14 Most Concerned Issues for BYD FCB Users


01. Regarding YunNian:

Q: When can the YunNian version be seen or delivered in the store?

A: The flagship version of fcb 5 YunNian is expected to be showcased in stores in early January 2024. You are welcome to come and taste it at that time. Batch delivery is expected to start in mid to late January, please stay tuned.

02. Regarding vehicles

Q: What should I do if ETC keeps showing that the service is being upgraded and cannot be used?
A: If your vehicle shows that the ETC service is being upgraded and cannot be activated, please go to the BYD FCB Automotive Sales Service Center to upgrade the vehicle’s infotainment. Once the upgrade is completed, it can be activated. This situation will be improved after subsequent OTA updates, please stay tuned.

Q: How does the dashboard exit simple mode?
A: How many schemes are used for the instrument of FCB 5. When the host is restarted or other situations occur that cause the central control to restart, the instrument panel will enter simple mode. In this mode, the instrument panel can continue to display driving related information normally without affecting the normal driving of the entire vehicle. After the system is normal, it may automatically exit the simple mode. If you have been in simple mode for a long time, you can try the following operations to switch back to normal instrument mode:
① Press and hold the multimedia scroll button on the auxiliary instrument panel for 3 seconds to restart the instrument information display system;
② After confirming the safety of the vehicle, operate the vehicle start switch to turn off the engine and then switch back to the “OK” gear.
If the instrument panel still displays simple mode after performing the above operations, it is recommended to contact the Equation Leopard Automotive Sales Service Center in a timely manner to check the vehicle.

Q: When will the leopard turn around and camping mode open?
A: The vehicle can be used normally in four scenario modes: camping mode, rest mode, screen wiping mode, and co driving mode (passenger seat). Leopard turn around mode and extreme endurance mode need to wait for subsequent OTA upgrades, and the specific time will be notified later.

Q: How should intelligent and forced power protection be set under different working conditions?
A: Intelligent battery protection: prioritize fuel economy while balancing the demand for battery maintenance; Compulsory battery protection: Priority should be given to battery maintenance, with SOC as close as possible to the set value; You can set it according to your own needs.

Q: After restarting the driving mode, it automatically returns to the economy mode and needs to be reset every time. Can this be optimized?
A: When the vehicle’s battery level is high, the vehicle will automatically switch to EV mode when powered on. It is recommended that you prioritize using EV mode. When the vehicle’s battery level is moderate, the vehicle will be powered on
Remember your last power mode (EV/HEV). At present, the vehicle supports powertrain (EV/HEV) memory function, but does not currently support driving mode memory. The default mode of the vehicle is economy mode.

Q: What is the situation where the turbocharger burns red?
A: Turbochargers only turn red when working under heavy loads, and similar situations may occur in models with turbocharging in the industry. The turbocharger of FCB 5 has complete thermal protection measures around it, and the surrounding components are made of high temperature resistant materials. At the same time, our front cabin is equipped with measures to prevent foreign objects from falling in, and has also undergone a lot of road and extreme working condition tests. Please rest assured.

Q:Why does FCB 5 beam rust?
A: The FCB 5 beam adopts automated welding technology. Due to the use of silicon manganese as a deoxidizer in standard welding wires, the yellow rust like substance on the beam is the silicon manganese oxide generated by the deoxidizer in standard welding wires, which adheres to the surface of the weld after cooling. Due to the non-conductivity of silicon manganese oxide, it cannot be electrophoretically painted, but it does not affect the rust prevention of the chassis. Please rest assured that we will continue to optimize the production process and minimize it as much as possible
Oxide adhesion enhances product aesthetics.

03. Other issues

Q: The promotion of fuel consumption and owner certification in the APP is up to January 31st. What if I am unable to pick up the car and participate?
A: The fuel consumption and the owner certification of DCD&Autohome are both phased activities. Currently, the second phase of the owner certification activity is being planned. In addition, BYD FCB will also launch more interactive activities in the future. Stay tuned and stay tuned.

Q: Can I still view order details and delivery progress on the mini program/APP if I directly order a car at a car show or store without placing an order on the app?
A: No, it must be paid from the app or mini program to view orders on the app or mini program.

Q: FCB 5 is equipped with a tow hook, do I need to take the C6 driver’s license test?
A: The optional trailer hook does not require a C6 driver’s license, but if you want to tow a motorhome on the road, you need to obtain a C6 driver’s license.

Q: There is no BYD FCB service store in my city yet, what about after-sales maintenance after picking up the car?
A: You can make an appointment to find BYD FCB stores that have already implemented after-sales functions on the official APP/mini program [My Store Query] page. For cities that have not yet covered after-sales functions, we will also authorize high-quality after-sales stores under BYD Group to provide you with after-sales service. Please pay attention to the subsequent official news.

Q: The vehicle has arrived at the store and cannot be picked up temporarily. What’s going on?
A: After the vehicle arrives at the store, there will be a period of time for pre delivery inspection and preparation of all vehicle procedures. Please be patient during this period.

Q: There are already product cars waiting to be delivered in the store, why can’t they be given priority to me?
A: FCB 5 adopts a customized production method, and each vehicle produced matches the corresponding customer’s order. Please be patient and we will deliver to you in the order of your order.

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