Tesla retains top sales of pure electric vehicles in 2023! Delivering a car every six seconds

On January 2, Tesla released its 2023 production and delivery report. Data shows that throughout 2023, Tesla produced a total of approximately 1.85 million electric vehicles globally and delivered approximately 1.81 million vehicles, representing year-on-year increases of approximately 35% and 38% respectively.

Tesla successfully completed its annual delivery target of 1.8 million vehicles! Some netizens estimate that this means that every 6 seconds on earth, a car owner takes away a Tesla!

The key information is as follows:

1. Since 2012, Tesla’s global sales have maintained exponential growth;

2. Tesla retains the title of global pure electric vehicle sales champion;

3. In terms of single models, in the first three quarters of 2023, Model Y became the best-selling model in the world (according to statistics from automotive media focus2move).

Based on Tesla’s rapid growth in the global market, some car bloggers said that Model Y has secured this year’s global sales championship in advance, “ending Toyota Corolla’s record of being the ‘world’s first’ for many years.”

At the same time, the fully refreshed Model 3 in 2023 is expected to be the world’s best-selling luxury sedan in 2023 with its dazzling appearance design, powerful handling performance, excellent cost performance and other hard core capabilities.

While continuously refreshing production and sales data records, in 2023, the continued recognition from authoritative institutions and consumers around the world also confirms the comprehensive product strength of Tesla vehicles in multiple dimensions and becomes the key to gaining recognition from global consumers. factor.

Netizens who grew up in the Arctic Circle, their love for Tesla overflows the screen: if four-wheel drive fuel vehicles used to dominate the Arctic Circle, now Tesla is more suitable for the Arctic Circle.

Why do so many people buy Tesla? The car owner’s answer is that because his life was saved by Tesla’s proactive safety, “No matter how much money I spent on buying the Model Y, I got my money back this time.”

No matter how long it is driven, Tesla products always perform well! Italian rally driver Piero Longchi shared his true experience of driving a Tesla: In 6 years, he has driven a total of 236,000 miles (approximately 380,000 kilometers), and the maintenance cost is almost zero.

Behind this, Tesla has only relied on 4 models and almost zero advertising investment to win one waterless “sales crown” after another. The solid results and reputation have also caused everyone to think: Tesla , may be your choice when buying a car.

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