Does Tesla have “black technology” again?

Those “T” technologies that are invisible but useful
This will take you to understand
they all live in
In this “T” smart screen

“T” silky technology
host-level central processing unit
Tesla vehicle system processor
Can effectively improve the overall control capability of the vehicle system
Efficient computing and more accurate transmission

New Model S and Model X in-car gaming system
Processor with up to 10 teraflops of power
Comparable to new game consoles currently on the market
High-quality rendering of graphics and image processing
Brings higher definition images
and a smoother multimedia game entertainment experience

“T” comfort technology
Real-time temperature sensing control
Tesla’s various locations in the vehicle system
Temperature sensors and a complete heat pump management system are provided

Ensure on-board computers operate in various environments
The operating temperature is always within a reasonable range
Focusing on efficient cooperation and healthy work
they cooperate with each other
Give you a “T” smart experience

“T” Stable Technology self-developed chip
2 chips work together and are more than equal to each other
Monitor and verify each other
Make smart driving safer and more reliable

Each system provides an industry-leading storage environment
Ensure smooth operation of Tesla’s automatic assisted driving
Compatibility advantages brought by self-research
more efficiently and accurately
Realize various functions of automatic assisted driving

“T” Intelligent Technology
A new generation of visual processing tools Tesla Vision
It is based on deep neural network
Have stronger external environment monitoring and response capabilities
High pixel exterior camera
Provide him with stable and clear image support
Let Tesla insist on realizing “autonomous driving technology that is 10 times safer than human manual driving” through pure vision and gradually become a reality

Special technology, enjoy convenience
Tesla continues to update and optimize
Give you a better smart experience


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