obtain such a high order volume in a short period of time! So, what are the hard core strengths of U8, which can quickly “slap in the face” everyone looking up to? Now, let us take a closer look at this product.

Yangwang U8

First of all, let’s review its appearance together, looking forward to U8 will be based on the “Gate of Time and Space” design language. Its tough and burly figure throughout can fully interpret its setting as a hard-core off-road SUV. Moreover, as a new energy model, its dot-matrix air intake grille with interstellar headlights, coupled with the corresponding dot-matrix taillights at the rear and the D-pillar energy tower design for intelligent interaction, are also sufficient to demonstrate its high-end technical level . In addition, Yangwang U8 also adopts a self-developed non-load-bearing body structure, combined with 38 vehicle intelligent sensing components, 3 laser radars, 5 millimeter-wave radars and 14 ultrasonic radars (including 2 wading detection sensors) And hardware such as 16 cameras, will also make its smart off-road SUV style fully presented in front of our eyes.

And when we turned our eyes to the interior of the car, looking up at the shocking effect brought by U8 can not lose its appearance at all. Because, the interior of Yangwang U8 not only has the original 12.8-inch Galaxy curved screen, but also adds a car-grade curved OLED central control screen with a screen curvature as low as R800; supplemented by Yangwang Link intelligent network connection system, 70-inch AR-HUD, smart Equipped with voice, four-tone zone voice interaction and multi-scene mode, it can further interpret the top intelligence level that its luxurious new energy cockpit should have.

As for its passenger performance, with the body measurements of 531920501930mm and the wheelbase of 3050mm, it has the ample interior space that a large SUV should have. Moreover, U8 can actively support the waist and flanks according to the real-time road condition information, providing stronger support for the user’s waist and back; especially in bumpy off-road conditions, it has a good sense of coverage, so as to provide experienced off-road players with Smart follow-up seat for more control fun. Coupled with the ultra-quiet NVH quality, Hi-End audio system and active fragrance system and other configurations, it fully reveals the luxurious style of the car.

Of course, in addition to the luxury model, Wang Wang U8 is also a hardcore off-road SUV, which also shows that its performance will also become the focus of attention from the outside world. With the blessing of the latest “Easy Sifang” plug-in hybrid power system, Yangwang U8 will have four-wheel independent motors; moreover, the total output horsepower of its four-wheel independent motors has reached an astonishing 1,100 horsepower, making this car longer than 5 The “big guy” SUV of Mi 3 even has the highest zero-hundred score of 3.6S. In addition, in addition to the non-load-bearing body structure that is necessary for hard-core off-road SUVs mentioned above, it is also equipped with scene functions that can realize high-speed cornering, extreme stability, tire burst control, emergency floating, U-turn in place, and agile steering. The unique four-wheel independent torque vector control system and the cloud car-P intelligent hydraulic body control system with the ability to reach a maximum wading depth of 1 meter can still be completed without a wading hose. It can be said that even if you look at the global hardcore off-road SUV field, looking up at the performance of the U8 is amazing enough.

Yangwang U8

It is worth mentioning that one of the important reasons why the outside world was not optimistic about new energy hard-core off-road SUVs earlier is that after the battery energy consumption of pure electric models has decayed, not only will the performance level also decay; People can’t control the cruising range, which leads to the problem of “it’s fine when you come, but you can’t go back”. Looking up at U8, there is obviously no such trouble. Because, as a plug-in hybrid model under the “Easy Sifang” technology, the battery capacity attenuation will not cause its performance to attenuate accordingly, and it has a comprehensive cruising range of up to 1000km under CLTC conditions. Even in pure electric mode, it has a cruising range of 180km under CLTC conditions; you must know that such pure electric cruising range has almost reached the “ceiling” level of current plug-in hybrid models! In addition, looking up to the blade battery on the U8, it also supports DC fast charging up to 110kW, allowing it to charge from 30% to 80% in as little as 18 minutes. The V2L external discharge function with a maximum discharge power of 6kW greatly enhances the protection of outdoor power supply when it meets the needs of camping.

Generally speaking, if you don’t have a deep understanding of U8’s many technological breakthroughs and see its pre-sale price starting at 1.098 million, you will really feel that BYD is “floating”! But when we really understand BYD’s more than 20 years of technical reserves, we look forward to U8’s outstanding performance in terms of performance, interior luxury, and overall design; look back at its price of over one million, It seems to be enough to explain why it makes the “slap in the face” come so quickly!

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