What did the BYD 2024 Dream Day press conference say?

At the beginning of 2024, when all car companies are worried about sales, BYD is the first to throw out Rocket and hold a dream day conference.

At this press conference, in order to please car owners and netizens, BYD can be said to have demonstrated its ability to press the bottom of the box, which can be understood as a “BYD intelligent sword”
The core technologies of this press conference are mainly divided into three parts: Xuanji architecture, Tianshen Eye, and Xuanji AI big model.

1. Xuanji Architecture:

The BYD Xuanji architecture is BYD’s latest intelligent driving solution, which will be equipped with BYD’s self-developed 4nm and 6nm chips, as well as a fully stack self-developed cloud driving system. BYD has achieved perfect integration of intelligent cockpit, intelligent driving, and intelligent chassis through the Xuanji architecture.

BYD’s vehicle intelligence, through the Xuanji intelligent architecture, achieves efficient integration of electrification and intelligence, making driving and riding safer, more efficient, and more personalized. The whole vehicle intelligence breaks down barriers between different systems, achieving real-time capture of changes in the internal and external environment, summarizing information and feedback to a “brain” for decision-making in milliseconds, quickly adjusting the vehicle’s “body” state, greatly improving driving safety and comfort. At the same time, vehicle intelligence enables cars to better understand people, achieve more personalized settings, and achieve a thousand people and a thousand faces.

2. Eye of the Gods:

The advanced intelligent driving assistance system of the Eye of the Heavenly Gods is not just a single driving intelligence. It is centered on a central computing platform, cooperates with peripheral distributed domain control, and has a high degree of fusion perception ability of various sensors in the vehicle. It is the first to propose a distributed layout of control algorithms, greatly improving the response speed and driving experience of the vehicle’s intelligent driving perception decision control, allowing the vehicle’s intelligent driving to truly recognize danger as early as possible Correct and accurately control as soon as possible.

In summary, the Eye of the Gods has the following two major characteristics:

2.1 Intelligent electric integration, vehicle intelligence

The Eye of the Gods driving assistance system is deeply integrated with the entire vehicle, performing advanced intelligent driving through multiple sensors and high computing power. As a collaborative execution unit, Yunnian and Intelligent Navigation work together to ensure safety and maintain longitudinal and transverse vehicle stability, providing a highly comfortable driving experience.

2.2 Quick iteration

The advanced intelligent driving assistance system of the Eye of the Gods is based on the accumulation of massive data from large-scale production vehicles, which can achieve precise recognition, quickly brake and stop, and ensure driving safety; On highways, when encountering construction/cone bucket sections, high-speed navigation and urban navigation can initiate changes in advance, actively avoiding risks or stopping within the lane, providing users with full scene companionship, assistance, and assistance. Quickly iterate, the more useful the better.

3. Xuanji AI Big Model:

Others always say that BYD cars sell well and are cheap, but their intelligence is not good enough. Now, Dizi has really exploded. You ideal to have a mindGPT, Tesla has its own AI robot. Why can’t BYD have it. Can you imagine that our forward thinking industrialist Wang Chuanfu wouldn’t have thought of it?

Xuanji AI Big Model has the largest data base in the industry. The training sample size and high computing power far exceed the industry level, making calculations more accurate and faster, and infinitely close to the actual application scenarios of users.
Unlike conventional industry AI, the Xuanji AI big model is the first to apply artificial intelligence to various fields of the entire vehicle, beyond intelligent cabin and intelligent driving, covering more than 300 scenarios of the vehicle, creating infinite possibilities for the development of intelligent vehicles.

In summary, although BYD has been relatively low-key in intelligent promotion in the past, in reality, it has a deep foundation and mature technology before being promoted to the forefront, which is also in line with BYD’s down-to-earth image as a technology maniac. Now, the second half of the competition for intelligence in the automotive industry has begun. BYD has a strong foundation in full stack self-developed technology, as well as a strong technological system and innovation capabilities. It is bound to break away from traditional thinking, redefine intelligent cars, and lead the development of intelligence in a new direction.

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