Is the price comparable to Taycan, with twice the horsepower, and BYD’s efforts to embarrass Porsche?

On January 10th, the first sedan U7 was unveiled, officially positioned as a “million level pure electric flagship sedan”. It has a thousand horsepower power, easy to use technology, and super strong aerodynamics, and has already started booking.

From the released pictures, it can be seen that the car body is full of technology and ruthlessness. Lidar is provided above the front of the car, while millimeter wave radar is located below, which means there is a good hardware foundation in intelligent driving and is expected to support urban NOA functions. The front air dam, side skirts, and rear air diffuser are all made of carbon fiber material, which enhances aerodynamics and also has a high material cost, worthy of the title of a million level vehicle. In addition, the sunken front hood, the wind blades on both sides of the bumper, and the protruding waistline all contribute greatly to the wind resistance.

On the side, a sleek design is essential, with 6-piston opposed brake calipers provided in the front wheel rims. The ventilated and perforated brake discs have detailed patterns, which are likely made of carbon ceramic material.

In addition to its appearance, this time it is also revealed that looking up at the U7, its horsepower will exceed a thousand, overturning the performance limit of the sedan, and it is supported by the technology of Yisifang. When U8 was launched, it had already overturned the cognition of many consumers, and it is speculated that U7 will also bring many surprises.

Looking up at the U7, which is positioned as a flagship sedan for millions of new energy vehicles, it will compete head-on with Porsche’s Taycan and other models after its launch. Although the interior information, configuration information, and other details have not been released yet, it is hoped that the U7 has accepted the reservation. I don’t know what my friends think, see you in the message section.

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