More than 10 new cars! BYD is going to fully bloom in 2024!

The sales of 3.02 million vehicles in 2023 not only secured BYD’s position as China’s largest automotive company, but also helped it secure the top spot in global new energy vehicle sales. This achievement can be said to be proud for a long time.

But for BYD, more good things will come out in 2024. Technically, the fifth generation DM-i hybrid technology is about to come out, while intelligent driving technology is clearly lagging behind and needs to catch up by 2024; In terms of products, the BYD Dynasty series has reached a node of upgrading and upgrading, while the Ocean series needs to further enrich its models; In terms of high-end brands, the first supercar, the look up U9, is ready, and the look up brand’s first sedan, the look up U6, is also eagerly awaiting, including the Equation Leopard, as well as the Leopard 3 and Leopard 8; Even BYD has prepared a pickup truck… Undoubtedly, 2024 will be a big year for BYD Group’s products, with cheap, expensive, personalized, and household models coming one after another!

Dynasty : Led by Qin L, the first to adopt the fifth generation DM-i hybrid technology

In December 2023, BYD launched a new mid size SUV – the Song L. Although this Song L is a pure electric model, the naming of the “Song L” also reveals the naming method for the next update of the Dynasty series products. In fact, in December of last year, spy photos of a brand new BYD model were also exposed, indicating that it is an upgraded product of BYD Qin PLUS, which may be named “Qin L” and launched into the market.

Qin L

Although we can still find similarities in the design between the Qin L and the current Qin PLUS through testing spy photos, the longer rear windows also mean that the Qin L has increased in size, and the possibility of the body length exceeding 4.8 meters is very high, so the growth in space is also inevitable. And more importantly, the power system is crucial. Although the official has not yet released specific information, there are rumors that the Qin L will use the fifth generation DM-i hybrid technology and CTB battery body integration technology.

Qin L

On the other hand, this year, Dynasty Net will also launch a Yuan UP model. This car completed the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology application in December last year. It has a new design, a new naming system, and a smaller size than the current Yuan PLUS (Yuan UP car length 4310mm, wheelbase 2620mm). Combined with the naming suffix “UP”, this “UP” may become a product line of BYD that focuses on young consumers.

Yuan UP

Ocean : The first pure electric mid size SUV

Compared to the obscurity of the Qin L in Dynasty Net, the new car that Ocean Net is going to release this year – the Sea Lion 07 EV – has already shone on Guangzhou cars. As a crossover coupe SUV, this Sea Lion 07 EV has a very dynamic design, with a length of 4830mm and a wheelbase of 2930mm. The size itself is not small, but its strong sporty design makes it not appear bulky.

Sea Lion 07 EV

In terms of power, BYD has not yet made a specific disclosure, but has said that this car will use CTB battery body integration technology, and be equipped with a front double wishbone and rear five link suspension structure, and even a Yunnian C suspension system. This means that BYD will add more heavy chassis texture to this car. In addition, in future plans, the BYD Ocean Network series will create a dual IP camp for the Sea Lion and Sea Lion. After the Sea Lion 07 EV, models such as the Sea Lion 05 and Sea Lion 06 will also be launched.

Sea Lion 07 EV

Yangwang: Continuously attacking ultra luxury brands

Last year, Yangwang U8 achieved a good result of 1593 units in December. Although this sales figure was due to the first batch of deliveries and distribution, for a car model priced over a million yuan and still a domestic brand, the sales of over 1500 units were still a shot in the arm for Chinese luxury brands. For many years, the price barrier that Chinese car brands have been unable to reach has now loosened, but for Yangwang, U8 is only the first step.

Yangwang U8

The previously unveiled Yangwang U9 will also be launched in 2024. Technically speaking, Yangwang U9, like U8, will be equipped with the four-wheel independent motor technology and Yunnian chassis system of the Yisifang platform, with a horsepower of over 1300 and a 0-100 km/h acceleration of 2 seconds. But the difference is that the difficulty of building a million level supercar will be greater than that of building a million level SUV, and this difficulty is mainly due to whether supercar users can truly accept a Chinese supercar?

Yangwang U9

SUVs and supercars are already available, and looking up at the sedan product line, we naturally won’t let go. Looking up at the U6 is the first sedan under the Looking Up brand. Looking up at the U6 will be positioned as a large luxury model, with competitors targeting the Tesla Model S and NIO ET9 models. In terms of price, we may even compete with the Porsche Taycan. However, from a design perspective, looking up at the U6 does not emphasize too much on sports, but rather pays more attention to the expression of grandeur and elegance, just the headlights I hope the final product can be modified.

Looking up at the U6 design patent diagram

There have been some scattered reports about this looking up U6, such as an introduction chart with a drag coefficient of 0.195Cd at the 2023 Automotive Aerodynamics Branch Academic Annual Meeting; As for the interior, it seems that there is not much difference compared to looking up at U8.

Yangwang U6 drag coefficient chart

Yangwang spy photos of U6 interior

Fang Chengbao: Introduction to Leopard 8 leveling and replacement, Leopard 3 playing

Previously, Fang Chengbao Automobile had already announced that it would have a “583 product line”. Fang Chengbao 5 has been launched and achieved a good result of 5086 units in December, with a promising future. This year, there are still two models of the Fang Chengbao, among which the Fang Chengbao 8 will be launched in the first half of this year.

In fact, on the evening of the launch event of Fang Chengbao 5, the prototype of Fang Chengbao 8 was already showcased. From the prototype, it can be seen that the design of Fang Chengbao 8 is already very complete, and there should not be too many design changes in the future. However, the official has not further disclosed more information about this car. There are rumors that the size of theFang Chengbao 8 will be comparable to the size of the Yangwang U8, reaching the level of a large SUV. Although the limitations of the DMO platform prevent the Fang Chengbao 8 from being equipped with four-wheel independent motors, there are few owners who need to look up to the terrifying performance of the U8. Therefore, the Fang Chengbao 8 may become a replacement for the Yangwang U8 in the hearts of many people.

Fang Chengbao 8

Yangwang U8 and comparing the size of Fang Chengbao 8

The Fang Chengbao 3 is also a hardcore SUV, but this model has not been officially announced yet. The main source of information is official promotional materials. According to the explanation, the Fang Chengbao 3 is also built on the DMO super hybrid off-road platform, but it will use pure electric drive. There is currently no specific information on the launch date, but it will definitely not run after the Fang Chengbao 8.

Fang Chengbao 3 promotional materials

Fang Chengbao 3 promotional materials

BYD’s New Pickup: American Style, Overseas First?

Just a few days ago, spy photos of BYD’s mild disguise pickup truck were exposed. The overall design leans towards the rugged style of American pickup trucks, with the “BYD” logo hanging on the front of the car (which may be modified). It is understood that this car has already arrived overseas for testing. The hybrid version is expected to be launched overseas this year, and the pure electric model will be released in 2025. As for the domestic side, it is highly likely to be sold on BYD Ocean Network in the future.

BYD pickup spy photos

BYD pickup spy photos

The interior has the same rugged style and the overall layout is relatively simple, but there are many car networking functions that should be available. There have been reports that this pickup truck is expected to be equipped with hydraulic active suspension system, streaming rearview mirrors, Huawei AR-HUD and other functions.

BYD pickup spy photos

Improve intelligent driving functions and fill in shortcomings

Mr. Wang Chuanfu once said, “Autonomous driving is all deceiving the people and has no use at all.”

From the perspective of products, the current presence of intelligent driving functions in BYD’s products is indeed slightly weak. When new forces in the automotive industry have rolled up advanced intelligent driving assistance systems to the 200000 level, BYD’s urban and high-speed driving assistance still remains at a relatively basic level of L2 automatic driving assistance functions. The lack of intelligent driving functions has caused BYD to lose almost all of its voice in the field of intelligence, and it is even more difficult to refute in terms of propaganda.

Therefore, despite saying no, Lao Wang, who is sincere in his body, has also begun to recruit a large number of people in the field of autonomous driving. Currently, BYD has the world’s largest intelligent research and development team. If not unexpected, the high-speed NOA of the Tengshi N7 will be launched soon. BYD has said that it is expected to achieve NOA driving support in 20 cities by 2024. As for the final result and effect, we can only look forward to it together at the current stage.

Write at the end

In addition to the aforementioned models, BYD still has a large number of models waiting to be launched in 2024, including the all-new Han (or Han L), A-class/A+class sedans, Dynasty Net’s new mid to large MPV, and Tengshi brand’s two flagship sedans (respectively against the Porsche Panamera and Mercedes Benz S-class), etc. In short, it is evident that BYD will usher in a product year this year, from sedans to supercars, from pickups to MPVs, BYD will usher in a period of comprehensive fruition in various fields. In the constantly evolving automotive market, BYD will defend its position as the “world’s best-selling new energy vehicles” with continuously improving new products.

Spy photo of Tengshi benchmarking against Porsche Panamera model

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