BYD brings four models to participate in the 2023 Hong Kong International Automobile Expo

Recently, the Hong Kong International Automobile Expo opened grandly at AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong. During the four-day exhibition, famous car companies gathered together to showcase their latest technological achievements. As a global leader in new energy vehicles, BYD made a stunning debut with four new energy models, attracting much attention.

2023 Hong Kong International Auto Expo

BYD’s booth covers an area of 504 square meters. At this exhibition, BYD not only appeared with BYD ATTO 3 (named Yuan PLUS in China), BYD SEAL (named Seal in China), and BYD DOLPHIN (named Dolphin in China), but also brought its luxury new energy vehicle brand Teng. The powerful pure electric seven-seat MPV D9 fully demonstrates BYD Auto’s outstanding product strength.

Denza D9 debuts

The exhibition of Denza brand not only brings new pure electric travel options for business and home use to the Hong Kong market, but also fully demonstrates BYD’s forward-looking vision in the next generation of luxury smart electric travel. D9 attracted many audiences upon its debut. This model has attracted widespread attention and strong response due to its excellent performance and “IKEA-like” full-scenario driving experience. D9 has a majestic appearance, luxurious interior design and rich configurations. Its CLTC cruising range can be up to 620 kilometers and it has strong power. In order to allow more customers to experience the charm of D9, on-site visit reservations have been opened. In addition, BYD has also officially launched blind ordering for the D9 to warm up before the model is officially released in 2024.

Signing site

The 2023 Hong Kong International Auto Expo not only confirms BYD’s strength in technology and innovation, but also further consolidates its brand’s influence in the Hong Kong market. Thanks to the Hong Kong government’s purchase tax reduction and exemption policy for new energy vehicles, the market demand for new energy vehicles has increased, and people’s enthusiasm for new energy vehicle consumption has also gradually increased. During the exhibition, the auto show and stores made simultaneous efforts, and BYD once again achieved great results, injecting new vitality into the local green transportation transformation together with Hong Kong users.

exhibition site

BYD’s outstanding performance at the auto show demonstrated BYD’s strong product strength and technological advantages. BYD has won more opportunities and notable achievements on the international stage by virtue of its years of technological accumulation, multi-brand strategy and global layout. In the future, BYD will continue to adhere to technological innovation-driven development, provide Hong Kong and global users with greener and smarter travel options, lead the wave of new energy travel, and contribute to global low-carbon sustainable development.

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