BYD’s FCB brand has launched its first model, the P5, targeting the new energy off-road market

The FCB brand has attracted significant attention within the industry since its official launch in August this year. On November 9th, FCB’s first model, the P5, was launched in Beijing. The new car is positioned as a mid-size SUV with a plug-in hybrid powertrain, and it is available in three versions, ranging in price from 289,800 yuan to 352,800 yuan.


Among them, the P5 Explorer Edition is priced at 289,800 yuan, the Navigator Edition is priced at 309,800 yuan, and the Yun Nian Flagship Edition is priced at 352,800 yuan. The P5 Explorer Edition and Navigator Edition are scheduled for mass delivery in November, while the Yun Nian Flagship Edition will begin deliveries in January 2024.

FCB is a personalized brand under BYD, targeting the new energy off-road segment. Within BYD’s internal lineup, FCB is positioned higher than the BYD Dynasty and Ocean series but lower than the Yuan Wang. It runs parallel to the Tang series, but its off-road positioning distinguishes it from the more household-oriented Tang.

Currently, the domestic market for new energy off-road SUVs has become a new trend, with products such as the Great Wall Tank, Dongfeng Mengshi, Haval Mingshi, Chery Exploration 06, and Jetour Traveler joining the competition. In this context, the FCB brand will shoulder the responsibility of capturing this segment for BYD. While the Yuan Wang brand within BYD also targets the off-road SUV market, its price tag of over one million yuan makes it difficult to achieve high sales volume.

In the increasingly fierce competition, the P5, as FCB’s first model, has high expectations. To meet diverse customer demands, the P5 offers three versions: the Explorer Edition, Navigator Edition, and Yun Nian Flagship Edition, available in seven color options and three interior colors.

In terms of performance, the P5 is the first production model from FCB to be equipped with the DMO Super Hybrid Off-Road Platform. It consists of a new hybrid non-load-bearing architecture and a dedicated hybrid architecture for off-road use, providing the vehicle with the reliability and power needed for off-road capabilities. The P5 also features the Yun Nian-P system, which debuted on the BYD Yuan U8, providing the vehicle with greater off-road expandability and enhancing overall driving comfort in various scenarios. Official data shows that the P5 has a maximum power output of 505 kW and a system torque of 760 N·m, surpassing the performance of traditional 5.0T combustion engines, with a 0-100 km/h acceleration in the 4-second range. Additionally, based on the electric four-wheel-drive system, the P5 can accurately identify changes in ground adhesion, enabling it to have excellent off-road capabilities such as rapid response, strong traction, and extreme climbing ability.

In terms of efficiency, thanks to the energy consumption control of the DMO Super Hybrid Off-Road Platform, the P5 has a combined power consumption of 7.8L/100km and a comprehensive range of over 1200 km. Furthermore, the 6 kW external power discharge function allows the P5 to act as a mobile power source, and it can also be equipped with a 2.5T towing qualification to meet outdoor camping and trailer needs.

In terms of intelligence, the P5 features L2+ level intelligent driving assistance functions, including over 20 active safety features covering driving, parking, and multi-angle warnings in the front, rear, and sides, automatic emergency braking, and blind-spot detection, among others. The P5’s FiLink intelligent cockpit adopts a new UI design and introduces 3D control with driving mode rendering, a full-scenario intelligent voice system with support for four sound zones, and a smart five-screen system consisting of an instrument panel, central control screen, passenger entertainment screen, HUD head-up display, and streaming media rearview mirror. It supports multi-screen interconnection and global gesture operation.

In terms of battery safety, the P5 is equipped with BYD’s ultra-safe blade battery, which features a 5-layer protection structure and a double-loop protection system, providing bottom impact resistance of up to 1200J.

While introducing new products, FCB also stated its commitment to improving service levels. According to the introduction, FCB has established three types of stores based on different user needs: Sales Service Centers, MINI Centers, and Retail Centers, which respond to various consumers’ personalized requirements through different service functions. Currently, FCB’s initial 70 stores have all begun trial operations, and by 2023, FCB plans to open and operate 80 stores in nearly 40 cities, achieving a total of 150 stores in over 80 cities.

With the rapid development of the new energy off-road SUV market, the addition of the FCB brand is expected to further enhance BYD’s market performance. Data shows that fromAugust to October 2023, FCB received over 20,000 pre-orders for the P5. The brand aims to capture a significant share of the new energy off-road SUV market and establish itself as a strong competitor among other popular models in the segment.

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