BYD car inspection nanny-level pit avoidance guide

As an administrator of BYD’s multi-model car enthusiast group, I noticed that the most common question asked by novices is how to avoid being deceived when buying a car.

In order to ensure that everyone can carry out car purchase and inspection smoothly, I combined my own experience of many car inspections and the wisdom of netizens to summarize the following comprehensive car purchase and inspection guide.

Part One: Verify Vehicle Identity

1. The frame number and manufacturing date are the key. Don’t pay too much attention to the color, configuration and model. BYD’s chassis number is usually located in the lower right corner of the windshield, and the factory date is usually on the side after the passenger door is opened.

2. Confirm whether the vehicle has a complete vehicle certificate, invoice and production certificate.

Part Two: Appearance Acceptance

1. First of all, clearly inform the salesperson that the vehicle must be cleaned on the day of vehicle inspection to check whether there are scratches, dents or color differences on the body and roof paint.

2. Check whether the car lights are cracked, whether the gaps in the car body are consistent, and whether the body waistline is interrupted. For the latter, you need to bend down and look at the rear of the vehicle from the front left or right side of the vehicle.

3. Check the wheel hub for scratches or deformation.

4. Check the front and rear windshields for scratches.

5. Confirm whether the charging port and refueling port can be opened normally.

6. The most important and easily overlooked point is to open the car door and observe whether the paint peels off at the door seam. Many riders discovered this problem in the rider group, and finally got compensation for 1-4 maintenance times through negotiation.

7. Check whether there are scratches on the door handles and rearview mirrors.


Part Three: Interior Acceptance

1. Check whether there are scratches on the steering wheel and confirm whether the tires are back to normal after reset.

2. Check whether there are stains on the sun visor. You need to open the sun visor to check carefully.

3. Confirm whether the trunk is equipped with an air pump, tire sealant, yellow vest, reflective tripod (these two items are very important for vehicle license plate inspection), fast charging adapter, air pump and discharge gun, etc.

4. Check whether there is any jamming or excessive resistance when the rear seats are folded down in equal proportions.

Part 4: Central Control Acceptance

1. Confirm whether the mileage displayed on the instrument panel is within 50 kilometers. Both 0 and 100 are abnormal. Pay special attention to the situation at 0 kilometers.

2. Check whether the rearview mirror is adjusted normally.

3. Test whether the control of the skylight and sunshade is normal and whether there is any jamming.

4. Check whether there is any abnormal sound when starting the wiper, and check whether the wiping effect is completely clean.

5. Check whether there are black areas in the reversing radar and the 360° surround view image, and whether a green line is displayed.

6. Check whether the Kuwo Music in the multimedia center has playback records. If there is a playback record, congratulations, you may have purchased a show car. PDC offline quality inspection engineers may use your vehicle to listen to music.

Part 5: Other Matters

1. Confirm whether the gifts are complete and pay attention to some accessories that do not need to be installed, such as vacuum cleaners.

2. Sometimes due to delivery pressure, BYD may choose not to install certain accessories and sign a post-installation agreement with you. For example, the vehicle I purchased was picked up in December. Due to the pressure from Shanghai to register, the L2 box was not installed. We agreed to complete the installation before December 30, but it was eventually postponed to the beginning of the next year.

3. Note: The above information is for reference only, and specific models may differ. It is recommended to read the official guide of the relevant model or consult the sales staff for accurate vehicle inspection guidance before purchasing a car.

At this point, your vehicle has been inspected. As for the chassis and road testing, personal opinions vary from person to person. For the sake of convenience, many 4S stores will arrange for after-sales engineers to take you around, introduce the functions of the car to you, and take a photo of the car delivery ceremony. After that, they’ll likely sell an extended warranty and battery guard, and you’ll be on your way.

BYD expects to deliver 4 million vehicles this year, so many new car owners will join. I hope you can share more with friends around you who are planning to buy BYD vehicles to avoid being deceived and to fight for the rights you deserve.

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