Understanding BYD’s 2024 New Car Plan with One Picture

Here are 5 brands to talk about:

BYD Yangwang:

Yangwang U7  is a mid to large-sized pure electric sedan launched by BYD’s Looking Up brand. It is also the first sedan of the Looking Up brand and the third model after the U8 and U9. The car is positioned in the mid to large luxury sedan market and is expected to compete with luxury models such as Porsche Taycan and Tesla Model S, with a price range expected to be between 800000 yuan and 1 million yuan.

The Yangwang U7 adopts the iconic family design language of the Yangwang brand, with a sharp front face and headlights on both sides similar to the U9 sports car. The design of the front hood and fenders gives the new car a socially dynamic downward pressure posture, with a high sense of sportiness and recognition. The side profile of the car adopts a sloping design, equipped with hidden door handles, frameless doors, large-sized dense spoke wheels, punched holes, and brake discs. The overall design proportion is slender, similar to the Porsche Panamera. The tail design is relatively simple, featuring a through type tail light group, an electric spoiler, and a double-layer rear bumper.

The roof is equipped with LiDAR, indicating that looking up at the U7 will have excellent driving assistance functions. Although the interior has not yet been officially exposed, it is expected to be similar to the Looking Up U8, including a full LCD data instrument panel, curved central control screen, passenger body entertainment screen, three spoke steering wheel, etc. There are touch buttons at the bottom of the central control screen, creating a strong technical atmosphere.

In terms of power system, the Yangwang U7, as the first sedan of the Yangwang brand, is expected to be equipped with information technology from the Yisifang Learning Platform, equipped with four wheel four motors and lithium iron phosphate blades for batteries. It is reported that under NEDC conditions, the new car’s range will exceed 600 kilometers, and the acceleration from 100 kilometers is expected to reach about 3.6 seconds.

Yangwang U9: It is a supercar under BYD’s Looking Up brand, and its configuration and design have been announced on the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

In terms of appearance design, the U9 adopts the “Gate of Time and Space” design language, and the starry sky headlights are inspired by outer space. The appearance is unique and equipped with a butterfly door opening method. This design gives it a more technological and futuristic appearance. The new car will be equipped with Yi Sifang platform technology, and its acceleration time from 0-100km/h can reach 2 seconds, demonstrating excellent performance.

Regarding the power system, the U9 is equipped with advanced electric technology, with a maximum range of 700 kilometers, demonstrating excellent electric driving endurance. This makes the U9 not only outstanding in performance, but also practical for daily urban driving.

BYD Fangchengbao:

Fangchengbao 8:
Fangchengbao 8 is a super hybrid rugged SUV launched by Equation Leopard Motors, featuring a DMO super hybrid off-road platform. This car has ultimate off-road performance and intelligent technology. The Leopard 8 concept car was showcased at the 2023 Chengdu Auto Show, showcasing the design information of future Leopard 8 mass-produced cars. It is expected that the Leopard 8 will be officially launched in 2024, positioned as a large SUV, equipped with a hybrid four-wheel drive system and a Yunnian-P intelligent hydraulic body control system.

From the actual photos taken by netizens, we can see the design language of Equation Leopard 8: In terms of appearance, Leopard 8 adopts a square design, incorporating science fiction elements and presenting a cyberpunk style. The front headlights are similar to the Leopard 5, and the rear design is unique. The body adopts a sloping design, which has a high sense of sportiness and recognition. The roof is equipped with LiDAR, indicating that the Leopard 8 will have advanced driving assistance functions.

In terms of power system, the Leopard 8 is equipped with DMO super hybrid off-road platform technology and is expected to be equipped with a hybrid four-wheel drive system, as well as the Yunnian-P intelligent hydraulic body control system. The specific range and acceleration performance have not been officially announced yet.

Fangchengbao 3:Fangchengbao 3 is an A-class (compact) SUV launched by Equation Leopard Motors, positioned in the electric vehicle market. This car adopts a pure electric system and is one of the models released by the Equation Leopard brand in the second half of 2024.

From the actual photos, Equation Leopard 3 looks compact and exquisite. The roof of the new car is relatively flat and adopts a forward leaning C-pillar. The design of the lower part is relatively prominent, with a protruding wheel arch shape on the outside, giving the car a muscular appearance. Additionally, the ground clearance of the vehicle is not considered low.

BYD Dynasty:

Yuan UP: This model is a new model of the Yuan family. Positioned as a small pure electric SUV, it comes standard with a single motor and offers a range of 301km and 401km.

The above picture is a real-life street photo taken

Compared to the Yuan Plus, the front of the Yuan Up adopts through type daytime running lights, with a trapezoidal lower grille reserved for the front bumper, and C-shaped air intakes on both sides, reflecting the sporty performance of the Yuan Up.

From the side of the car, it looks more like a boutique small car, especially with the D-pillar design, which shares similarities with Smart Elf 1.



The tail design of the car resembles the Chinese tail lights of the Handmi and Song L, with silver white protective panels covering the bottom.

The interior inherits the family characteristics of the Dynasty model, with a T-shaped steering wheel, crystal electronic gear lever, and an open cup holder, constantly embodying the word “boutique”.

The estimated starting price of this car is between 100000 and 110000 yuan, and it may become another BYD sales killer after its launch.

Qin L: hailed as a scaled down version of the BYD Han, the new car has a very similar appearance to the BYD Han, while the interior is not much different from the recently launched BYD Song L. It is believed that this new car will be positioned between the Qin PLUS and the Han. The new car is expected to continue to offer two versions, DM and EV, and the DM version will be equipped with the fifth generation DM hybrid technology. The EV version will be built on the BYD e-platform 3.0, According to BYD’s new car plan, the Qin L will meet with everyone in 2024.

BYD Ocean:

Sea Lion 07: BYD Sea Lion 07 is a brand new mid size pure electric SUV launched by BYD. The car officially made its debut at the 2023 Guangzhou Auto Show, built on the BYD e-platform 3.0, and highly reproduces the design manuscript.

In terms of appearance, the Sea Lion 07 continues the style of the design team led by BYD’s Global Styling Director Wolfgang Egger, and has recognition. The front face features iconic C-shaped daytime running lights, complemented by sharp headlights and exaggerated three-stage air intakes, showcasing a dynamic design.

The side profile of the car presents a sleek and sporty design. The roof starts to press down from the C-pillar, forming a smooth side line. Of particular note is that the A-pillar begins with a silver trim that runs across the entire roof, giving the dual tone roof a more layered feel.

BYD Pickup:

According to the spy photos exposed, this new BYD pickup truck has a square and rugged appearance. The camouflage on the intake grille adopts the large “BYD” brand logo. The design of the cargo box is simple and orderly, equipped with side pedals for passengers to easily board. The cargo box is currently not equipped with a roll cage, but it is expected to be added after mass production.

Regarding the power system, BYD’s new pickup truck has two types of power: pure electric and plug-in hybrid, but the specific power used is not yet clear. Considering the use of a non load bearing body structure, there are predictions that the pickup truck may be equipped with a plug-in hybrid system.

BYD Tengshi :

Tengshi version “Paramera”: The Tengshi version of the Paramera is Tengshi’s first pure electric sedan, planned to debut by the end of 2023. The car will be available in both single motor and dual motor versions, equipped with BYD lithium iron phosphate blade batteries. According to CLTC conditions, the range will exceed 800km. In addition, the Tengshi version of the Paramera will adopt a front double wishbone rear five link suspension system, a Yunnian intelligent body control system, and CTB body integration technology to improve body stiffness and handling.

According to Zhao Changjiang, the chief co founder of Tengshi Motors, the positioning of the Tengshi version of the Panamera will replace the Porsche Panamera in traditional fuel models. The interior of the car is expected to adopt a six screen intelligent scene, equipped with intelligent color changing ambient lights, negative ion active fragrance, and full function sports seats, supporting ventilation, heating, and massage functions for front and rear seats. The length of the car body may exceed 5 meters, the wheelbase may exceed 3 meters, and the estimated starting price may exceed 300000 yuan.

The above are the models that BYD will soon release in 2024 and the flags it stands for. Which models are your preferred ones

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