BYD and DJI announce cooperation!

On January 16th, 2024, BYD Dream Day was officially held. According to BYD’s official blog on the evening of January 16th, BYD collaborated with DJI to launch a vehicle mounted drone. According to the video, the system has a real-time image feedback function, which allows for real-time viewing of drone images in the car. In addition, the 2024 BYD Dream Day focused on launching a new strategy for the intelligent development of new energy vehicles – vehicle intelligence.

01. BYD Joins Hands with DJI to Build the World’s First Integrated Vehicle mounted Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

During the dream date, BYD held a large-scale intelligent experience exhibition, covering a series of technologies such as vehicle intelligence, intelligent driving, intelligent parking, and intelligent cockpit. Among them, functions such as the Yi Sifang concept car, Yi Sifang parking, handheld key, in vehicle unmanned aerial vehicle, advanced intelligent driving assistance system of “God’s Eye”, and all scenario in vehicle satellite communication have become the focus of attention.

Among them, BYD teamed up with DJI to create the world’s first fully integrated vehicle mounted drone, and pioneered an integrated vehicle level drone hangar that supports intelligent storage, automatic battery swapping, and charging management, truly achieving one click takeoff and landing. Coupled with industry-leading drone sensing chains, it achieves high-definition, high frame rate, and low latency image transmission, allowing highly scenic views to accompany it all the way.

02. Wang Chuanfu: Vehicle intelligence is the true intelligence

At the intelligent themed press conference held on the evening of January 16th, BYD Chairman and President Wang Chuanfu said, “If we cannot lay a good foundation for electrification, we cannot build intelligent high-rise buildings.” Wang Chuanfu said that manufacturing intelligent cars is like building a house, it cannot be done by typing code. It must be based on car electrification, and if the foundation is not done well, it is building dangerous houses.

Wang Chuanfu stated that at present, intelligent driving is more feasible than autonomous driving. BYD would rather walk slower than pursue a safe and reliable intelligent driving solution.

Wang Chuanfu said, “Intelligent vehicles are the true intelligence.”

The implementation of vehicle intelligence is, on the one hand, due to the strategic advantages brought by BYD’s full stack self-development and vertical integration, which is a long-term strategic achievement of BYD’s emphasis on technology; On the other hand, BYD’s accumulation in the field of electrification is indispensable, laying a solid foundation for vehicle intelligence.

Wang Chuanfu also released the BYD Smart Electric Integration Intelligent Architecture – Xuanji AI Big Model, which consists of a “central brain”, vehicle AI and cloud AI, vehicle networking, 5G network, satellite network, as well as sensor chain, control chain, data chain, and mechanical chain. It includes the industry’s leading massive data base, industry-leading computing power cluster, and a vehicle level multimodal AI model library.

03. BYD Engineer “Tiantuan” Appears

In terms of personnel structure, Wang Chuanfu introduced that BYD’s vehicle intelligent driving team has over 4000 engineers, including over 3000 software engineers and over 1000 algorithm and hardware engineers.

At the press conference, BYD engineer “Tiantuan” made an appearance. Wang Chuanfu introduced that BYD currently has 11 research institutes, over 90000 R&D personnel, and a total of over 48000 patent applications.

BYD also announced that it will invest 5 billion yuan to build the world’s first batch of all terrain professional racing tracks, build a new energy era of automotive culture, promote the vigorous development of Chinese automotive culture, and go global.

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