Spy photos of the interior of the BYD Haishi 07 EV have been exposed, with a starting price of 182800 yuan

The Haishi 07 EV, which debuted at last year’s Guangzhou Auto Show, will also be launched in 2024. The new car is the first pure electric mid size SUV under Ocean Net, and also an advanced version of BYD’s e-platform 3.0. It will be equipped with BYD’s latest generation of intelligent driving technology.

The Haishi 07 EV is built on the e-platform 3.0, with a smaller length and width compared to the Song L, a higher body, and a completely consistent wheelbase. The new car is equipped with CTB battery body integration technology, iTAC, front double wishbone and rear five link, Yunnian-C intelligent damping body control system and other configurations, and adopts BYD’s latest generation intelligent driving technology.

In terms of styling, the Haishi 07 will adopt a maritime aesthetic design, with a closed front face divided into upper and lower parts by an arc. C-shaped daytime running lights are equipped on both sides, combined with a narrow headlight group and a large air intake below the front face, which is quite aggressive.

The Haishi 07 adopts the popular design of a crossover coupe SUV, with a total length, width, and height of 4830 * 1925 * 1620mm, and a wheelbase of 2930mm. The entire tail is full and heavy, and the through type tail lights widen the visual effect. There is a black spoiler at the end of the roof, which, combined with the black small spoiler at the rear, further enhances the sporty atmosphere.

In terms of interior design, the official image has not been provided yet, and the current exposure is only a pre installed spy photo. The armrest area and decorative panel have not been installed yet, and the door panel is also wrapped with packaging materials, which may not have been fully installed. From the current state, there is not much difference between the interior of the new car and the current family design of BYD Ocean Net, and it is still a layout of two independent screens. It is expected that the changes in the interior trim panel may be quite noticeable, but the gear shift mechanism may adopt a similar design to the Song PLUS DM-i, and its family style interior style should not undergo significant changes.

In terms of power, the official has not yet made a specific disclosure, only stating that the car will be equipped with CTB battery integration technology, as well as front double wishbone and rear five link, as well as Yunnian C suspension system. According to official plans, the seal and Haishi will form a dual IP formation, targeting the sedan and SUV markets respectively. It is reported that after the Haishi 07 EV, models such as the Haishi 05 and Haishi 06 will also be introduced one after another.

The pricing of the car models sold by BYD Ocean Network is cheaper than that of the corresponding models on Dynasty Network. Taking Ocean Network’s frigate 07 and Dynasty Network’s corresponding model Tang DM-i as examples, the price difference between the two is 7000 yuan. Based on the starting price of the Song L, it is expected that the starting price of the Haishi 07 EV may be 182800 yuan.

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