Black technology focuses on firing, BYD Dream Day is full of ruthless goods

Indeed, looking back at 2023, intelligence has become the focus of development in the automotive industry. So even BYD, which has already achieved some success in the new energy market, dare not fall behind in the lesson of intelligence. Recently, BYD’s Dream Day event held in Shenzhen has also become an excellent stage for it to showcase its muscles in the field of intelligence.

Firstly, as BYD’s proudest intelligent flagship in recent times, the Yisifang platform naturally became the undisputed C-position in this event. Due to the ability of Yi Sifang technology to achieve independent four-wheel drive of vehicles, the limitations of vehicle use are also lower. For example, when parking in a side orientation, the system can rotate around the inner front/rear wheels, making it easy to park the vehicle in the parking space, which is clearly something that other competing models cannot match.

Secondly, in terms of intelligent cockpit experience, BYD has also demonstrated strong capabilities. For example, the intelligent voice function of some BYD models can achieve seamless communication between vehicles without opening any applications, and can send instant messages to the target vehicle through the in car voice assistant.

Finally, in the urban NOA experience segment, the BYD model is equipped with the Heavenly Eye intelligent driving assistance system, which also performs very well.

In terms of logical judgment, it will use sensors such as vehicle LiDAR, ultra-high definition cameras, millimeter wave radar, etc. to complete a series of operations such as intersection passage, traffic light passage, and giving way to pedestrians. In terms of actual experience, both the prediction of pedestrians on the road and intelligent operations such as automatic lane changing have shown a high level of anthropomorphism.

After a day of experience, it is not difficult to find that when the above intelligent experiences are integrated, from easy four-way automatic parking, to intelligent cockpit, and then to urban NOA function, the phrase “defining an intelligent car” is believed to have an answer in your heart.

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