Tesla’s first major system update in 2024!

In the past few days, some consumers have seized the best opportunity after the price reduction to “get in the car” and become Tesla owners; on the other hand, old Tesla owners also have “new cars” to drive!
Recently, Tesla pushed a major software update through OTA, bringing a richer experience to car owners from the three dimensions of safety, intelligence and entertainment, including: new parking assistance 3D images, automatic blind spot cameras, intelligent voice assistants, etc. More than ten practical functions have enhanced the safety tips of automatic assisted driving. At the same time, a large number of updates have been made to the game arcade to further enhance the entertainment experience.

Tesla owners have shared surprises on social platforms: “The 3D image of this parking assist is too realistic!” “As expected of you Tesla, the new locking sound effect will make the beginning of 2024 a happy one!”

Since 2022, Tesla has carried out 21 OTA updates and has been praised by netizens as a “monthly car update” that often updates its cars frequently.

As the first company to apply OTA to vehicle software upgrades, Tesla not only pioneered the “software-defined smart car”, but also continues to lead the development of the industry with the frequency and quality of updates, changing vehicle purchases from “one-and-done” to Become “lifelong evolution”. Under the leadership of Tesla, OTA has become the standard feature of current smart cars.

It is cost-effective, has solid technology, and is “constantly new”. Many netizens said: For an electric car worth 20 to 300,000 yuan, there is no better choice than Tesla!

Part 1: Safety upgrades, intelligent interaction, and multiple updates allow car owners to drive a “new car” in the New Year

“New safety protection has been added, and I feel more confident when taking my family out!” Mr. Wang couldn’t help but sigh on social platforms after completing this wave of OTA updates. Many contents of the new version have been updated to his “heart”, among which safety is the most important point to him.

As one of the vehicles with the highest safety level in the industry, Tesla continues to improve its active safety capabilities through OTA. In this update, Tesla has further strengthened the “blind spot reminder”. When the vehicle turns on its turn signal, if other objects are detected in the blind spot, a “red shadow” will appear on the edge of the blind spot camera’s view to provide a more visible reminder to the driver.

It is worth noting that Tesla has also updated an “Autopilot automatic assisted driving pause” function this time: when the driver engages in dangerous driving behavior (such as taking his hands off the steering wheel), he will receive a “Forced Disable Autopilot Automatic Assistance” message from the vehicle. Driving” warning. Once three warnings are received, the Autopilot automatic assisted driving system will be forcibly disabled, and it will take about a week for the owner to turn it on again.

Obviously, this feature is designed to increase the driver’s awareness of safety responsibilities. “Automatic assisted driving” is not “autonomous driving”. The driver is responsible for driving safely at all times, holding the steering wheel to control the vehicle, and not relying too much on the automatic assisted driving function.

Not only does it drive steadily, but it also stops accurately. In terms of parking safety, Tesla has also made further upgrades: it can capture environmental information through the visual system, combined with high-precision algorithm simulation, to present 3D images around the vehicle, assisting the owner to judge the surrounding situation and avoid obstacles more accurately.

After experiencing it, some netizens said: “To be able to achieve such high-precision 3D image restoration, Tesla has always adhered to the purely visual route, which is really reliable!”

In addition to safety functions, some car owners were pleasantly surprised to find that the updated voice assistant has also received an “epic evolution”: “Give the voice assistant commands and it understands them in seconds! It feels so good, it feels like too much A good buddy.”

The Tesla voice assistant after this OTA can provide car owners with a lot of practical help in natural conversations. Not only can it answer questions related to vehicle use, but it can also check weather forecasts online, check stock prices, query massive encyclopedia knowledge, and even translate English and read Tang poetry for car owners, etc., it’s no problem!

In addition, there are many updates that “add ingredients without increasing the price”:
1. You can listen to Apple podcasts and synchronize them with your Apple account;
2. Several games have been updated to support PS4, PS5 and Xbox controllers, and you can enjoy entertainment using the rear screen;
3. Added traffic light countdown;
4. Added detailed display of charging rates;
5. The car locking sound can be selected and customized;
6. Update new light show;

“It is simply the most practical and wonderful gift for the beginning of 2024!” Real feedback from car owners best reflects the “gold content” of Tesla’s OTA.

Part 2: One-time purchase and lifelong evolution, Tesla OTA keeps the car “fresh”

Industry insiders said that it is not difficult for OTA to achieve “monthly updates”. What is more important is how to maintain the high quality and practicality of each update, rather than “updates with minor repairs”.

In the New Year in January 2023, Tesla sent Chinese users a New Year upgrade gift package through OTA, covering more than ten practical features such as WeChat mini program, Apple Music, Spring Festival customized light show, handwriting input method, track mode, etc. Functions, including the dazzling Spring Festival light show, also triggered a craze among netizens to post the “Tesla Light Show” on social platforms.

In May, Tesla China ushered in a wave of “epic updates”, which made the energy recovery braking mode optional and added a new shift beep sound;
In September, as the refreshed version of Tesla Model 3 was officially released and opened for pre-sale, Tesla OTA software version simultaneously released a major update, upgrading a total of 13 car functions. Media evaluation: This wave of updates is “especially” satisfying for China. User needs.
In November, 10 vehicle function upgrades were released, such as the upgraded rearward collision emergency braking function, which effectively reduces the impact of a collision when the vehicle is reversing, further ensuring the safety of drivers and passengers;
These are just some of the contents of Tesla’s OTA updates in 2023. This year, Tesla’s optimization and upgrades have almost never stopped, always bringing unexpected surprises to car owners. No wonder people often exclaim: “Every update is equivalent to saving tens of thousands. The price-performance ratio is very high. This car really gets newer with each passing day.”

Not only does the update of product functions maintain high frequency and high quality, Tesla can also conduct “online diagnosis and repair” through OTA, which also brings a completely different experience from traditional fuel vehicles in the after-sales process.
Even when faced with the most troublesome “recall” problem for most traditional car companies, Tesla also provides a more convenient solution through OTA: it only needs to push a remote software function upgrade to the vehicle, similar to a mobile phone update system. Complete a “product improvement”.

Improving traffic safety in a simpler and more efficient way not only reflects Tesla’s strict requirements for its products, but also fully demonstrates the brand’s investment in product research and development, constantly synchronizing the latest technologies and functions to new and old users in a timely manner , which further reflects Tesla’s corporate responsibility.

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